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Hey /jp/

Wanna litter your desktop with resource hogging Touhou characters that get in the way? I sure as hell do.

I bought this application the other day so I figured I should share it with you guys.


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Sure is last month around here

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sort of want

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god damn it, i was just trying to be nice to you faggots. "touhou desktop characters" pulled up 0 results on /rs/ so i figured i should post it. sorry im not on here every waking moment.

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>last year
Fixed that for you.

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if Okuu is not available
I will pass

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if there's chen, then yes.

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I like it.

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Enjoy your EoSD characters

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On a slightly-related note, here's desktop K-ON


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I also have this, but you're not getting it.


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Cry more. Faggot.

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I remember these.

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I also have this, but you're not getting it.


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I prefer her dead.

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Jesus christ /jp/, why do all of you always have to be insufferable faggots? Just appreciate the gift or don't even post anything at all.

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She's just the cover girl. The actual doujinshi is like 120 pages.

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Still on butt hurt, OP?

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/jp/ appreciates gifts silently
the gratitude is unspoken, and only complaints are voiced
it's not a good habit but that's just how it is
or perhaps you can see the gratitude by the amount of discussion in any given goody thread

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You are bad at predicting samefags.

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Nah, that's not me samefaging.

This was my only butthurt post >>4257286

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does it have chen?

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Stop posting in the thread already. you attention whore.

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no, all the characters are pictured in ops picture.

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not cool man

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Dear god how do I get rid of them?

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a patchouli is fine too

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Too late. It's their computer now.

Take it easy, mister.

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Someday, there will be desktop yukkuris which tells you to take it easy

and you can mash them

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No, really.

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hay guise remember me?

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Thanks OP. Ignore the faggots.

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You have to expect this kind of response with anything posted on /jp/, just don't let it get to you.

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Talk about obvious spy/malware

Are you people really this gullible?

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except it's not

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Except it totally is.

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it's not you fucking retard.

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too bad it's flickering like mad for me

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Is there a way to get them to auto appear when computer is booted up?

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Nice virus

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Where how did you get it, OP? Finding stores that ship doujin products internationally is hard.

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Does anyone have the link for the K-ON table app, with wallpapers system sounds and the little table?

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Please upload this.


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It's not.>>4257577

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Pretty neat, I wish patchu could be cuter though

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Hope you're happy, you stupid fucking faggot.

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Huge faggot.

OP please upload the socks book, a lot of us would appreciate it.

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OP had absolutely no intention of scanning it anyways. If he really was going to, he would have done so already, instead of posting about shit that everyone already knows about. If he has something that people have been asking for over and over again, why would he instead deliver something nobody cares about anymore?

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You are now part of Nitori's botnet.

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Exactly, no way he would waste his time to scan a 120 page doujin for us. He would just wait for someone else to scan it because it's drawn by a popular artist and will show up sooner or later.

Or would he? Only one way to prove me wrong OP, to ignore/deny this post is to confirm my theory.

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Oh, yeah. I remember you....


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Probably, but I'm fairly desperate for this shit to be scanned at this point.

I'd buy the fucking thing myself if I knew where I could get it.

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Most of my stuff is from him.

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Welcome to my botnet..