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Which Touhou girl do you most want to have breastfeed you? All the different types of youkai means many different flavors of milk to choose from. If you're the type that is disgusted by warm milk, Cirno offers it ice cold so there is nothing to worry about.

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>ice cold milk
Cirno it is!

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I prefer it from Keine.

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Kisume got the best deal by being the Yama's and Komachi's daughter.

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Utsuho, because her milk tastes like radiation, intense throat hemorrhaging, and deterioration of vital interior organs.

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Yuka. She probably lactates blood.

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Which, by the law of healthiness-tastiness ratio, would taste like god's potion of liquid MMM.

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Nevermind that. Lets have a beer.

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ran, while chen is feeding from the other breast

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I'd rather just get really really drunk and get pissed on.

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I'd let one of the Touhou girls piss on me

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Would you eat their poop?

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Suika ofcourse (implying she has breasts). Most likely alcohol included.

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fuck off milk is awesome.

How else do you think I got so huge?

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Well there are other ways

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This. Really.

Warm milk disgusts me.

Also, cirnotits

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Keine, because bovine milk is great

Or Poison, must be the be- oh wait, she's a doll, nevermind. Suika is only obvious replacement for beers

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