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I wish miss Meiling would comfort me

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Get in

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comfy pillow!

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What is wrong that requires comforting?

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warm haven

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And it's gonna be even more warm if you push your head there.

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sounds dangerous. if i scare her she can snap my head out of my shoulders with her strong hips.

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That's the plan: death by suffocation and neck snap!

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I love Meiling!

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Go on, what do you love about her?

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Just look at her! That gorgeous smile! That beautiful figure! That laid back attitude! I love Meiling!

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All good reasons to like the Hong!

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Being comforted by Meiling makes you feel nice

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her smile cures most ailments!

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What about a migraine?

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maybe a hug and a cuddle too are needed

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Held by Meiling as I try to fall asleep before the headache gets so bad that I feel like throwing up!

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A super warm and tight hug!

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i need a warm hug from Meiling now!

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That’s disgusting.

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Big Meiling for me please

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The generic maids are cute!

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cutely falling asleep with meiling on the job

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Does Meiling work 7 days a week or does she get weekends off while someone else handles the gate?

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She's probably there every day, as far as we know there isn't anyone else to guard in her stead.

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She lazes off all day so it's not an heavy job.

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lovely legs

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What is she looking at with such a look on her face?

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There you go!

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What did you DO?

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something awful

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Don't forget Meiling does more than guard the gate!

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I wonder what she is being paid for all her work.

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Room, board, and the glory of occasionally basking in the presence of the mistress.

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Not cute

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But what if she wants to get married? B

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Meiling isn't interested in getting married.

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She is already married to her job...

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what if I married her

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You'd be very vey lucky, anon.

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Bloody 'ell!

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gingers, man.

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Meiling is always portrayed as standing directly at the gates but I like the idea that she has a little box like that to sit in instead.

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Meiling sharing her traditions with the household!

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meiling accepting her Scottish heritage is so cute

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Easily my favorite Meiling related meme.

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Sakyua finds out why Meiling's never concerned whit people seeing her panties up her skirt!

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What a lovely picture

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I would love to feet Meiling

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Mistress looks so confused

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She thought Meiling made China up.

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Me too

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Are we ever gonna talk about the fact Meiling sometimes has pants and sometimes doesn't? I'm really hung up on it...

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She just likes switching it up sometimes!