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How does having 9 tails coming out of her back even work?

Also, sexy Ran thread.

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It doesn't but whatever.

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Her spine splits into nine coccyges? (yes, I had to look up the correct spelling and plural form of coccyx)

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"Ran-shama...I'm wet."

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I had no idea coccyx was an actual word.

Next you tell me nutbladder can be found in a medical dictionary.

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I don't know

How do 4 limbs come out of 1 spine?

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Is that a rhetorical question?

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I'd say 'a good kitsune is hard to find' but for Byakuren's sake she's right here.

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Also, I imagined it as one megatail coming out from the base of her spine, and the whole 'nine tails' thing is because it splits into nine different pieces, like an orange.

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Ran is sexier than Yukari because unlike Yukari, Ran doesn't flaunt her assets

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I don't know about that. Yukari's post-PCB outfit is about as revealing as Ran's. But due to their personalities I always get the feeling Ran would be more tender, more loving and hundreds of times more loyal to me than Yukari ever would.

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I like the farting pic.

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Imagine having to unclog the drains after every time she takes a bath.

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You never know with them foxes.

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>Ran would be more tender, more loving and hundreds of times more loyal to me

You make her sound like an overgrown Labrador.