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Show your love, anon

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At least let her thread died before making another

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saged and page 10, just saved us some time

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I love Kirisame Marisa.

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No love for cutting boards.

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How young do you like your Mokou's appearance? I have seen her drawn everything from early teens to full on adult.

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Late teens, early 20's
Same as everyone else, really.
Except for some of the hags.
They can go into their late 30's
Past that they get saggy.

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I think canon early teens? But it doesn't fit her fanon personality so I like her a bit more grown up.

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All right. Here goes.

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A white shirt and red tie? Reisen don't do it!

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Why would I show my love to a homeless woman?

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i show my dick to homeless women all the time

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Why would I choose this homeless retarded washboard hobo over an actual princess

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Isn't she a washboard too?

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God I hope

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Good deal.

Shit deal.

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>literal bastard child, social reject with daddy issues driven to insanity
>runs some hole-in-the-wall shwarma/kebab place in the bamboo forest (women who run food joints... you can't imagine the smell unless you've already smelt it)
>literal who
>lazy neet princess who thousands lined up to marry
>rejects all of them because bibeo games are the one true love
>smells, but in a good way
The choice is obvious.

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>The choice is obvious.
Yes, Mokou. The greasy NEET princess can go back to her hikki lifestyle..

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>literal bastard child, social reject with daddy issues driven to insanity


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she was never taught how to wash her genitals. Or herself, really.
She is a classy and polished woman from a royal heritage. It shows. While mokou is a bastard from a serf. you're delusional if you think she's greasy, or not infitely more desirable than the sticky grey haired piece of lower class filth.

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I would rather not waste my time with the circlejerk of shallow aristocrats..You can take your boring and greasy NEET princess.

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>she was never taught how to wash her genitals. Or herself, really.

She wasn't royalty on Kaguya's level but she still came from aristocratic stock. I'm sure she is perfectly capable of keeping clean if she wants to.

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This is AI art?

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Dekinai here, why is she embarassed for being called a cat?

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> I'm sure she is perfectly capable of keeping clean if she wants to.
so am i, but do i want to? no. Maybe if i were a part of some royal senpai, things would of been different

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Adorable silly Mokou!

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Every Mokou is a good Mokou, but I f had to choose, pic related would be my Mokou.Mid teens and with a modest or smaller chest. Mokou being tall or just taller than your average 2hu feels right to me.

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I like picturing Mokou in her late teens myself even if she most certainly isn't canonically. She just has that kind of vibe.

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*shows love*

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Kiss me Mokou <3

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Where can I find the artist that made this?

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Just use SauceNAO?

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Let me contact him for you. Just a moment...

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No kisses allowed.

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The flames on Mokou's yukata makes her move faster.

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No it's not. One of my favorite artists and one I've commissioned before.

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Someone trained an AI to copy his style and posted about it on /jp/, so you never know.

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Oh you gotta be fucking kidding me, that sucks

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Me on the right after I find Mokou.

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Mokou has been my favorite Touhou since before time was time.

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Mokou boobie~

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Same, except second-favourite. But it's a fierce competition.

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Who's your favorite?

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The hint is in the picture!

They have the same colour scheme, too. Uncanny!

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Absolutely not.

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molesting da mokou

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Why would you molest her?

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why would you
when you can just rent her for some time instead (she does everything)

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Sorry about that, I was drunk.

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Is this the correct way to show my love to Mokou?

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fertile mokou belly
Mokou deserves motherhood

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To permanently occupy a space in her mind long after you are gone.

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