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UFO's OST was that bad that even dBu couldn't fix it.

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I liked it, a lot

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>I have inferior taste in music and should be shunned and/or verbally abused.

Whatever you say, bro.

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But O-LIFE did

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Wait what? It's out?

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How's life under your rock, anon?

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Why do people like dBu, again?

He's done a few good tracks but he's about the most bland circle there is

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Because dBu's arranges are very close from the original music, and they add some cool electronic sounds.

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But what about the one with Sanae! that one was from C77, right?

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Because dBu, for the most part, faithfully redoes the tracks from each game.

dBu is personally one of my favorites. His version of Cosmic Mind was awesome to me.

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At least they have enough taste to put the only two characters with good music on the cover.

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>Implying that....ah whatever, you're right.

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it has shou and nazrin and that's all i care about

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A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander is amazing.

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Kogasa's track is funky. I love it. And the last few seconds are pure gold.

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Heian Alien is the best thing ZUN ever did.

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UFO was so bad I almost an hero

the music, characters, story, danmaku patterns... everything was inferior to what I've seen before.

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I love Ichirin's theme and I don't care who knows it

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I like the stage 4 theme.

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Funny because it's a ripoff of you know which theme.
Also, 虎柄の毘沙門天 might not be best, but it certainly makes the battle with Shou one of the most exciting in all the games.

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>Heian Alien
>using the EXACT same notes as in U.N. Owen was her but in a different order

Yeah, ZUN sure was inspired.

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so, isn't every song the same notes in a different order

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But still, it's pretty unique and good overall.

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Not the same measures, tempo and dynamics, no sir.

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Unworthy of another thread, but where I can I find the second Marasy's album? Inb4 youtube, it only has fractions of it.

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The irony is that there is none. He was being serious. UFO is a terrible game.

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Says you and your shitty opinion

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ZUN improving on his previous best work? How despicable.

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It was rather a huge drawback. (unlike necro-fantasy -> necrofantasia)

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U.N. Owen can't be his best work, since it sucks

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No, your opinion is shit.

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It's a sign of the coming of the end. He's already been recycling spellcards for a few games, but now he seems to be running low on ideas for music too. Soon the games will be nothing but silly hats.

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ZUN's best song overall was Suwa Foughten Field

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1/10, he doesn't even make silly hats anymore

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you are in the picture

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Nue's theme is far and away a better piece of work than UN Owen, which was, frankly, wasting those 15 notes.

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>the games will be nothing but silly hats.
This has always been the case and you know it.

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>implying hats
>image is no hat

Is the hair a hat?

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Bald Touhous are next.

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What he needs to finish the series is a game with the whole cast playable. And with an online multiplayer co-op mode. Then Touhou would end well and would be remembered as one of the best shmup series ever.

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>one of the best
>implying there are better

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We already have one of those.

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>Implying he gives a fuck
You do realize he makes the games just for fun, right?

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Gradient hair counts as a hat.

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Maybe he doesn't give a fuck, but when the followers will stop giving a fuck as well, then he might just start selling his booze reserve in order to eat every day.

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He can get a contract in Taito again whenever the fuck he wants.

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So will the next game have a Touhou with a hair hat? Will the fanon go wild trying to decide on what her hair really looks like under the hair hat?

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He has a job right now but I don't know what it is. He doesn't live off of his doujin work, that's for sure.

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>He has a job right now but I don't know what it is.

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Do we know anything about Touhou 13 yet? Or maybe another manga project like SSiB?

I hope he ditches the UFO system and goes back to SA gameplay.

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No, whatever happened to Grimoire of Marisa anyway? Need to buy it.

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Sure is second part of the Touhou cycle in this thread.

I bet half of you faggots were bitching about SA's 'mediocre' music too before it finally grew on you.

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Why would there be UFOs outside of the game called UFO that's about UFOs, wherein the UFO situation arose and then was resolved? He never reuses scoring systems anyway.

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But I liked UFO and SA music....

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It's translated on the wiki now.

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NO, I want the spellcards to stay over that horrible power based bombs system from MoF and SA.

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No UFOs of course but a return to a simpler scoring system like SA has. Reward collecting items and grazing, thats all I want.

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Yeah, I know, but /jp/ never talks about it some I find it strange.

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What's wrong with the power system? It was out of balance in MoF but SA got it pretty much right. It's not like you can't get infinite bombs in UFO, too.

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Bombing in SA was almost like giving up on your current life.

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Oh, well there's not a lot to discuss, it's just got some fun bits about spellcards and characters. It's not anything that would come up in a thread.

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How so? You gain more than one extra when you die so you should bomb at least once for every life you loose. And you get a full refill when you loose your last life so make sure you bomb as much as you can before that.

I think it is the best bombing system in all the games, most of the others hand bombs out like candy.

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lol wut

Emotional Skyscraper is great

and U.N.Owen is overrated, srsly.

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But UFO's arrangements in Sphere Caliber were awesome

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When is that anyway?

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I think SA still gives you more bombs total, because it's 3 per life (which is average) plus many more from power items. But it does have a cost.

Still it's not like you just give up and die at < 3 power. I've capped late game stuff at even 0 power before, when the timer permitted. It's exciting.

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Sphere Caliber was shit

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I hope he ditches the shit gameplay and goes back to EoSD/PCB times, when his bullet hell was bullet hell instead of half the cards being mazes that you just memorize and the other half coming at you from 18 angles at once and involving large rather than small dodges. It feels like ZUN is trying too hard to make something crazy and different, and the skills required have changed so much that I just suck at SA and UFO. I can't dodge 2 layers of bullets, one that goes in and one that flies out, especially not while my character is moving by itself, confusing the fuck out of me (Utsuho's last). I can't get used to dodging fists and anchors while simultaneously dodging the danmaku they shit out. Stuff like this was rare in the old games, and now it feels like he's abandoned the semi random shower of bullets type of danmaku in exchange for tons of static patterns. Worse, the extends aren't even based on the fuckin scoring system anymore, and that's supposed to be a measure of how well you play, right? I hate going out of my way to grab fuckin UFOs. Even if they did use the score, the systems have sucked ass in the past few. MoF was just about grabbing all the green stars and memorizing the spots to stop shooting so you can preserve your faith. SA would've been good if it didn't require you to just sit on a safepoint, getting every graze without even dodging anything, on half the fuckin spell cards. UFO had THOSE FUCKIN UFOS. No further explanation needed.

Am I a nostalgiafag for thinking this?

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What the fuck did you just say?

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I dunno, tl;dr

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Yes, this. Timing out Orins last spell card in stage five with not a single life or bomb left was one of the most intense minutes in my gaming life (this was after like a hundred attempts to even get to that card).

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March 14. For what it's worth, the first blog post about UFO was on Feb 26.

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Wow I am not reading any of that.

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Some of the best remixes from th12 ever.

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Shit sucked.

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i like it better when the game isn't based on pure dodging i.e. the current games are better imo

would you actually like ZUN to create a dozen of the same freaken game? it's good that he's experimenting with the series

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Seriously guys, go back to /a/, /b/, or wathever shithole you came from.

I mostly agree with you, except for the fact that you didn't mention IN. IN would be perfect for me if the deathbomb timer didn't allow you to sip your coffee between the moment you are hit and the moment you press X. That aside, IN is a jewel of gameplay.

I want more games with 8 playable characters, with spell practice, or at least with some bonus spellcards (last words) to unlock and complete. And I wan't more piano in the soundtracks.

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Hey, I'm not allowed to have a headache and refuse to read that much or what?

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Wait, I think I found the essence of this word soup

>I just suck

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You are allowed to. What you are not allowed to is to post in order to tell us that you didn't want to read a 10 lines long post. Nobody cares.

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I admitted I was terribad at SA and UFO.

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Take it easy, geez

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PCB is full of stuff like you describe, though. And PCB's bullets do it while curving. IN has all sorts of insane elaborate shit I had to practice 50 times before I figured out the method. EoSD was the only game like you seem to want, which means he abandoned that style like 7 years ago.

SA's score system does suck, that's a fact. UFO's scoring is debatable, on the one hand it relies mainly on how well you dodge during stages, but on the other hand it's complete madness with tons of memorization. I happen to like it. MoF's is pretty inoffensive except for how it's constantly a dick to you.

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IN had a great system, other than ezmode deathbombing.
Spell practice was and still is a great idea.
The wealth of playable characters added a lot to the game, and the team mechanics were fun. Hell, I even like the time system and the human/youkai gauge. :(

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>Take it easy
>Did not post a yukkuri head


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Their rendition of Sky Ruin = WIN

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>>Sphere Caliber was the shit


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I really wish spell practice was still there.
Why is it so important to 'uncasualize' the game?
Spell practice wouldn't hurt the people who don't use it, and ZUN could make the game just as difficult.

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>Implying that Sphere Caliber wasn't a letdown

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His version of Fires of Hokkai, Cosmic Mind, and Sky Dream were great, and the transition from stage 2 theme to Kogasa's theme certainly surprised me.