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Does /jp/ prefer JS, JC, JK, or JD?

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JS of course, for they are prime.

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JC-JK range

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Go away mr.data collector

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You can't just forget about JY like that.

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The cute ones.

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I prefer the girl I fall in love with
(they just all happen to be JS)

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JD and even that might be too young. Depends how well they can handle their liquor

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This anon is correct.
Girls older than 6 are too old for me.

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11 is prime, so JS.

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So JS?

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JS to JC2

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JS-JC of course

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Which word do you use to describe yourself, /jp/?

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ロリコン in 日本語
ペドファイル in 英語

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JD is based

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Sorry my finger slipped
Meant JS

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Only if they look like this.

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For me, it's JC!

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I like the way it sounds.

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JY have the security buzzer? I thought that was a JS thing.

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A 13-year-old JD and a 17-year-old JK!

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What about JS dressed up like JY?

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It's fun watching older kids get embarrassed when they're dressed like younger kids.

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Natsume made me a JD lover

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these could all pass as jk, and the js is versatile enough to pass as all 3

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JC is prime.
I'm flexible though, my strike zone is 10-16.

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They look more like JS than JC.

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Same as this Anon, JC-JK are great. But if I have to choose one of the two, JC is prime.

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JS and JC for me.
I have no interest in JK or JD.

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You don't even like lolis. Stop pretending.

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>You don't even like lolis

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On that note, I wonder how common being a ロリコン ACTUALLY is.

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What's the difference between molestable and unmolestable legs?

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>look more like JS
Chimame is 13-14.

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Then why do they look like JS and why are they wearing randoseru?

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Does this also look like JS to you?

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Kyouko is like 156cm while Chino is 144cm.

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Pretty common among males.

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>all color codings are based on common sense (lol)
>libido for 8 year olds: very high

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It says intermediate to high, not very high.

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I doesn't say very high, but if I had to rate how horny I was around the end of elementary school I would rate myself: very high.

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High, not very high, my mistake.
Also for girls though, And maybe you were more of an exception?

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JC, but JS-JK is all nice.


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Everyone knows girls mature faster than guys, anon.

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ロリコン or hebephile I guess.

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oh hello to all of your 34 IPs, lrd.

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Not a single post ITT looks like it was written by lrd

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Is that you, ESLschizo?

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We were having a comfy loli thread for once...

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Who? Are you an actual schizo?

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Using it makes me sound like a coper. I prefer the p word.

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i'm not picky, i just like flat chests

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Is Dohna Dohna worth playing/reading if I'm a pedo?

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i'm a filthy secondary who's too poor and too stupid to understand how johren works to buy the game, but porno is a good loli in my opinion, and there are quite a number of little girls in dohna dohna, so i'd say it's worth it if you can figure out how to buy stuff from johren

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I enjoy flat little girls and I came buckets to her within the first 10 minutes of the game, I haven't even encountered all the other delicious little girls in there yet.
Just pirate the PKG like a real outlaw

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It has decent moments but it also has a lot of gameplay that feels repetitive, it has meat sticks which don't belong to the MC, some girls are second hand, it has rape scenes if you go for full completion of bad ends.
It's decent and fun but there are many negative factors too.

But if you're a pedo then Porno and Antenna will melt your dick by their appearance while Alice will melt your brain by her personality.

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Thanks. Will try.

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A child named porno.
What did they mean by this?

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Can a JK+ be a junior idol or magical girl?

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Between JC and JK
Younger is a toddler and older is a hag

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JK are already hags and JS are delicious.

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Does this look like a toddler to you?

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>junior idol
>magical girl
Maybe, but 15+ is generally considered too old to be a magical girl.

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JS and JC.
JK might be good too if she has flat chest and compact body.

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I'm an honest man

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I'm not an ironic lolicon, so this is the right choice.

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Tall enough so that she's a JC in my book

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EPIC Image!

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Why does this artist draw Arisu's cunny with peach fuzz?

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Good lolige? I liked Tsuushinbo a lot.

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Musumaker, the classic.

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Have you tried Kakurenbo and Amaenbo already?

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That's a funny one as it sounds completely benign to regular people but for everyone else it's easy to add 性的な意味で to it.

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best of both worlds.
JS is too innocent

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Yeah I have them saved.

Isnt this just a kinetic VN?

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this is a good thread

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>Isnt this just a kinetic VN?
I think it might be yes. don't remember.

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It doesn't have multiple endings and it has linear plot so it could be considered a kinetic VN.
All game in that series are great linear loli-games but they are a bit heavy on nukige-side. It might get painful in a while if you like lolis in those games too much.

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why is musumaker considered a classic?

>> No.42573190

Why not? It's big and popular loli-exclusive game.

But I personally prefer to consider Hajimete-series much more classic and much more important milestone. They also seem to be more widely known in Japan among eroge-playing public.

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Mosaic.wav music

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12-year-old girls have peach fuzz.

>> No.42577513

12 years-old girls are the best.

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the classic, wanko to kuraso

>> No.42579787

My brand new ThinkPad with Windows 11 can't even run Wanko to Kurasou. It just shows a window with a blank screen.

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there is a fix for that.

>> No.42580013

After doing that, it becomes stuck at the ivory logo screen.

>> No.42580145

can confirm. also on win11 and have the same problem, even after opening the audio file.

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12 is the ideal maiden age.

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Is it only on win11 or win10 have the same problem too?

>> No.42584936

Works fine on 10 for me.

>> No.42585028

Maybe for people who use Win11, trying to run it in a Win10 VM in VirtualBox or VMware might be the best idea.

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I think I'm gonna draw more kodomo in my spare time. The amount of artists whose style I like is terribly low, the boorus are filled with crap

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Top 2 rows: JD Lovers
3rd and 4th rows: JK Connoisseurs
5th and 6th rows: JC fans
Bottom row: JS creeps

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t30 here, JS is the only one that doesn't tittilate me so you might be on to something. perhaps more research would be 成果

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For the pedos out there, is it the body-type, behavior, lack of life experience/innocence, or a combination of all three that attracts you to them? If an adult woman looked just like a kid, but acted like an adult, would you be attracted to her? Vice versa, would you be attracted to an adult that had the mind of a child?

>> No.42585881

I think most people's favorite loli/shota characters are unrealistically intelligent/capable for their age, and very adult-like in a lot of ways, but with some unrealistically childish mometns as well. an actual child wouldn't be interesting
I mean, just look at all the fully grown 'waifu' characters. they typically have very childish moments with their expressions or the particular things they ki ni naru or get embarrassed about. cuteness is cute and that's all there is to it, when it comes to which body types one finds sexy it's a somewhat different matter.

>> No.42585889

So it is not about their "inability to consent" at least for lolicons?

>> No.42585908

i don't think 'inability to consent' is particularly an appeal for anyone. wouldn't that just be a braindead person in a vegetative state? I don't like rape but people who are into the rape doujins, I imagine, like the idea of doing it without consent, regardless of whether they can or can't.

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>is it the body-type, behavior, lack of life experience/innocence, or a combination of all three that attracts you to them?
All three.
>If an adult woman looked just like a kid, but acted like an adult, would you be attracted to her?
No, because it would be an act. Ideally, a woman can retain some childlike optimism for her entire life, but in the modern West where she enters the work force, has casual sex with strangers, and generally behaves like a man, all the genuine innocence that women should have is gone. And to feminists who call that enslavement, we should ask: Do children feel like slaves to their parents? On occasion, yes, but childhood is generally a wonderful time. The fact some men abuse their children, just as some men mistreat their wives, does not disprove the rule - overall it's a good system. This is also why Japanese women - who pretend to act childlike, but are as jaded as the men - are not the solution either. I really couldn't love a woman who is jaded.

So yeah, a lot of my interest in lolis extends from their innocence. Some lolicons take pleasure in defiling their innocence, but others like me simply love their purity, their innocence, and want them to stay that way. Someone like Henry Darger would be similar. You could say any form of sex makes a girl lose her innocence, but that really depends on which society you're in. Victorian England or Puritan America had a negative view of sex, almost like it was evil. We should really celebrate sex, but only in the context of monogamous, life-long partnerships. This way, the women will retain their purity, and sex will remain special to both men and women.

>> No.42586130

>>If an adult woman looked just like a kid, but acted like an adult, would you be attracted to her?
Meant to quote
>Vice versa, would you be attracted to an adult that had the mind of a child?

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All three are very important but at least for me body type seems to be the most important factor. I'm attracted to girls with flat chest, small height, petit derriere, childish face, and with deficiency of other secondary sex characteristic. Innocent behavior is nice bonus on top of that.
I'm usually fine with characters which are unrealistically intelligent for their apparent age (as long as it doesn't go into full lolibaba zone) but they still must retain some innocence, cuteness, childishness, lack of common sense to continue to be attractive, even if parts of it might be out of acting.

Inability to consent doesn't turn me on. Proactive mesugaki at least for me is much hotter than girl without ability to consent, understand, or display at least some curiosity in romantic / sexual relations.
There are probably lolicons out there who enjoy rape and relations without consent but at least from material I usually consume that seems like quite clear minority.

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I have always wondered do people who can draw get turned on by their own drawings?

>> No.42587488

varies from person to person
tsukumizu and tsukushi akihito certainly do

>> No.42587882

Good artists create the stuff they wanna see more of, so it's probably common

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