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/jp/ meet up

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No trumpets. Reported.

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The long haired one in the top right is Jones, right? Then the leftmost one is Arcueid, and the top left one is Suigin.

I'm the redhead!

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Me with the flat chest.

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Everyone wants to be the DFC panty flashing tsundere.

I'll be the short hair one.

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Me floating on the upper right corner.

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Actually I just wanted to be the redhead. I'm fine with being the silver haired one, though.

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Me under the bed

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/jp/ meet up

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I'm the redhead

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Still under the bed.

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/jp/ meet up, right this way.

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I'd be bottom left, with the brown hair and the bust.

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What are they looking at? Must be something very interesting.

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Not here.

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A /jp/ meet up without mugenjohncel is not complete señor...

I fixed situation....

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Me grabbing refreshments

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Wu Tang Clan in Japan

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Haha, good one, mugen. I lol'd. Epic win. :)

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Faggot finally got banned.

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Finally that dweeb is banned.

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I wish I could wear such cute clothing and still look cute ;_;

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What are you talking about senor?... my post just got deleted and I don't think I'm doing anything illegal.

I've been a good boy this year...

BTW!... aren't you the same guy who keeps saying you're gonna filter me daily?

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More reported. Hopefully it works this time you fucking troll.

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Uh... actually, false reports are supposed to be bannable right?

Can't you just use filters because I ain't going nowhere and I ain't doing anything that could land a person in jail...

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>>false reports are supposed to be bannable right?
yes if they keep doing it needlessly

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Uh, hate to tell you buddy. I'm not one of the people who have you on filter (although I'm damn close with your poor posting quality). But I've seen those threads, and the timing between those posts is well below the flood limit.

What I'm trying to say is, a lot of people genuinely have you filtered, it's not one guy.

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Yup I had to "show" just to see who it was. Been filtered for quite some time.

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So what's the problem?... They got me filtered, they can't see me and I aint posting CP or anything not allowed so far... I go on with my posts and they continue whatever they're doing... if they got a problem... talk to me directly... but I ain't going nowhere. Sage bombing and other cowardly stuff don't warrant much of my attention.

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Hey, Mugen! How's it going with the GENSOKYO CHENSAW MASSACRE? Did you draw Chen chainsawing up some Touhous yet?

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Apologies Arcuied Sama... I've been very busy lately trying to figure how sketchup works so I can use it in future projects... but I'm still up to it...

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