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>What is this?
Era games are a group of (usually) Japanese-developed text porn games.
They're not exclusively related to the Touhou franchise, but it's one of the series with the most era games.

>Games usually discussed here
eraTohoTW - Comfy Touhou dating simulator with time stop shenanigans.
eraTohoK - Tactical game about conquering Gensokyo through any (absolutely any) means.
eraMegaten - Dungeon crawler based on the Shin Megami Tensei series, with tons of characters from other series (Fate, Touhou, Madoka, etc) included.

- WIKI: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php/Main_Page
Guides and downloads for all era games. For TW you should get the eng-development version, eng-release is several years old.
- GIT: https://gitgud.io/era-games
Git repository that has latest official builds to any of the games, you can sometimes find more recent versions than the ones on the wiki.
- AUTO UPDATER: http://madhammer.club/files/era-updater.7z
Fetches the latest version of TW, K or Megaten from the official git, no login needed.
- TW NEODEV: https://gitgud.io/Pedy/pedy-tw/-/releases
Git repository with a version of TW that gets more frequent updates. Might introduce more bugs, though they usually get fixed on the following release.
- JAP WIKI: https://seesaawiki.jp/eraseries/
- TRANSLATOR: https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php/Sugoi
Automatic translator which copies text straight from the game. Comes with an optional customized built-in offline model.
Direct link for the latest version:
- BUGS?: https://wiki.eragames.rip/bugreport.php
Report them over here.

>How to play?
Run anchor.exe (or Emuera, depending on the game), japanese locale is advised so you don't run into untranslated text.
If you wish to manually update, delete old files aside the sav and dat folders to avoid any bugs.

>How can I help?
Read https://wiki.eragames.rip/index.php/Contributing for starters.
You could try your hand at translating dialogue, there are guides currently in the TW folder (in #Translation) on what to do, not sure if it that folder exists in other games.
Another guide is:
1) Download an IDE. VS Code, for example.
1a) If using VS Code, install the EraBasic addon
2) Select UTF8 encoding
3) Open the ERB files and edit them
That way you can now edit files without much trouble.
The path for files to edit is usually the ERB folder:
K: ERB/口上
TW: ERB\口上・メッセージ関連\個人口上

You can also report bugs or typos here on the thread when you see them.
If you'd like to either edit or add your own portraits, the files are located within the 'resources' folder in webp format. You can use paint.net to edit them.

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reminder that youkai are dangerous forgotten monsters

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shit, wait for a bit I will make another

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Let's ask the thread, can you say who's the physically strongest character?

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how about you actually post in the grimsokyo thread, what an empty place, i have been waiting for interesting ideas or takes but there barely anything, or is it that its true what they say and you are only contrarians? fucking dissapointing

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ok, I will just put /egg/ in the body next time so it shows up regardless

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I can fix them.

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So for some reason I was thinking about slave maker 3, a flash porn game inspired of princess makers.
I was about to start a new run out of nostalgia when I saw pic related on the slave market.

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Kosuzu, duh.

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She's frail like a hen egg

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Incorrect. Reimu fears angering her (by not returning books). She has a hidden strength that can tear every incident resolver a new one. At once.

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Meiling and her new bride!

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Kaguya, of course.

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is there a way to quicky get reliability other than cheating or waiting for a character to give you a request?

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Maybe it's because obnoxious cutesokyofags like you try to ruin every thread which is why people don't want to bother discussing lore while you guys delight in your typical coomer mindless bait

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Just spam headpats/hugs/lap pillow/studying/cleaning until you reach your goal.

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Edgelords and grimderp enjoyers love pushing their shit everywhere.

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at least the grimsokyo troll is less annoying than the cuck

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>discussing lore
>coomer mindless bait
My nigger we are in a thread for text based touhou eroge. Where do you think you are?

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This is not the first time the guy has come to push his irrelevant headcanon into a life sim fangame that intentionally has minimal and reversible consequences for every action. Just ignore him and he'll go shit in a different thread.

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take your fucking meds nigger, did you even read what i wrote? I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT GRIMSOKYO, i am the only one trying to find something interesting there and there is only one post implying anything sexual. instead of posting your ideas there, you come here trying to farm (you)s. grimsokyo threads get ruined not because of cutesokyo fags but because the total lack of interest from grimsokyo posters beyond being contarians. how dissapointing

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>i am planing to work on something related to grimsokyo i want to hear all their crazy ideas
Great, what are you writing? I hope it's something like the rumored TW Waggy guro content.
Reminder it was removed because the creator abandoned it, not because it's not allowed in muh comfy TW or something.

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the seethe in here is palpable, even I didn't think cutesokyofags would be this sensitive

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Hi Kosuzu

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The thread is finally alive again!!

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Would it be gay if I turn everyone into a futa and see how long I can keep my anal virginity? like a sort of eroge battle royale

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no, it's completely unrelated to era, and if there is any gore, it would probably be only against the player. for now i am just collecting information, but as you can read, there is not a lot for now

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Grimsokyo content does not fit TW. How about you contribute to K instead?

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>Would it be gay if I turn everyone into a futa
>and see how long I can keep my anal virginity?
Also no.

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It was supposed to be done to player.

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why did you neuter the OP and delete the subject

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only if your character is also a futa

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Bretty Hebert.....

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Wow, Megaten got a ton of UI updates. This is great.

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Why the FUCK did the Scout from TF2 turn into a Smurf from the Smurfs comic book series

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You forgot your pills again Jeremiah.

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there is no subject

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Is showing off your lover's underwear to onlooker a typical Lunarian pastime?

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You're next.

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Wait, is the shitposter actually named Jeremy? The Scout is shitposting here?

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You won't escape. We're stuck here forever.

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good riddance, tohosim isn't a fucking era game
I'm here to talk about janky text games written in a terrible BASIC clone not an /adgd/ tech demo which was doomed before its first line of code was written

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fuck you we just need coders

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Timothy here. The release date for TohoSim is set for June of 2030!

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To be honest, I actually enjoy talking about TohoSim.

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where tf are you looking? finding idiots willing to code for porn games is like finding trees in a forest. it's artists and writers (and translators in this context) which are scarce

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fix how?

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>he enjoys talking about something that doesn't exist

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Uh, bruh? It exists.

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wtf tohosim just flew over my house!?

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>sperging out this much about a project that he so confidently say will never happen

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twenty characters have been redesigned by hand and we have an excess of writers and only two coders

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How do I go about replacing every single in-game touhou portrait with a matching gyate?

>> No.42585170

I will turn them into friendly iconic monsters through the power of excessive love

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Is your problem maybe that people don't really see much value in working on a TW clone? If you were making a unique touhou sim it might be more appealing. But since your goal is "TW but better" there's a long way to go before you even reach a point where it can compete with a game that already has had years of development, and which is also open source and could be contributed to instead.

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"Pedy's" problem is that few people want to learn how to code in either EraBasic or Godot. Though, from what I understand, TohoSim is also open-source?
Or rather, even more to the point, is that most people in this community don't give a damn about code and have no interest in joining a Discord.
You hear that, "Pedy"?
How about you fucking make an actual Git for TohoSim and come back with a roadmap?

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Is this some form of advanced reverse psychology?

>> No.42585299

There's a git, it was linked in the OP last thread. Godot sucks but it's either that, Unity, proprietary, or custom from scratch in modern day game development.

My question is, why the fuck are the gits private? Who wants to make a shitty account for this? It's inconvenient to anyone who wants to download a game and annoying for someone considering contributing.

>> No.42585298

Until the real Pedy learns how to manage a project, I will do it for him.

>> No.42585344

That why I said "an actual Git".
The "public" TohoSim repo does not include any of the updates I've seen them discuss on the honeypot server.
Why yes, I've cut my own dick off just to stalk them.

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Great thread.

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What a nasty girl. I may need to report this to the faculty office.

>> No.42585393

Thanks, I'm proud of it.

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I blame OP for this.

>> No.42585415

I blame Pedy.

>> No.42585432

We're all Pedy, here to bring the wonders of prostate stimulation to TW and beyond. Speaking of which, who's your favorite Touhou character?
Maybe we need to increase our tourism and bring new blood to our thread?

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Oh you're talking about using git competently? I don't think any era game has ever done that. Actually using the full power of open source to manage a project is something I've never seen a porn game do, really.
I can definitely think of projects where some sort of basic scripting system with a parser to interpret it, allowing writers to add events without worrying about code, would have saved a lot of time.

>> No.42585537

Very cool, no save-system and even a basic menu is lacking completely.

>> No.42585546

One day Pedy will learn how to be a competent manager.
I know, right? Pedy can't bother even make an actual Git.

>> No.42585551

What did you expect, honestly?

>> No.42585569

An actual game, which is apparently exclusive to contributors.

>> No.42585576

Era games?

>> No.42585623

It's between the onis and maybe Kanako

>> No.42585629

- Shitpost River -

>> No.42585642

>The "public" TohoSim repo does not include any of the updates

What about branches, can't you see those?

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Talk about era games.

>> No.42585668

Which one, "sneed" or "testing"?
Make an actual public repo., Pedy.
TohoSim IS an Era game.

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It depends, are we counting magic boosts?

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Oh is it? Because I don't see it on the OP.

>> No.42585707

>It depends, are we counting magic boosts?
Better not

Also don't forget the monk

>> No.42585725

But the monk uses magic boosts, wait which monk are you talking about?

>> No.42585749

I remember reading that the vampires are basically western onis by touhou's standards so they are probably up there too

>> No.42585765

is the new parsee update out already? i don't know what else it had but i definitely remember an actual functioning parsee

>> No.42585766

The one that uses magic boosts, is also said to be strong even without the magic.

that makes sense

Let's clear it up a bit, who'd be on the top when it comes to a no-magic, raw-strength arm wresting tournament?

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Why do some era games pretend girls pee? When we can clearly observe hus drinking huge quantities of alcohol and tea and no canon references to peeing?

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>> No.42585781

Not this bullshit again. I'm glad the real Pedy hates shitposts about virginity.

>> No.42585822

the vampires are very strong but they are probably as strong as an average oni, the big four likely are much stronger

>> No.42585833

If girls don't pee then were does holy water come from?

>> No.42585841

peeing should be a more developed mechanic. maybe make the haghus pee randomly during the day

>> No.42585852

Without that many canonical feats of strength it's kind of hard, i kind of what to give it to Kanako on account of being a god and a war one at that, the onis had a thing for fighting humans so maybe they aren't THAT ridiculous, the vampires can be pretty busted but they never struck me as strong as the onis, they are definetly speedy motherfuckers but not so sure about strength, i honestly don't know what to say about Byakuren i don't know much about her to make an educated guess.

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If you want people to code for you, you need to make it easy for people to actually code for you.
My open source advice? Use issues. Everything should be an issue, unless it's too big to be an issue, in which case it should be a project with many issues.
Feature request? That's an issue. Lets say I wanted mining implemented into TW, but can't be bothered to code it. I'd make an issue describing every feature I'd expect mining to have, what systems it needs to interact with, some implementation advice, etc. Everything that needs to be done before it could be add, as well as anything that doesn't need to be done and could be left for future pull requests. This way contributors could pop in, see something they want added and think they can do, and implement it without having to deal with any baggage.
Same could be done for translations. Right now it's difficult to ascertain what actually needs to be translated without checking the files yourself. You could use a project with issues for every character, where every file is kept track of and progress is updated with every merge, rather than random notepad docs which were updated who knows when.
Bug reports? Sending them through a web form makes it easy to lose them in the void. You make an issue, and it's there for all to see. Every known bug gets cataloged, any would be contributor can pick them up and fix them, and anyone who wants to point to an existing bug has a convenient link to do so with. Not a bug? Just close the issue, and it's still documented for anyone curious later.
All of this shit is what you need to run an open source project and pick up coders willing to help out. Many people are not willing to join a discord for a project, and they shouldn't have to. The harder it is to contribute the less likely people are to do it. Most of all, seeing a structured system for development makes contributing a lot more likely, because having to hunt someone down and ask "is anyone actually updating this?" is more than a little demotivating.
Try these things or don't, but coders aren't going to appear unless you change SOMETHING.

>> No.42585885

You here that Pedy? This is what actual advice looks like. Now get to it and do what a competent manager ought to do.

>> No.42585891

Woah that's a lot of text! Shouldn't that be in an Era game?

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No contest, really. Even among a race of freakishly strong giganiggas, she's still considered the strongest.

>> No.42585932

So tohosim needs a git-manager?

>> No.42585940

Well I kind if expected this answer but you never know with touhou and its 100+ characters so that's why I asked, maybe speed's next to tier-out?

>> No.42585967

With no magic? That's Remilia, Aya is a close second and she will remain there until i see her do a lap around the moon as fast as Remi

>> No.42585986

>look up Remilia's feat
Oh for fucks sake

Are there any other categories? The most intelligent might easily go to Yukari

>> No.42585999

I agree, the only default virgins in TW should be the player, Alice, Medicine, Suwako and Kanako.

>> No.42586009

>the player
Sorry but no that's simply not plausible.

>> No.42586015

I mean there's also Okina, ZUN is definitely trying to push for her being smart too, Yukari is also technically 1-1 with the moon sisters, Eirin also made a fucking elixir of inmortality, as a matter of fact so did Marisa even if it was so dense it couldn't be consumed she still managed to get close to doing something that took Eirin likely centuries.

>> No.42586021


>> No.42586027

Come on Yukari, we all know you belong on that list too.

>> No.42586040

>Elixir of immortality
Honestly who knows about that crap since it's also a thing not really needed in Gensokyo
And Okina sure was pushed by ZUN as the new Yukari

>> No.42586047


>> No.42586050

Are you upset over that player virginity joke?
Yukari is a very mature lady, she must have had some prior experience. A bit too much in my opinion, but I'm sure there are people that are into infinitely bottomless gaps.

>> No.42586068

erm... can't you see i am joking too? how is suwako going to be a virgin though? what about sanae?

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>> No.42586084

All me.

>> No.42586087

jobbed to Yuyuko

>> No.42586131

Glad she didn't catch on.

>> No.42586157

Have you played Touhou Gouyoku Ibun?
She manipulated Flan.

>> No.42586165

She should be one of the only virgins because gods like her can create life out of clay. And it upsets at least one fag here.
And Sanae propably sucks at least 10 dicks a day, you know, she's a goddess in training that needs physical conductor for the faith. Her entire diet is propably just semen.

>> No.42586166

Anon, 'catch on' means 'became popular'.

>> No.42586168

I don't know what part of the fandom you're on, or what drugs you're smoking, but Okina enjoys tremendous popularity.

>> No.42586169

Where the fuck are you getting this wheelchair hag's popularity from? I sure as hell don't see anyone caring about her outside of this thread and its anal memes.

>> No.42586171
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So is Yuyuko the best at everything?

>> No.42586174 [SPOILER] 
File: 112 KB, 1012x1012, __kochiya_sanae_moriya_suwako_yasaka_kanako_mizuhashi_parsee_hoshiguma_yuugi_and_2_more_touhou_drawn_by_migel_futoshi__fa14d91e787b0a150af0ef42c0b06ba3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Touhou Gouyoku Ibun
Happy to it's version of former hell, looks very comfy.

>> No.42586180

43rd out of 288 is pretty popular.

>> No.42586202


>> No.42586215

flying around the moon is irrelevant considering the characters cross infinite distances like the sanzu river and kaguya's infinite corridor. the fastest is youmu in short bursts and the second is aya

>> No.42586218

>Muh Youmu

>> No.42586230

>With no magic

>> No.42586246

nothing of what i said is magic.

>> No.42586283

Do swordfaggots really think like this?

>> No.42586321

You know what could be measured perfectly for most girls?
Stamina. Just scale it with the amount of phases they have in their respective games.

>> No.42586328

Youmu's swords are enchanted so I'm pretty sure that disqualifies her automatically

>> No.42586363 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.39 MB, 1204x2126, youmu fundoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

unless is written anywhere that her swords make her faster for some reason, youmu remains the speediest 2hu.

>> No.42586386

I don't understand the appeal of Youmu outside of the generic 'vaguely schoolgirl look with a katana' shit you find everywhere.

>> No.42586396

>black hair
One of these is eh but acceptable, one of these is not.

>> No.42586397

I look and act like this

>> No.42586419

i don't but i dress like this

>> No.42586425

Where do you live?

>> No.42586739

love hairy pubes
love unkempt jungle
all games should have a maximum bush toggle

>> No.42586767

Especially the ones with flat chests. Pubes + cutting board is 10/10 gap ero.

>> No.42586810

Pubes are disgusting and so are their fans.

>> No.42586832

I love them glamorous or hirsute, petite or buxom.

>> No.42586837


>> No.42586866

What is there to not understand about an honest, diligent, kind and cute young girl being liked?

>> No.42586895

She's boring and plain.

>> No.42586938

She is a slut, what's there to get? People like sluts.

>> No.42586945

I used to think that too until I read the uncanon hentai doujins. Read this


>> No.42586961

I like the one where patchi teaches her to ruin her anus.

>> No.42587021
File: 3.70 MB, 2400x1350, 1654560483110.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is true

>> No.42587435

I'm adding it back in next OP.

>> No.42587437

Not if I can help with

>> No.42587438

Too bad.

>> No.42587444

Get a room.

>> No.42587449

Maybe you should spend the time here trolling actually working on your vaporware project

>> No.42587454

I'm not going to work on a project that lacks management, Pedy. Follow >>42585869's advice and I will "get back to work".

>> No.42587470

Both of you quit it. TohoSim will be added back to OP and you will enjoy it. Drama or not, you can't argue that it isn't an discussed here quite often.

>> No.42587521

Any publicity, huh.
Personally I just wonder when are they going to start begging for money. Paywall or "pay us $$$ so we can work on this full time ;)"?

>> No.42587525

>Both of you quit it.
No, bitch. YOU quit it. Fucking asshole.

>> No.42587540

TohoSim is on-topic. Sorry not sorry.

>> No.42587563

I'm not affiliated with them; I just think it counts as material pertinent to the thread. How is it any different from another Pedy-made project, Neodev? Or should we remove that too?

>> No.42587897

You see, one of those was made in eramaker. Written using erabasic. Making it an era game. Fitting into /egg/, or "Era Games General." The question of who made it is entirely irrelevant to the fact that it's not within the very simple definition of an "Era Game."

Also, it's just not particularly interesting to talk about, because there's no real game to play and nothing to talk about beyond arguing whether it belongs in the thread, calling it vaporware, bitching about discord, bitching about Pedy, bitching about the people bitching, etc.

>> No.42587908

I disagree. TohoSim adapts Era, therefore it is an Era game. It does fit the definition, and no matter how much you try to deny that fact, it is an Era game.
Also, it is interesting to talk about, since if it actually ever gets updated, it will have better functionality than TW and K ever could hope to have.
Now begone, troll. People talk about here, therefore it is interesting, otherwise no one would bring it up.

>> No.42588018

>It's interesting to talk about because if it gets updated it'll be interesting to talk about
Yes, you've got me! However, it isn't, and all of its development progress is relegated to a discord which people who actually care about TohoSim can join.
You can easily bend the definition of "Era" to fit TohoSim, sure. But eraSumireTeru, TohoPM, TohoReverse, and ReverseTentaclePalace are all not in the OP, and those actually have games you can download and play. What, exactly, makes a dead git project with an empty tech demo worth sharing? Is it the people talking about how dead and empty it is? Will that make the link somehow more useful and meaningful to have? Don't think so.

>> No.42588034

>Is it the people talking about how dead and empty it is? Will that make the link somehow more useful and meaningful to have?
Yes, actually.

>> No.42588049

>Yes, you've got me! However, it isn't, and all of its development progress is relegated to a discord which people who actually care about TohoSim can join.
Uh, actually, that link got removed, so nobody can join the Discord, even if they wanted to.

>> No.42588069

I simply do not care and all of you are wasting your time and energy caring.

>> No.42588070

>You can easily bend the definition of "Era" to fit TohoSim, sure. But eraSumireTeru, TohoPM, TohoReverse, and ReverseTentaclePalace are all not in the OP, and those actually have games you can download and play.
Okay. We should add them to OP.

>> No.42588073

I will never not care. I need to have hope. No one will do anything to make EraBasic easier for new writers, so I have to have faith in whatever Pedy wants to shill.

>> No.42588096

If there was an actual development process that could get people to contribute? Maybe. You could reasonably find anons willing to help that way. In fact, it could be a quite effective way of encouraging development, something the project is clearly lacking. Until that happens though, it's just dead space.
Well, I guess there's nowhere to talk about TohoSim anymore. Nowhere to talk about nothing...
Among many other games. That's what the wiki is for, you couldn't fit every era game in the OP.

>> No.42588106

The Discord itself still exists, they just aren't allowing anyone to join. I don't think it should be added to OP (yet).
Whenever they have an actual demo, though? Sure.

>> No.42588111
File: 1.68 MB, 1920x1080, 1671248335903843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really really like this discussion we're having right now

>> No.42588141

It's better than Rinnocuck and virginity.

>> No.42588189

>If there was an actual development process that could get people to contribute?
There is: learn Godot and join Discord.

>> No.42588204

What's the problem with virginity again? Last time someone complained was about Mamizou being used goods and it was like weeks ago.

>> No.42588210

Did you not read the last thread?

>> No.42588227

Are you seriously considering that shitposting for the discussion? Nevermind then, I guess. Though I'd say it was still just cuckposting.

>> No.42588248

Cuckoldry and enforcing your own interpretation about character virginity onto the thread are more or less equivalent.

>> No.42588284
File: 645 KB, 621x1480, black tew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it okay to enforce an interpretation of a character's virginity into the game?
Is it okay to discuss this or am I literally Rinnocuck now?
I think you're taking this stuff a little too seriously.

>> No.42588295

>Is it okay to enforce an interpretation of a character's virginity into the game?
>Is it okay to discuss this or am I literally Rinnocuck now?
Discussion of virginity as a wholesale implementation into the game is not okay. Either make it an option, with obvious flag checks, or do not add it at all. Every character (even if canon specifies, for those who might want that option) should have flag checks that determine their possession (or lack thereof) of virginity. Flag checks solve everything. You can't shit the thread if everything's left up to player.

>> No.42588368

>Discussion of virginity as a wholesale implementation into the game is not okay
What does that mean and what's wrong with it? Do you mean like someone assumes EVERYONE has to be sluts or EVERYONE must be virgins? If so, then there is no problem. You get an option to play your way at the start. The problem is faulty writing that assumes unwanted things about 2hu or the player, like the famous school janitor and that whole story with outside world dating. Also I think there was some extra included in the files somewhere that explains more of your supposed backstory? Anyone found it or did I dream about it being mentioned in the thread?
>Flag checks solve everything
There are still issues with that. Some text will still include mentions of having prior partners, or alternatively tell you you're X's first boyfriend even if that's not what you chose at the beginning.

>> No.42588574

>There are still issues with that. Some text will still include mentions of having prior partners, or alternatively tell you you're X's first boyfriend even if that's not what you chose at the beginning.
>There are still issues with that. Some text will still include mentions of having prior partners, or alternatively tell you you're X's first boyfriend even if that's not what you chose at the beginning.
Flag checks like what Ran's "my Ran-sama was always pure". Simple remove the text from the player's view which conflicts with whatever they set manually.

>> No.42588594

>What does that mean and what's wrong with it? Do you mean like someone assumes EVERYONE has to be sluts or EVERYONE must be virgins? If so, then there is no problem. You get an option to play your way at the start. The problem is faulty writing that assumes unwanted things about 2hu or the player, like the famous school janitor and that whole story with outside world dating. Also I think there was some extra included in the files somewhere that explains more of your supposed backstory? Anyone found it or did I dream about it being mentioned in the thread?
The people who shitpost about virginity want to rewrite the game and have it be the default without player choice. Surely you can see how that is a problem?

>> No.42588617
File: 193 KB, 600x601, 1513737494697.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to rewrite the game and have it be the default
Yes, virginity should be the default.
>without player choice.
Lmao what, when did anyone ever mention that within the last year? People always bitch about virginities being handwaved away with the "reality is different" line. Nobody EVER mentioned they want to remove freedom of choice, you fucking idiot. Post proof.

>> No.42588624

>Yes, virginity should be the default.
You misread my statement. The shitposters don't want any characters to be virginal.
>Lmao what, when did anyone ever mention that within the last year? People always bitch about virginities being handwaved away with the "reality is different" line. Nobody EVER mentioned they want to remove freedom of choice, you fucking idiot. Post proof.
How can you be this motherfucking dense? The shitposters always argue about how virginity shouldn't be the default.

>> No.42588641

I told you to disregard shitposters if we were to discuss anything.
So the end result is we agree everyone except like 5 2hus who are canon mothers should be virgins.

>> No.42588652

I genuinely believe the shitposters want that.
Other than that, yes, it appears that we are in agreement. Everyone sans five characters at most should be default virginal, with flag checks to redact commentary anywhere that goes against player choice.

>> No.42588674

You should be allowed to bully old virgins for going that long without losing it.

>> No.42588703

God I want Akyuu to get upset at me and threaten me with cunnfied harm.

>> No.42588705

Read that as cuneiform ham and had no idea what the fuck you were talking about.

>> No.42588711

Ah yes, ancient Sumerian stone ham. Yummy.

>> No.42588744

Made from only the finest clay.

>> No.42588994

The issue with Sumireko isn't that it makes up a backstory, but rather that the premise conflicts irreconcilably with the game's setting. You can't present the player as a dreamer when he so clearly lives, eats, works, and sleeps in Gensokyo. It just can't be made believable.
Ultimately though, all these characters are fanfiction first and foremost, full of headcanon and often not going to mesg exactly with how other people write other characters. Authors are going to make their own assumptions about the characters and even the player character, be it implicitly or explicitly, which can end up varying heavily from one character to another.
This is fine, and something to be expected from something spawned though a collaborative and open platform. It's just the nature of the beast.
In fact, this is probably a big part of the appeal; being able to write what you want with little to no restrictions draws people in and fosters creativity. The stories they create may not appeal to everyone, but others will enjoy it, and as a result, the game as a whole will end up with something for everyone.
And if someone really disagrees with a particular interpretation so strongly, they can always write their own version of the character, since the game is more than capable of handling that.

TLDR: Characters and their traits should be left up to individual authors, and the resulting variety is a blessing.

>> No.42588999

>This is fine, and something to be expected from something spawned though a collaborative and open platform. It's just the nature of the beast.
Not without flag checks. Follow the example of Parsee's writer

>> No.42589170

If they want to, I guess. Nobody's getting paid here and the game runs entirely off the autism of contributors, so nobody's really beholden to anyone.
I think that the most important part is that contributors have all the freedom they desire, since they're really the backbone of these projects.

>> No.42589217

>learn godot

AIEEEE AARRGHHH NOT THE SIMPLE TO LEARN AND USE MODERN GAME ENGINE! Anything but that please!! Even a toddler could use it!

>> No.42589241

One day the thread will contribute.

>> No.42589253

>thread contribution
I have yet to see this thread contribute to any other Era-Game aside from bug-reports

>> No.42589264

We have a guy named "/jp/Anon" who regularly contributes to Neodev, and I presume most writers periodically browse the thread, so some people must contribute to the thread. I'm guessing 3-5%? Now imagine if all ~60-80 people here did work.

>> No.42589292

Don't tempt me.

>> No.42589297

Tempts you.

>> No.42589311

>Now imagine if all ~60-80 people here did work.
2-3 people are more than enough, people really underestimate the work that 1 guy put into Tohosim already

>> No.42589324

>imagine if all ~60-80 people here did work.
It would be a royal mess.

>> No.42589331

Prove it.
It would be glorious. Everyone would be having fun, no one would shitpost, all would be good.

>> No.42589347

prove what?

>> No.42589369

If that one person really did as much work as you claim he did, then why don't we have an actual game yet?

>> No.42589422
File: 120 KB, 734x720, codo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because "the game" is all simulation and a framework right now, check the code and files yourself, it's quite a lot.

>> No.42589435

Wake me up when I can boot it up and save my progress. That's all I want.
Until then, it will not be worthy of the OP.

>> No.42589455

>Wake me up
before you go go


>> No.42589461

>muh framework
>an bunch if-else branchs
Don't make me laugh.

>> No.42589485

>an bunch if-else branchs
Wait until you find out what AI is.

>> No.42589511

For the love of Hakurei God, publish the actual game.

>> No.42589528

Wait warmly until the codemonkey codes more.

>> No.42589543

Would money entice you to work harder or perhaps hire more people, Pedy?

>> No.42589547

What's the matter Jeremiah? Had a bad day again? No one cares about your stupid slablands tohoshit or whatever you call it. Go suck a dick and fuck off back to /v/ with the rest of you miserable shills and dipshits.

>> No.42589564

Go back to work Jono.

>> No.42589565

>Pedy is somehow associated with Tohosim

>> No.42589575

He's a dev for TohoSim. Do I need to showcase the screenshot evidence?

>> No.42589622
File: 9 KB, 361x67, PEDY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, go ahead but I know he's just sitting in that shitcord to shitpost and lurk.

>> No.42589636

I need TohoSim to reach its full potential.

>> No.42589659
File: 98 KB, 100x100, 1673503551340.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh so that's why I have this intense urge to bend you over and manhandle you so hard you'd be unable to move for a week

>> No.42589669

TohoSim will give you a reach-around while fucking your ass.

>> No.42589677

If you worked as hard on code as you do shitposting in the thread, samefag, the game would be finished by now.

>> No.42589805

discord screenshots and erp
we are reaching /vg/ levels of garbage

>> No.42589902

you mean /v/

>> No.42589950

same thing really

>> No.42589959

The entirety of /vg/ is a bastion of moral decency compared to this thread.

>> No.42589970

Gods that's a lot of (you)'s!

>> No.42590008

I want to tease my lovers like such: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/5105985

>> No.42590086

None of this would have happened if tohosim had never been made

>> No.42590099

Don't kid yourself, the thread shitter probably doesn't even play any of these games.

>> No.42590118

None of this would have happened if touhou had never been made

>> No.42590121

Tohoshitters > virgin discussions > literal shit > r*nn*c*ck

>> No.42590127

This is true. The drunken Jap knew not the ruin he would bring to internet culture.

>> No.42590136

Kotohime in TW???

>> No.42590147

Already planned.

>> No.42590163


>> No.42590523

None of this would have happened had the OP not been tampered with.

>> No.42590901

None of this would have happened had it not happened.

>> No.42591023

It's been a while, is Byakuren translated in TW yet?

>> No.42591215

I apologize. I wouldn't have removed it had I know.

>> No.42591242

TohoSim and its consequences have been a disaster for the Era games general thread.

>> No.42591284

These threads should have never been called a general

>> No.42591351

TohoSim doesn't exist. You are just being paranoid.

>> No.42591360

Kiss. With tongue.

>> No.42591395

You're a slut for jpsie ass!

>> No.42591417

Was he right, bros?


>> No.42591448

I bet that guy is still seething after all these months.

>> No.42591638

Imagine obsessing over a post from nearly half a year ago that you dig it up from archives and keep the link bookmarked.

>> No.42591751

Everything is okay, though? I see no problem with the thread.
Join the Suika party.

>> No.42591792

there should be a small chance that a condom bricks while having sex

>> No.42591795


>> No.42591863

lol i meant breaks

>> No.42591893

I was about to say. A sudden brick in the vagina would not be comfortable.

>> No.42591905

condom.exe crashed

>> No.42591923

Nope but among the taoist crew, tojiko speak english now.

>> No.42591926

i wont be surprise if that becomes a prank later on

>> No.42591996

Futo too.

>> No.42592067
File: 19 KB, 626x427, 134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right, forgot about her.
Speaking of lines, hecatia is listed as character with dialogue but I haven't seen any.

>> No.42592225
File: 387 KB, 402x469, 1653566021637.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thread has so little era talk someone went and made a thread about era games on /v/
if this isn't a testament to how shit this current thread is then i don't know what is

>> No.42592249

Cry about it

>> No.42592256

Fix the thread with updates, Pedy. I know that's you. Avatarfagging as best kleptomaniac witch.

>> No.42592266

Pedy is more mentally unhinged and uses proper grammar including capitalizing the first word of sentences and adding punctuation

>> No.42592282

There are multiple kleptomaniac witches?

>> No.42592284

Pedy has never once used proper English based on of my stalking research via observation.

>> No.42592289

All the witches in the game are kleptomaniacs for that cock.
Cease thy bullshiterry. For the good of the thread.

>> No.42592309

I haven't heard about the word "kleptomaniac" until I watched Breaking Bad in which that dumbass Marie stole a tiara from a jewelry store. At first I thought it was just a made up word like Walter's fugue state

>> No.42592315

Marisa will steal anything and everything.

>> No.42592323

It is a made up word for a thief who wants to justify their actions via pilpul, the cure for that is chopping off their wrist.

>> No.42592326

Including my virginity and even her own

>> No.42592342

TW is not K.
Hhmrrrmrmrm. Good idea.

>> No.42592350

The cute for a lot of things includes chopping off the wrist. Have a masturbation addiction? Chop off the wrist. Do you have a paper cut on your finger? Chop off your wrist.

>> No.42592384

Shitpost on 4chan? Chop off their wrist.

>> No.42592504

>You can't present the player as a dreamer when he so clearly lives, eats, works, and sleeps in Gensokyo
What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

>> No.42592823

Nice meme. You are not me.

>> No.42592832

You don't get to pretend I didn't make the OP.

>> No.42593051
File: 1.82 MB, 1400x1400, __hecatia_lapislazuli_hecatia_lapislazuli_and_hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_hitotsuki_nebura__584e7f93210bb33e5ff433bd10a4f951.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hecatia only has dialogue for one specific scenario.

>> No.42593076

What happens if I push Hecatia's planets off her head?

>> No.42593211
File: 681 KB, 600x771, __clownpiece_hecatia_lapislazuli_and_hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_urin__0c7b35a0cbe13ef8697e2100489155d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It would be extremely embarrassing.

>> No.42593228

For (you).

>> No.42593266
File: 3.45 MB, 1824x2441, hellish summer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just ruined it, anon.
There's a proper order to these and you just completely ruined it.

>> No.42593292

clownpiece's skirt is looking rather loose..

>> No.42593337

TFW we will never have beach content in TW.

>> No.42593358

I've taught her well.

>> No.42593360

Blame the sages for not including a beach inside the Hakurei barrier.

>> No.42593368

Just make a beach at the Lake. Problem solved.

>> No.42593392
File: 311 KB, 281x281, 1369205928878.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>TohoSim sprites come with beach wear

>> No.42593406

I'm fully prepared to sacrifice the local ecosystem for the sake of the Misty Lake Beach Redevelopment Project.

>> No.42593570

tohosim should focus on mind control instead of time stop logically

>> No.42593634

Make it saltwater and you'd befriend all the kappas and save the assholes of gensokyo.

>> No.42593714

Alternatively. grow cucumbers and make pickles so you can make a fortune off them and keep them coming back for more salty goodness.

>> No.42593734

>Encyclopedic Entry Vocabulary. A beach is a narrow, gently sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean, lake, or river

I guess it's possible to have a beach in Gensokyo, then!

>> No.42593798

Nobody likes freshwater beaches.

>> No.42593800

Looks like you have a lot in common with freshwater beaches!

>> No.42593830

Build it in the SDM library.

>> No.42593926

Those are the only ones I've known in my life.

>> No.42593932

Why yes, my kind Anonymous, I, Nemo, doenjoy freshwater beaches.

>> No.42594197

That kind of operation would require making Cirno disappear though. Are you willing to give a fairy the good old knife in the back for the sake of capitalism?

>> No.42594204

Sea of Tranquility.

>> No.42594255
File: 193 KB, 421x599, 421px-Th16Cirno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you mean? Cirno was built for the beach life.

>> No.42594290

just put the beach on the moon
or maybe on the sanzu, it has fishes from the primordial sea so its probably a saltwater river

>> No.42594301

This is even more of a proof that she's a liability.

>> No.42594383

when you are landlocked, you learn to love them

>> No.42594447

Even the flesh-eating amoebas?

>> No.42594590

in all the time i have spend there i have never had my flesh eaten by amebas, but no, you should probably avoid them

>> No.42594611
File: 185 KB, 850x554, __watatsuki_no_yorihime_and_watatsuki_no_toyohime_touhou_drawn_by_syuri22__sample-1d620d7b441feeb86ef9f14f7e946772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine not living on the lunar world.
>Best princess toyohime completely devoted to you
>has lines for double actions with her pet
>will gladly help you forage hermit peach, the best food to increase your power without limit
>watatsuki residence has a changing room before the bath, perfect to set up huge lovemaking sessions by TSP gathering every fallen girls in to get straight into the action without spending 4 hours just getting them in the mood
>no lodger support, so you dont have to break the heart of all your lovers wanting to move in every month
>all the necessary facilities for living
>moon rabbit in heat as far as the eye can see
>befriending rei'sen grant you the lunar veil which reduce traveling time to a mere 120 TSP as long as you move from the moon
>doremy living place
Literaly perfect for endgame.

>> No.42594917
File: 213 KB, 900x900, 1672036082640038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I refuse to live on the moon, nice try moonie lover

>> No.42594997

I'll only live in run-down shacks at the residency of shrine maidens

>> No.42595005

Too bad it means you're hanging around with moonies.

>> No.42595110 [SPOILER] 
File: 87 KB, 721x431, 1586734988773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heading to the moon right now.

>> No.42595173
File: 77 KB, 898x177, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she's trying to tell me something.

>> No.42595186

I think she's sleepy. You should help her back to her room.

>> No.42595211

I think the room is dirty. You should clean up.

>> No.42595214

She's saving herself for marriage, better leave and take a cold shower before anything happens.

>> No.42595266

Does anyone besides Byakuren have custom sex sprites?

>> No.42595357

Man, I would give the moonies a chance if some of them were at least translated. It doesn't help that they are literal whos for me since I don't even know from which game they are from. I stopped caring about the games around TH12.

>> No.42595404

Not even from a game, from a bunch of spinoffs, like a manga, a fucking book, and 4komas.

>> No.42595413

Doremy gives you free shit for listening to her tutorial and fully restores your STA/ENE when you go 0/0 after 18 hours straight of sex, even if she doesn't care about you. She's my best wingman, touhou 15 was worth it.

>> No.42595486

Does the pillow actually work? I always sit through the thing to get it but I always forget about it afterwards since I rarely see the line for using it. Also, I recently realized there is a sneaky gift, you have to sit through repeating lines for a while even after you saw everything and she will give you some wine.

>> No.42595520

Momiji does.

>> No.42595694

It's effectiveness scales based on how many times you speak to her. It has a random chance to proc based on the how many of her lines you've read, which is what the message signals, but there's also a baseline buff it applies no matter what (it still scales based on messages read). I believe it's at 1600 read lines where it caps, but she tells you when you hit it.

>> No.42597695
File: 477 KB, 1024x768, 1658447536606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New thread~


New thread~

>> No.42601318

this thread was really unfair, no one really derserved to receive so much insults and slanders, you know i just wanted to bring something nice here, but intentions are always misinterpreted. i hope he is not mad, because i would be at least, sorry man