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patchy is best!

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me in the middle

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me on the left

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I wish I could get tag-teamed by Alice and Patchy.

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I thought Marisa had an electric mustache the at first glance.

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Nitori underneath stealing her shirikodama

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well, we could use more like this.

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But Da~ze bitch married Flandre.

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Bleh. Da-ze-bitch boinks anything and everything that moves, married or not.

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Mitori is offended by Marisa's harem. Also Marisa looks awfully handsome in this picture.

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Is there any touhou whom hasn't been paired with Marisa at least once?

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Marisa is prettier when she's the girl, and she only gets to be the girl in Marisa x Sakuya.

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Because she's a fucking pimp too.

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Manrisa is Manly.

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Never seen her with any of the UFO cast.

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Marisa doesn't really interact with Meiling, other than kicking her ass when she actually tries to do her job.

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After searching various tag combinations on Danbooru I have determined not that many of them. This picture alone makes up quite a few.

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Look at that lustful staring.

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I believe there's also that picture where Yukari is telling Reimu she "ate" Marisa over the orbs.

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Hijiri might become a new mentor for Marisa.

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>she "ate" Marisa over the orbs.


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Basically Yukari did Marisa while Reimu was going undeground during SA.

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Proofs or didn't happen.

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I thought that picture was just a parody of the line about Yukari drinking all of Reimu's tea or something.

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Yes it's just a picture that parodied dialogue from the game. Still makes it a picture that implied Yukari had sex with Marisa.

Can't seem to find the picture on Danbooru. Guess I saw it in one of the other place's translation threads.

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