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Hypothetically speaking, would you be this granny's valentines?

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There's no way I could say no

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This isn't my prefered granny, so no. I'd rather die.

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Sorry gappy, but I only date with the intention of marriage

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Perfect, now to be happy with gappy

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Only if she can defeat all the other grannies in a battle royal.
As a man, I can only take one girl as my valentine, after all.

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Yukari is lovely

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No thank you, I don't want to catch her alzheimers.

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The older Tohou characters have simple yet impactful designs. They don't make them like they used to..

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I'd like to impact Yukari's design, if you know what I mean

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I don't hate her or anything, I just prefer younger girls.

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God i wish that were me (the body pillow)

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Sure. I'm not exactly a young man anymore either so if she can make me feel like I am then I'm game.

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Anon, to Yukari your basically a shota

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Yukari is young and plenty fertile, and will be forever
Give her your children

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Yukari makes me happy

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I want to buy the happy gappy lots of soft and silky gloves.

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Of course i would take a 17 years old beautiful valentine. Let's walk la vie en rose together Yukari-sama.

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I want to serve her a big cake made out of all the faggots though I'd prefer to see her toss it into the trash rather than eat it

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I don't see why not, sure.

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I would barf from the gross granny smell alone

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I don't see what harm it could do

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Would she put her pubes or menstrual blood in the valentine chocolate?

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no, that's an Eirin thing
Gappy is classier than that

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Dont slander Eirin-sama. This kind of crazy shit is a Sumireko thing, because she's a crazy bitch.

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Is she willing to bear offspring?

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If you prove yourself worthy, you'll have no choice but to surrender your bloodline to her

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anon getting smothered in granny perfume and boob sweat!

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Trapped forever with Yukari!

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every child made is another shackle keeping you from running away

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Silly insecure yukari thinking she needs that to keep anon by her side

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I don't have any more momkari because fucking nobody makes it
I'd need to get AI to do it, and I'm too retarded

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didn't work on my dad and it sure as hell won't work on me

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If I do, is she going to make me massage her old joints?

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Yes but don't call them old and creaky

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I'll do it. On the condition I get to huff and fluff her fox's tails every day. She can't possibly hog all of it for herself.

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She can just drag you back and break your legs
She's a lot stronger than you

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would hypothetically irrigate her eggs if she still had any

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yes, but only if i could verify that it wouldn't turn into a "diamond in the rough" sort of situation.

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Was that the one where she killed and ate her husband's family after drugging him into a stupor?

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wait what

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forgot making this post

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I wish Yukari-sama would adopt me...

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He wanted the youkai wife
He recieved the youkai wife experience

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Nah that was In the AM/PM

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Wait what? I knew there was something funny about that but I couldn't read the extra details in the untranslated doujins.
IIRC she wanted to keep him with her so she gave him her familiars and her friends bodies.

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I like Ran.

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that one was always weird
the really gappy would never share

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Ancient horrors make questionable wives

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You can fix her if you just treat her right and kindly!

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Yukari is just an autistic dork that doesn't know how to ask others to play so she broods all alone and gets sad easily. The worst that'll happen is paying her some lip service about how she's totally a venerable mastermind that runs Gensokyo with an eagles' eye

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there can only be one valentine

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fixing the unfixable

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Does this mean she wants everyone who offered to fight until there is only one standing?

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cute granny

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Unfortunate then that they're the ones that pick you