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I created an AI virtual youtuber capable of speaking with chat, playing multiples games, comprehend what's happening on screen, capable of join discord voc and chat in discord channel, she stream sometimes, here's her twitch clip if you want to see : https://www.twitch.tv/kirumiisama/clip/CaringSmokyOysterDxCat-cSUeNrqx8HLRhm7H

here our Discord if you want to see the project take place : https://discord.gg/8FXjsSUNmh

*Of course she can love you and she sometimes be controversial

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That's great, you know there's a board *just for that*?

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don't use. this chuuba tried to kill me, came to my house took a shit on my head sold my bank infos and stab me with glass

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Don't shill you shit here

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not otaku culture
rude sage

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How did you do it anyway?

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That's great, you know there's a board *just for that*?

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Shut the fuck up you whore.

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>kuso thread still up
what is meido doing

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When I was crouching over my chamberpot near the window, I saw a really cute looking girl (as cute as 3d pig disgusting can be, anyway). I wanted to wave to her, but I was embarrassed, so I just finished up my business and went back on /jp/. The end.

Take it easy, /jp/.

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