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Alright, well... you guys would know right?

I want to go about making a visual novel. I have someone who can draw everything out, I have story... I just don't know how to code/program.

Is there any Game/RPG Maker-style program to make a visual novel? Should I just use Game Maker?

Pic semi-related as the story mode of BlazBlue was a VN with fighting instead of sex.

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An anon made one fore the DS.

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Ren'py works for beginners.
Ask on their forums for tips and such.

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forgot to link

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>I just don't know how to code/program.
You should learn. The writer should also be the scene director, deciding on stuff like which sprites to show for how long, as well as making scene transitions, so knowing how to code is a must.

Currently the two best engine options are ONScripter-En ( http://onscripter.denpa.mobi/ ) and Ren'Py ( http://renpy.org ). Neither of them are actually that good, but they have the most English-language documentation/support and are fairly simple to learn.

(Seriously, when is someone going to translate the documentation for KiriKiri/KAG, dang it?)

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If it's about the occult I'm an expert on seals of demons and angels.

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Beat me to it.

Just use Ren'Py. Everything else is your homework.

Don't be turned off by the large amount of crap amateur VNs listed in the database. There are some decent ones in there, too.

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label sample
"Anonymous" "Will you use RenPy?"
"Anonymous" "Good choice."
"Anonymous" "Tough luck."
jump sample

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Dammit, pretend that's parsed.

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Yep, you won't get very far if having anything more than simple flow control in your script scares you.

Luckily, Python is quite beginner-friendly.

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Beginner friendly? Python is the easiest programming language in the whole woold, and it was created for that purpose: to be human language friendly.

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Awesome. Thanks, guys!

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As a High school freshman with no coding knowledge, I scripted that Mahorabattle dice game. In about thirty minutes.
RenPy is really, really easy to use. Especially if you plan on only doing choices and flags.

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Perl was here, Python is a loser

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Perl is incredibly intuitive, I'll give you that.

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Sorry, I feel Perl is stupid.

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As would be expected from a particularly eclectic rubbish lister...