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Where the FUCK do I find Touhou characters X male reader fanfiction it's like it doesn't even exist on the internet

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atai funky XDD

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All the time on this board at least. You tend to see it randomly sprinkled into character specific threads.

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Fuck, really? I'll have to start actually browsing 4chan then, thank you anon

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I have also done a couple myself, most posted, some never posted, that I saved onto a wordpad. I considered revising them and posting them somewhere but I have no idea where I would post them to.

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The Aya thread has a storyline or two.

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Feel free to ask in the character threads my man. Recently the Reimu, Flan, and Aya threads have had good fits written

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Thanks you guys. Appreciate the pointers. I barely use 4chan so I had no idea.
Maybe post them to Wattpad or Archive of Our Own? Or just repost them to 4chan, wouldn't hurt.

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Textdump thread? I'd enjoy reading that.

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nice pic I'd been looking for it thansk

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Despite what people have said about 4chan you guys seem nice I hope you all have a wonderful day