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Describe Eirin's personality. What kind of person is she?

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Go read SSiB and Inaba.

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Drug dealer.

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But that's just describing her occupation.

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Well she's a Lunarian, not a person.

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A calm person who is just a bit detached with the world. Waits on her mistress Kaguya hand and foot.

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you're obviously not someone who deals with drug dealers very often

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She seems like she would be smiler to flander's dead wife.

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Are those doujins?

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No, I won't help you write your fanfiction.

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She's Sakuya.

The Sakuya we know now comes from the past.

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She used to be Medusa in a past life, but Kaguya summoned her as a Heroic Spirit. She has Magic Eyes that can paralyze you if you look at her.

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Does she look like a bitch?

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Yes, Eirin looks like a bitch. A moonbitch.

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A pretty doctor character, wise and sweet.
Anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

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I think you should play IN, OP.

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She is actually quite malicious. She doesn't give much thought about killing someone.

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Drug dealer that deals to pay for her drug addictions. I've known enough of those to have reason to believe she's quite fucked up.

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Someone who gets a bit too wrapped up in their work, but stills is kind of a mother to those around her, and babies Kaguya a lot, even though she can be strict from time to time. Helpful, but impatient if you're an idiot.

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calm mother, that watches her immortal daughter

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Is that canonically or fanonically?

Canonically, she's kind of a scary person.
Not because she's a nurse and people sometimes have a phobea about doctors and stuff, but because of her personality.

Eirin Yagokoro is faithful to her princess Kaguya, and serves her because she feels guilty for being responsible for Kaguya's exile.

Despite that, she's also a kind of a merciless person. In fact, she's one of the few people who canonically committed murder.

If Kaguya were to order her to kill someone, she'd kindly say "yes, princess", and do it without hesitation but without obsession for servitude.

One of her quotes.
"Ahahaha. You are so stupid."

"No, that's right.
Fermentation is a gift of the gods.
Completely unable to rot, ghosts are foresaken by the gods!"

"Don't worry, you'll get the moon back in the morning."

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She is basically Josef Mengele.

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You should all read "Silence of the rabbits"

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In canon ZUN novel, Eirin once thought about killing Reisen in case she goes back to the moon and let the moon people find out Kaguya's whereabouts.

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I'd love to, but I cannot read moon.

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She discussed this with Kaguya but Kaguya said it'd be too "cruel"

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So canon touhous do plot to kill other touhous. And you guys thought Gensokyo is a loving paradise.

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No, Eirin is just an ice-cold bitch. None of the other touhous would even think of it. Not even Yuka.

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According to ZUN, Eirin assisted in the founding of the highly militarized Moon monarchy some thousands and thousands of years ago.

That doesn't make her Mengele. That makes her Vladimir Lenin to Kaguya's Josef Stalin.

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> None of the other touhous would even think of it. Not even Yuka.

Yeah, in the games they just say they're going to kill you without bothering to plot about it I suppose that's a good thing. Maybe.

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The only 2 touhous who spoke in game about eating you are Rumia and Hong Meiling.
I guess that counts as "intention to kill" too.

So much for Gensokyo paradise.

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Actually the 3 sisters talked about eating Sakuya in PCM, so that makes it 5 murderous touhous.

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Rumia is a good girl!

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Reimu also kills Orange in Story or Eastern Wonderland.
So Reimu is also a murderess.

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And good girls attack humans when that is their job.

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Rumia is a goddamn monster.

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Such harsh words. They're just different, that's all.