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Stupid Marisa forgot how to sit again

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Literally me

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Maybe her butt hurts

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sorry guys my fault

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She's trying to suck herself

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reminds me of many CEI videos I've seen

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nice buttocks

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Blondes just do IT better

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what is it?

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You know... it

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Magic but instead of danmaku spells you write hold the fragile outside world economy and civilization together

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I just did a google search on CEI.... nice

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Marisa soft butt

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nice bums

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She is standing. The photo was taken upside down.

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self bukkake

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She's about to fall and hurt her butt.

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oh no haha imagine how bad that would be haha her boyfriend would have to massage her butt every day haha maybe even put oil on her butt and massage it until it is all but gone haha what a terrible fate haha

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Is this why her eyes turned red?

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no it was probably because of sleep deprivation (hot sleepless sex till morning with her boyfriend)

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so fast

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but I thought she was pure?

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A pure slut
She's the Magical Forest's bicycle anon, even Alice has given her a ride. Even Alice.

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>having sex with your lover is.. le ba
incel detected. marisa despises you.

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why so mean?

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Aryan spirit

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Hurts from what?

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mima caught her sitting too close to a boy

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I see yuuka is stalking marisa again.

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>incel detected. marisa despises you
Marisa would never have sex until marriage!

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would testicles be in danger when those two are collaborating?

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she is a bit controlling?

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I didn't realize she was so small

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is this supposed to be symbolic?

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She's smaller than you'd think.

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wah, chisai desu yo

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I thought they were good friends?

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Well, that was from when they barely knew each other.

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is she ever going to get married?

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is that Yuuka? Are they related?

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no that's sanae

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She'll get married when she finds the right guy!
Marisa is looking for a guy that is funny, kind, caring, can handle the forest of magic, isn't afraid of youkai, wants commitment, likes magic but so much that he doesn't have time to clean up after her and be her father figure, is handsome, well off, smart, gets along with her friends but not too much, and puts her first!

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Thankfully she can become a youkai whenever she would want it, else she wouldn't have enough time in merely the one human life

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wait a sec, she is a youkai ????

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Marisa's cute perky butt

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>She'll get married when she finds the right guy!
strike 1
strike 2 (unless spinelessness is mistaken for it)
same as above, strike 3
>can handle the forest of magic,
hmm i suppose i could do that
>isn't afraid of youkai
>wants commitment,
>likes magic but so much that he doesn't have time to clean up after her
>and be her father figure, is handsome, well off, smart,
strike 5, 6, 7, 8
>gets along with her friends but not too much,
could do that
>and puts her first!
strike kyuu
maybe i should stop trying to go for protagonists and groom a fairy instead if i have any hope of losing my virginity.

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I can do that
>can handle the forest of magic,
No reason I shouldn't be able to
>isn't afraid of youkai,
Might take some time
>wants commitment,
Like nothing else
>likes magic but so much that he doesn't have time to clean up after her
Same as >>42740021
>and be her father figure,
>is handsome,
Is a 5 on a scale of 1-9 okay?
>well off,
As long as she doesn't bleed me dry
I deny it, but yeah
>gets along with her friends but not too much,
I don't go out much
>and puts her first!
... I'm gonna be dragged along as a scapegoat, aren't I?

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God she must be like 4 foot nothing, assuming that woman is of average Japanese woman height at 5'2.

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I like Marisa and all but she strikes me a person who doesn't want a committed relationship and would only want to be fuck buddies at most.

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imagine being mogged by Youmu of all people

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Try putting a not in the
>likes magic but not so much that he doesn't have time to clean up after her and be her father figure

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It wouldn't be a proper quote if they did.

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>doing magic makes Marisa short
>doing magic makes Patchouli fat
Maybe messing around with magic isn't all that good

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Patchouli isn't fat. She's just anaemic from arsenic and mercury exposure.

And besides, becoming a magician doesn't fuck your body up, it's being a NEET shut-in or spending so much time high on various mushrooms that fucks your body up.

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>gets along with her friends but not too much, and puts her first
So, how many of her boyfriends have been stolen away by the three fairies so far?

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Fucking dies every other day and can't even run
Social reject who wets the bed
Eternally jobbing "Buddahist" who's afraid of dying
Always one step away from reading a Youma book and getting exterminated, also a huge dork

Yeah, i'm thinking magic is overrated

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Three, one for each fairy.

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no Yuuka?

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Tfw I’m working out more and fixed my diet to look better just in case I ever have the opportunity to meet a Marisa cosplayer…

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Yuuka is a proper youkai, not a stinky mage!

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>also a huge dork
Hey now, she can be cool at times.

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>messing around with magic isn't all that good
Yeah, it's not.

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Holy fuck that's an awesome lore bit
And it even anticipates 17.5 story in a way
How could I miss this before

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ten sai

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any pics?

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I love Marisa

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I love kitty Marisa!

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I love gay Marisa

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that barely even works for dudes

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*fat dudes

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¡dios mios! ¡mis cojones!

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What do you love about her?

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My wife Marisa so cute.

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her aggressive attitude

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I like that Marisa is a bit of a dickhead!

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Well is Marisa is nicer compare to Reimu

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too strict

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she doesn't raise girls for them to be promiscuous

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I think she can give me the best lovely angry sex

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Some girls can do it believe or not

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Why is Marisa showing off her ass?

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She is doing it for YOU.

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Is marisa a tomboy?

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she is demonstrating what she wants us to do

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Yes and no.

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uh oh

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Patchy is tall!

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Ass 2 Fat

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chest 2 flat

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Hitbox too big

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no this is good

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It grows after pregnancy, anyway.

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rape marisa

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I liked her elemental-ball-thingies in pc-98.

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Yeah you would like her balls, you fucking homo

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I-I'm n-not gay...

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You are if you like a tomboy's balls, dude.

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marisa balls

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I like how they've kept them on the fighting games and seihou

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what does that mean in English?

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Seihou means "western", but your question is like asking what does Touhou mean in English ("eastern").

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I'd pay to watch her piss on her own face.

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I'd pay her to order me to ejaculate on my own face

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confused now

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bumping my wife's best friend's thread!

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Marisa with an FAL
Working for the Rhodesian security forces
How many zimbabweans she gonna exterminate?

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How many japanese soldiers got lost in gensokyo?

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1. Mating press with Marisa
2. Nakadashi Marisa
3. Repeat