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Have you ever found love at an anime con?

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I've never been to a con.

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>he goes to anime cons

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Neither have I.
I wonder, is it a never ending parade of faggotry or is there something of value?

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never ending parade of faggotry

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>anime con

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Once, and then I became gay.

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Former, the only redemptions being that you can see seiyuus if you follow them....who in turn are bombarded by retarded questions and requests.

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I heard you can get some cheap gunpla and doujin-shi, is this true?

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I once hooked up with this slightly chubby emo chick dressed as a Bleach character at a con. She spent the night at my hotel, ate a ton of food me and my friend had to last us 4 days, and gave a pretty bad blowjob. However, she really knew how to ride a dick. Almost made up for the other parts.

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no, I have never found love at www.anime.com

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No, but I did watch Anonymous Jones and WT Snacks make out at Sakura con

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Some Reimu pig kept flirting with me at Ohayocon last weekend. I was cosplaying as Sakura Kinomoto. If you're reading this Reimu I'm not sorry for brushing you off.

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About 10 years ago, when I was a stupid kid who still went to cons, I met a decent looking and petite Ayanami cosplayer. After chatting for a bit she asked me to join her at the hotel pool. After swimming and hanging out at the pool she invited me up to her room. I agreed of course, but then I realized I misplaced my staff badge. I told her I would meet up with her. By the time I found it, I realized I didn't know her room number. So my one chance to get laid went out the window.

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It was really for the best man

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About 10 years ago, when I was a stupid girl who still went to cons, I met a not totally ugly guy. After chatting for a bit I asked him to join me at the hotel pool. After swimming and hanging out at the pool I invited him up to my room. He agreed of course, but then he realized he misplaced his staff badge. I told him I would meet up with him. I waited but I realized he didn't know my room number. I guess his one chance to get laid went out the window.

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It was a scam to steal your organs.
You were lucky.

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I've never been to a con. I've been considering going to one though, despite the faggotry and secondary fans. My reason? To see some loli. Good or bad idea?

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That was too close man.

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3D lolis? Never a good idea.

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I hope no one here would disgrace Touhou in such a manner

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Unless you're in Japan, pretty bad idea
Non-jap cosplayers tend to be fugly nerd fat stupid girls with grease on their face because they sweat even under ice.

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Not only cosplayers, every girl in a con fit the description

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The guy who did the terrible Touhou panel posts here. I have no delusions about /jp/ Touhou fans being any better than the rest.

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Eh, there are always exceptions, but then, those exceptions generally have no reason to be interested in your typical /jp/-goer.

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I would like to believe that was a troll

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>Go to anime convention
>Have sex with 4 guys
>Feel like a slut the next day

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First time in my life when I went to con I had been seriously drinking last night with my friends and only got like three hours of sleep before I had to wake up to head to train.
Obviously I was underage at the time.

Anyway, it was kind of a mixed experience. When I went to Shounen-Ai panel(I just had to see it) the hall it was supposed to be held in got totally packed, so they had to get another one where they showed the thing in live-stream. Well, I got spot and proceeded to watch the show.
Soon a girl next to me starts talking to me, and it turns out we were classmates an year ago. We have fun, and she asks if I want to stay night at the city since I live like 300KM away.
...Not in my full mental capability due to lack of sleep and aftereffects of alcohol I said something about having to be back home tomorrow for... I have no idea, something.

God damn it.

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I'm going to an anime con. Come find me, /jp/. I'm lonely.

I'm going to be a Touhou.

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>cosplaying as a loli
How tall are you?

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He is a monumental faggot, I don't consider him one of us.

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>Go to anime convention

why would you do this

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If he was I applaud his efforts. He typed out a whole essay.

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Where else am I going to dress as Meiling without arousing scorn and getting shameful looks?

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5'1. I'm not a femanon though

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...Are you at least a trap?

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Her outfit doesn't stand out as long as you avoid wearing the hat.

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5'1" here too!

Except I'm a femanon.

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Of course I wear the hat.

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Yes. One of the reasons I wasn't too keen on her.

Since moving to USA it is rare to find someone shorter or even the same height as me!

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Eh, I might as well try going to some con during summer and cosplay Taichi, should be suitably easy for first timer.

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From what I hear everyone that goes to cons is a horny nerd.

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For the most part yes. There are the families, cynical people, and casuals that show up as well

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It's almost Chinese new year. Go to China town.

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Any Finnfags wanna meet up and elegantly drink tea together in Tracon or Desucon? I know there's like half an year to them, but yeah.

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Touhou Panel! She deletes every negative comment

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No but my sister and I go to cons dressed as Naruto and Sakura. People often think we're a couple, which weirds us out.

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>short trap cosplaying as Sakura
You wore the pink outfit right? Willing to post any pictures?

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You guys suck, I cosplay as Layton

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/jp/ has given me an order.

That order is to appear at my first convention as male, muscular, African-American Arcueid, and put The Fear into all the smaller Ciels, Shikis and of course the small, weedy Man-touhous.

I'm dutifully eating more oats and doing my SQUATZ.

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Black people aren't as rare at cons as you think they are

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Yeah, the nerdy Urkel looking mofos. I've seen pics. I'm bigger and more robust.

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You are talking about this outfit? I had it down pretty well besides the hat. I wore ribbons instead and my wand looked pretty cheap.

Did you attend Ohayocon as Nadia?

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Never been to Ohayocon, is it nice there?

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Black Man of Black Omen

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the black true ancestor of ill omen

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Pretty nice, I've always had fun at it. One of the better cons in the Northeast

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Do you have a blog? I put an email address in the space for it in case you're too shy to post it in here

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I want to grow out my beard and cosplay as Sakura.

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Yes^^ I'll send

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I considered going as Lordgenome back when I was a hardcore TTGL fanboy, since I've got the sweet beard and size to pull it off, but he's an asshole and I don't really like him.

Of course someone will then remark that I, too, am an asshole, and that /jp/ does not really like me.

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No idea who you are or I would have blocked you by now

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My first girlfriend I ever had(20) I met at a con

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Jesus christ, I can only imagine the terror. I attended an RPG con once as a teenager, and by jove, would a Japanese fisherman seen what I have seen the next con would be a storm of harpoons...

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I've been to a couple of cons.
They're a lot better if you go in a group.
And, the things they sell there usually are cheaper, if not just because of the lack of shipping costs.

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Dude, I didn't even start.

I'm still in the whole conceptualizing phase. Need to find a blonde wig, find some pumps or high heels that fit well, get stockings, possibly grab some fake boobs for authenticity...oh, and look for the red contact lenses I used for Halloween a few years back.

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Yes, I found love, then it kicked me in the balls.

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The only love I find now in Anime Cons is small chit chat with people who enjoy TF2, Touhou, and the occasional Harem series.

The only interaction I've had with female con-goers was little. Most of them were with groups or were terribly fat. Seriously, Anime Conventions today are totally shit. There are things that should just be kept on the internet, like free hugs, screaming yaoi fans and their behavior, the not-so-friendly 30 some-year-old man who takes pictures of cosplayers. Things would be different without the internet.

Pic fucking related.

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post it in here you slut

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I enjoy going to cons and purchasing stuff. Everything else I avoid. Terrible VA's, cosplayers, panels, karaoke etc

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Do they overcharge for figs there?

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Does /jp/ have a favorite con besides comiket?

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Generally, not really.
Usually, it's either the same price as online or a bit less, minus shipping.
Though, there are some cases where it costs more.
It's great for finding rare figs sometimes.

But then again, I don't go in there with a list of online prices >_>

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> >_>
I felt that coming

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That's basicaly the kind of people you find in cons, faggots that use stupid smiles at every phrase and speak like they have some kind of mental illness

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I went to Anime North and Anime Next last year, which was a mistake. The latter is way too young. Most of the stuff was about equal in price to online, except it'd been out for a year. Most depressingly, I didn't meet anyone, so I just wandered around by myself for each weekend.

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OMG ^_^
I forgot the double L that makes no fucking difference in this absolutely mad language that is english! >_>

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According to what I've been told on /jp/ as well as other places, cons are full of sluts that jump on the first dick they see, even if it's fat and ugly.

So, /jp/, tell me why this is a big deal, when I can just walk into a lounge or club in my 'hood and mack on some scantily clad hoes, any time I want? Shit, they wear even less in there than what I've seen in con pics.

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Stop the samefagging and excessive dumbness

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Who said it was a big deal?

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This entire thread

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Cue stories from fags about how they ran into really 'hawt' cosplayers and got their dick sucked or whatever

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>taking a topic seriously

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/jp/ cosplayers should post their pics

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>Have you ever found love at an anime con?
Nope. A few attractive people here and there, sure, but I'm not looking for love, just a good non-sexual time.

Cons can be shit, especially when there's a lot of the stuff >>4288323 mentions. I'd say go with friends (if you have any) so you can laugh at all the idiots together

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See, this is what I'm talking about. This nigga's got a pot belly and his arms are bout the size of tree branches.

Shit, just seeing his photograph is making me want to grab some barbells and do some SHOWER CURLZ.

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I live in Canada where there are no decent cons

>> No.4288851

You mean there are decent cons elsewhere?

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I've read a few times that traps get groped a lot on cons. Was it bad there for you?

>> No.4288872

Question: Which sort of traps? Men pretending to be ladies or the standard fangirl trying to be Kingdom Hearts?

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Men pretending to be ladies. I've never been to a con so I'm not sure what it's like cosplaying there.

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I have never been to a con but I'd do anything to enter one

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I'm suddenly much less interested in going to a con. Getting groped by overweight naruto fans doesn't sound so good.

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You would miss out on all of this too!

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Where the fuck do you live anon?

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He just fucking said Canada, you retard.

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Just don't be in costume. And GO WITH SOMEONE. A FRIEND MIGHT HELP. Having a friend nearby helps liven up the experience.

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helllo fellow /jp/fags
I live in america
If I were to go to boarding school and I love anime and want to be near a anime con/place where should I move?

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goddamnit are you serious

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I've been to quite a few conventions all over the country, and no matter where you go, the basic rules apply if you want to have a good time:

1. Yes, you will be surrounded by Narutards. Just mentally block them out and leave them to their stupidity. Suppress the rage, as difficult as it may be.

2. Don't go alone. The event schedule at most conventions will probably be 90% uninteresting to you. So bring a friend or two to kill time with.

3. Bring alcohol. Everything at a convention is better when you're drunk. Don't buy the cheap stuff. Get the decent grade hooch that won't make you sick and/or blind. Also, bring enough to share.

4. Make it known that you have alcohol, and are willing to share it. Suddenly, you will be everyone's best friend, especially if you paid attention in step 3 and sprang for the good stuff.

5. Now that a crowd of people is drunk in your room, enjoy their antics and the wanton displays of tits that will no doubt follow.

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I have no friends within a five-hour flight across international borders that know anything about anime/jp/etc. I suspect I'm not the only one here in this boat.

>> No.4289096

Could you be any more of a disgusting normalfag?

>> No.4289116

Its alright to go in costume, as long as it isn't too much or some shonen shit. I brought a friend and wore Suwako's hat. Shit was pretty cash.

Try to interact with normal looking people as fast as you can.

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so where is a good place to study and go to cons?

>> No.4289145


>bring alcohol

Dude, you're telling me this like I wouldn't roll up with booze and every kind of drug I could get my hands on

pound of weed, bunch of E pills, some speed, some prescription pills, some acid, some mushrooms...

>> No.4289162

It wasn't terrible for me. Being at a social event is new territory for a lot of people there. Some of the people that flirt don't know when to stop or being able to tell if that person isn't interested. I've had issues in the past but never at Ohayocon

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This anyone?

>> No.4289241

Somewhere in the middle would be good

>> No.4289290

well currently I am in Texas and I hate it

>> No.4289339


Watching your girlie cartoons are ya son?

>> No.4289356



dad, i am NEET

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so...I know there's anime expo in la and otacon in baltimore
where should I go? can someone help me out pls

>> No.4289422

fuck no

>> No.4289433

Try Phoenix comic-con.

>> No.4289445

well most of the boarding schools are on the West or East side.

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I met up with a girl when we went to a series photoshoot. She started following me around the con.

That night at the rave, we made out and danced REALLY close. My hands were all over her. I invited her back to my hotel room but she didn't think it was a good idea so I didn't press her.

Oh, I was 21, and she was 16 at the time.

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are you mad? it's not anime con

>> No.4289456


You sure dodged a bullet there!

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When is it? I need a couple of months to gain more weight, I want good definition on my legs since I'll be wearing stockings.

>> No.4289490

Boston is shit

>> No.4289491

Right outside of UT Austin is ArcadeUFO. They have Death Smiles, DoDonPachi, Melty Blood AA, Blazblue CS, and Arcana Heart 3.
UT also has a good engineering program.

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April 2-4, you have time.

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goddamnit Texas is also shit

>> No.4289531


Not a lot. Damn, I'd better stop forgetting to eat. Shouldn't have taken such a long goddamn holiday break, I lost too much weight and my strength dropped with it. At least I'll make newbie gains again.

>> No.4289537

It's "goddammit," goddammit.

>> No.4289538

You can do it, man!

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Please stop constantly spamming and harassing www.a n o n t a l k.com. Thank you.

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well lets say then I forgot to put a space in between
west side or east side pplz? are there boarding schools that are accepting to anime stuff and have clubs for that?

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>accepting to anime stuff
Why don't you ask on Gaia?

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but I don't play Gaia you faggot and there is none of >>4287649 there anyway

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You say "boarding school" instead of "college" or "university," so I can only assume you haven't completed high school.

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That is very true, brah.

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It would be nice if fellow /jp/ fags helped me out with this important decision.
Of course I could stay in Texas but I really don't want to do that.

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So, what, are you just entering high school?

>> No.4289649

stop sagespamming this thread pls

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You'll have to be more specific than that, kid.
If Texas were to declare independence, it would be the 40th largest country.

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>> No.4289667

I have 2-3 years of high school left
also, I'm Chinese and if I were in China I would be legal

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If you want to increase your girth before sex, buff your cock with fibreglass insulation, the pink kind from your attic. The fibreglass will act as a slight irritant and create cutaneous swelling, which will add up to a quarter of an inch to your diameter. This is relatively painless and will entirely subside overnight, or in around twelve hours. For the best effect, do it a couple hours or so prior to intercourse.

>> No.4289674

Houston, a shitty capitalist city where everyone works for the oil companies

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You'll have to be more specific than that, kid.
If Houston were to become its own state, it would be the 50th largest state.

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someone answer this plz

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Please stop constantly spamming and harassing www.a n o n t a l k.com. Thank you.

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Please stop constantly spamming and harassing www.a n o n t a l k.com. Thank you.

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Please stop constantly spamming and harassing www.a n o n t a l k.com. Thank you.

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So is this a Ran-sama thread now?

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whoever is spamming this thread with touhou pls stop saging
also someone answer this pls

>> No.4290080

No. Go to Gaia with all the other kids who actually believe that anime "otaku" are an oppressed people.

>> No.4290122

well fuck you and your shitty opinion

>> No.4290130

yo, if you never watched the GL Parallel Works that featured Genome you should. He's not an asshole, just misunderstood, ok.

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Why do you even want to go to a boarding school?
Do you hate your parents or something?

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