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Are there any denpa anons still around here?

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I'm sure I saw some around here somewhere give me a sec

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Wish I had thought to at least copy down the titles of all the Denpa I bookmarked on Youtube, through the years. Most of the links are dead now.

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Denpa music would have been so much easier to keep track of, and archive, if more artists compiled their songs into full albums instead of just releasing singles.

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The denpa threads were my favorite generals to browse back in the late 2010s. I found so much underground J-Pop from there I still have stored somewhere in my USB drive. I don't listen to it anymore because my music taste evolved.

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Is there an artist with a similar artstyle that draws something that isn't porn? I really like this style, but I want something I can show to people.

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try googling the "watch=" part of the URL in quotation marks, you might be able to recover some of them

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sounds like it devolved

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Nah, I just grew tired of moe stuff in general as I got into my 20s wouldn't say I grew out of it though because I still look back at that era with nostalgia.

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does this count as denpa, or is it the wrong kind of crazy?

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Such a sexy girl

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listening to denpa while drunk!

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Denpa chads will always be here.

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Listening to denpa while masturbating to little girls!

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The denpa threads were the only reason I ever came here to begin with. I see now that they are even more dead than they used to be.

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Every group I've listened to either broke up or someone became a Vtuber or just vanished
I can't listen to certain albums anymore without feeling sad
I miss the denpa era

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It's a denpa song for a denpa game

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Me too. The vtuber era is such garbage so far

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feels bad I can't enjoy the same things I used to, really makes my bones ache

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It's okay anon, there's a lot of great underground music out there (You just have to go searching for it to find it) that isn't just Japanese/Asian music.

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What happened to Nanahira and the OG denpa producers? Did they retire?

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I actually do that a lot.
It just works so well.

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Why are all denpa listeners pedos?

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Nanahira and Choko are the only ones active that I follow atm.

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It's cute, not pedo!!

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get out umifag

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theres this one dude on the aoi tori
wont say his username but wew lad
you know who you are, thanks for archiving all that denpa

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It's music by pedos for pedos

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Denpa waves remove the brainwashing and social conditioning from your brain.

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someone please make an /x/ tier conspiracy about denpa music and how this Japanese music genre is conditioning young men into indulging in pedophilic fantasies by brainwashing them into turning into mentally ill, emotionally stunted psychotic pedos by providing links to the most weird, sexual, and childish, obscure denpa from the 90s and 2000s you can find

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Brainwashing, exploitation, cheat sheet

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If you're not a pedo, you can't fully appreciate denpa.

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nice mosaic.wav reference.

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>aoi tori
What is this?

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sorta kinda

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need more albums like this please
I bought two of their albums that I can't find to download anymore, will upload and share when they arrive
but your recommendations don't have to be the same artist

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The GWAVE Super Features albums might interest you. By the way, what albums did you buy?

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these ones

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For what purpose though?

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to cause a denpa revival
chipper, the microblogging platform?

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>chipper, the microblogging platform?
Ah, I'm retarded, thank you anon

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ぱるちゅのおやCHU is already in RTL but new rips are always welcome -- especially lossless rips.

Waiting warmly!

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It would probably get people into the music like with the Memphis sigils /x/ post

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I love you guys. Denpa is love! Spread the love! Post some denpa-like songs please. <3

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I'm still here, 10 years later. Everybodys gone, where did you go? I fucking hate vtubers

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Is that a vtuber?

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Why can't vtubers and denpa live together in peace?

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Vtubing is temporary.
Denpa is eternal.

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Patra is beautiful

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Good taste?

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Behoimi hopes you have a great day or night

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I hate simps, so I can't get along with people who like vtubers.

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You're generalizing and only making it harder for yourself.

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>You're generalizing
I once watched a vtuber for about 10 minutes. In this space of time, several people made donations of 20 and 50 dollars. The funny part is that she didn't even read the donation.
Is it really generalizing when so many people do it?
>making it harder for yourself
Vtubers themselves are the ones making it hard.
I tried watching them. Multiple times.
It's always painfully boring. I think the closest I ever got to enjoying watching a vtuber was in a few videos of the vampire loli when she talked about books.

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Please don't turn this into a meta thread.

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I do miss when she used to do primarily music. Now you're lucky to get a song from her once every year in between her regular 10-hour video game streams and ASMR videos.

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>ぱるちゅのおやCHU is already in RTL
Well darn. Wish the site RTL is archived on had a search feature, could have saved some money.

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what website do i use now that denpanosekai is kill?

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My bad. Just wanted some steam for the thread to live on.

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Pomi kiss!

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Is Nanahira ever doing another concert? I moved to Japan but there's no denpa anymore
M3 is coming up too, I hope to attend. Hopefully there are some denpa artists.
Cracks me up that there's a whole music genre for pedos.

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denpa will never die because it lives inside your heart

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I definitely think there was a certain era and dominant otaku culture of that time for denpa to be viable. Seems like everyone has moved on to other things. I personally couldn't imagine denpa in 202X onward. Is RTL still active?

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>You're generalizing
I followed this shit since Kizuna and it only got worse with each passing year.

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Watch Yuri Seijin Naoko-san to find out

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I still listen since the old 2013 /jp/ threads, but I stopped putting attention to new releases since.

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There needs to be more anime and music about lesbian pedo aliens.

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Female pedos are even weirder than male pedos.

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I wish the remaining denpa-anything stuff wasn't invaded by trannoids

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Only the gurofags. Normal female pedos are alright.

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RTL is still up but I don't think anyone is updating it.
There hasn't exactly been many denpa threads the last few years, so finding new uploads won't much of a problem.

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Me too. Hard to keep following the remaining ones like ななひら when you go to their youtube videos and all the comments are in English

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English speaking denpa fandom was at its peak during the "become the little girl" shitposting so it only makes sense unfortunately
I think it still has potential, lots of topics and themes to revolve songs around
Though I feel it kinda ties with the decline of eroge, specifically the ones with enough budget for opening credits, imo they kinda went hand in hand
At least I can have a steady stream of mmbk going pspspsps in my ear thanks to her ASMR videos. True brainworms

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I told my therapeutist about constantly getting papercuts, do you know what she told me?
stop getting them hahaha I cured my pedoism

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Can we all agree that mosaic.wav is the greatest denpa act of all time?

>> No.43031441

I only heard one song by them. It was alright.

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yes. this blessed thread has inspired me to finally recharge my old phone that has all my denpa on it. unlike these anons crying about not being able to enjoy it anymore, i thoroughly do. its just all my old music is being cucked hard by spotify. its a shame though, collecting old denpa tracks and obscure jpop in general used to be my favourite thing to do

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Naoko-san has the best op! Really wish they did more with the show. Funny how it's nothing like the manga...

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Why are you even using spotify? All the good stuff such as denpa is not available.

>> No.43032955

By the way, whatever happened to the anon that ended up getting the large physical collection of media from someone else? It was said that they had plans for the collection, I'm guessing an archival of some sort. This may not be explicitly denpa but wanted to contribute something.

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I remember that anon

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nta but i use spotify for western music only

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Well it seems like we're all still here, but just no new threads. I still remember the very first album I found in these threads back in 2015. This song specifically I kid you not I listened to for hours that night. Those were good times.

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Spotify has Nanahira, Choko, Mosaic.wav, etc.

>> No.43035475

>Funny how it's nothing like the manga...
Is it better or worse?

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I'd say it's better than the manga, but it's still worth reading

>> No.43037495


this played on autoplay while i was listening to denpa on youtube and oh god... the nostalgia

>> No.43037775

I would have nostalgia for this song if I did not play it on stepmania as part of my workout routine for the past 10 years

>> No.43038185

I'm surprised it became so popular

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This was my first album. I learned about it by hearing some of the songs playing in the background of a video where someone was doing a timelapse / speedpaint. Looking back, it wasn't a bad introduction at all. I still listen to this from time to time.

>> No.43039589

Wow that's funny, I came across this song last night for the first time. It's a good one.

>> No.43039633

You guys really never played an h game before? ave;new is one of the legendary h game opening artists

>> No.43039645

I've played h games but I haven't played any with an op by ave;new

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Is Musumaker worth reading if I like mosaic.wav and I'm sexually attracted to children?

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Does anyone remember the time way back when anon inadvertently shared an MEGA folder with a... questionable Toromi photo book? I'm sure it was an honest mistake but funny nonetheless.

>> No.43041101

>I like mosaic.wav and I'm sexually attracted to children
You don't have to say the same thing twice.

>> No.43049709

How times change

>> No.43050087

I don't recall that... But I absolutely need a questionable Toromi photo book

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ぱんださんようちえん is what got me into denpa music.

>> No.43051714

Well, the whole issue was that at the time the photographs were taken, Toromi was 16 if I recall the date correctly. There was a genre of media that is no longer legal in Japan, in which this set was a part of. Interesting history about that person really.

>> No.43051761

senpai notice me woah woah

>> No.43056750

the weakest song in the album

>> No.43057024

Why is her music so ironic weeb-y? It's not bad, but it's weird how she uses so many western memes. This is not the case with other denpa artists.

>> No.43057093

It's really just this album. But I think she and the composers she works with realized that her western audience is bigger than her Japanese audience, which is why they pander to the ironic weeb crowd so much.

I mean, just go to any of her videos. All the comments are in English, and they're all a comment like "this song is a banger!" or an American internet meme.

>> No.43057319

>western memes
Such as?

>> No.43058595


>> No.43058831

i herd u liek mudkipz
all your base are belong to us
the internet is a series of tubes
this is sparta

>> No.43058867

She never used any of these

>> No.43058883

yes she did.

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Did you guys like this album? I did

>> No.43066153

Is it really pedophilic when the singers are old hags?

>> No.43066299

I wonder if they know their fans are all pedos.

>> No.43066492

If you tagged them with loli fanart on twitter they'd probably like and retweet it. They're in the otaku business and are typically well versed in otaku media themselves, it's not like they're random contracted singers from an agency.

>> No.43070078

should I buy a physical copy of my favorite denpa album?
I don't have a CD player but it might be nice to see it on my shelf

>> No.43071332

>I don't have a CD player
You should, it's alway nice to have one.

>> No.43071870

Definitely get it before it's sold out then becomes super hard to find

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Nanahira voiced a VOICEVOX (vocal synth software akin to Vocaloid) character named Haruka Nana. Do you think we'll see use of Nana in future senpai songs?
Here's the first song she sang https://nico.ms/sm41723230

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