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I don't just like Yukari because she's got her assets, i love her cunning personality and her outdated jokes.

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I can honestly respect that, I wish Yukari wasn't solely known for "haha funny booba" when her personality does, indeed, exist. Probably just coping but she is a pretty cool character in general.
(dont get me wrong though she is still incredibly pretty)

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Marrying the Gap Youkai!

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To be fair, her assets are quite stunning.

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Yeah, very cunning personality.

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Her personality is gatekeep, gaslight, and girlboss. She's an evil hag.

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Yeah, but she’s a hag.

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sje naughty?

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Yukari is very marriageable

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she's a lonely girl

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i want to save yukarin from her loneliness

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You just have to look the other way on her total lack of morals

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Yukari is such a cute autist

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I want to hug Yukari and help her through her social issues
then I want to boost her smugness by giving her mini copies of herself to show off

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wow... she's just like me

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Yukari dragging you and her children around to all her millenia long friends!
Yukari smugly enjoying their undisgused looks of envy!
Yukari making snide comments like "I'm sure you'll find someone that loves you for... you... another millenia surely."

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Wow, Yukari is just like me.

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I'll fill Yukari's womb with my seed and her house with our Children so that she won't feel lonely anymore.

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Not like me at all.

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gappy shouldn't do that
she should set her friends up with a partner instead

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But if she does that how will she assert her dominance and rise in status among her peers in the "youthful maidens club"(its filled with all the hags of Gensokyo)

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by being the guiding leader of the group
being spiteful just breaks up the group
getting them children of their own makes her look heroic and supreme

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i cry every time

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I don't think Yukari would be a safe or loving wife

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shes a scammer?

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she offers depressed men dinner dates with beautiful women, then gives them to hungry youkai

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Men that call the gap granny a hag get fed to the youkai pit!

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Doesn’t change that’s she’s a granny.

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Don’t be rude to her.

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I don't like Yukari at all. Kanako is the better scheming old hag and has done a lot more then her

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Do you think patting Yukari's head would make her happy?

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of course

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oppai loli yukarin

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Sorry but she's been replaced by another hole youkai who's now behind every scheme because ZUN.

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So Kanako?

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Kanako only causes fuck ups and runs away instead of solving the problem she caused because she is a natural fuck up herself.

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wasnt kanako out for shopping while the living fusion reactor she made was trying to destroy the world? such an untrustworthy god!

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i can fix her

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I want to pamper and kiss her qt feet

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Lick it clean first.

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She would never allow that to happen

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I can make her worse

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I will
Why not?

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Let's see one of her jokes.

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You mean false fan depictions of her?

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now post the printworks

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Mommy girlfriend Yukari!

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The anons in this thread are awfully short-sighted and rude. Kanako is very, very clever and everything went as planned.

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>her cunning personality and her outdated jokes
What are some examples?

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About what

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