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What would you do if you ended up in Gensokyo in real life?

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Why do they have middle aged man face?

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Try to see if I can cut some kind of deal to get turned into a vampire I guess.

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lament at the fact that I will now have to deal with women
had to deal with 2 women recently. their incompetence was frustrating, and it wasn't even the cute klutz kind. good thing I'm a mechanical engineer
then i find kourin and ask for help, and directions to the human village. maybe take up a job as a teacher in the human village, marry keine and work with nitori

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Adventure is what I'll be after the most. If I start at the beginning of the Windows Era then I'll try to get power and play along when Incident happen.

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I would try to beat up a fairy. Just curious to see if I could. If I succeeded I would try to find Reimu so she could help me go home.

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I would greed out the shit out of it, just poking around to see what happens.

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Can't believe Peter Gabriel got Genesis back together to drop the sequel to Nursery Cryme!


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I really shouldn't put my dick inside a youkai, but...

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Do not attempt this, they are very arrogant monsters and would kill you for the insult
You must prove you are worthy first

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they would rape you!

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Learn magic with Patchouli/pay Marisa for half assed lessons at exorbitant prices, or go full Kenshi mode and train to kill yokai to win Reimu's heart

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die, most likely

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What makes you think Reimu would allow Akyuu's fiancé to leave?

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>full Kenshi mode
So run around and get jumped by 20 starving bandits?

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More like leading a starving man-eating yokai like Rumia to the human village and proceeding to kidnap her after the guards knock her out, so I can endlessly beat her up to train until all of her limbs are gone or she's dead

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Immediately attempt to find Reimu and run from anything else. I can't speak Japanese but "guy in weird clothes that cant speak Japanese" should be telling enough. Then I'm well on my way back home.

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Gensokyo is a neat place to observe but would be an absolute shithole to live in

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become yamanba

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find kosuzu or remilia, preferably kosuzu, and work for Japanese lessons.
I'd also teach kosuzu every /pol/ schizo theory for shits and giggles

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Won't work

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why not?

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i wish y'all would go to gensokyo so that you can all see how painfully fucking wrong you are to think it's a happy cheery place to be in

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>he doesn't like cutesokyo

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Probably seek work with the kappa on youkai mountain.

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I could easily replace Sumireko if I entered before 2015