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It's that time again


Looking for Newbie/Semi-advance pvp

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To the Ciel player, thanks very much for the game. I'll be free in about 15' if you wanna go again.

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thanks for the battles

Trying to improve, just began playing online recently.

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nah, I have got to go currently, thanks again for the battles

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These threads are my favorate thing about /jp/

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EU ready and waiting.

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I never could get the netplay to work right anyone got a walkthrough for it?

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Tell me what kind of problem you're having. Also have you read the mbcaster readme?

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Also to be sure its Act Candenza, right?

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Yes, and mbcaster is the 26/12/07 version

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I hope you guys post some replays tonight. I am a newbie and want to check out some cool moves.

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Yeah i have the Readme but its all in MoonSpeak.

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Try to spectate some of the games with mbcaster.

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The author of MBCaster is in no way related to the original author of Caster.

Make sure you have the latest version (1.03a as of now).
If you are going to use keyboard, set inputDevice to 255 in caster_config.ini.
(A charInit() error is almost always related to this)
If you are getting TIMEOUT ( Away ) errors, try using option 6 (Try access ( Tough )) to connect.


1 - Update MBAC to 1.03a.
2 - Copy the contents of the exe folder in the MBCaster .rar
3 - Configure your input in the initial MBAC config menu.

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damn, wish I could port forward to host, but since I use this on both home and school router daily, I can't.

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you can

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no I can't

I have a dynamic router, so I need to create a static local IP so that I can forward ports, but this involves telling my computer (not the router) to connect through this static IP only, which is a problem since I daily use it on the network of my college in addition to my home network.

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Well i checked melty bread and bam they have the update with the translated readme.

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Woot, its finished any still hosting?

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From Amerifag: Good games. Them Aoko/Kishima matches were fun.

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Thanks for the game anon. I really liked the V Akiha vs V Akiha match

Still hosting EU

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Still hosting

>> No.42865

won't let me access

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Try now

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still no

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Guess i'll host one

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ggs Kohaku

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Thanks for the game. I have no idea why it always registered your hit when we were both crouching and I attacked as Kohaku first, then you countered with your Mech-Hisui. There was always a clean hit even though I tried to block ;_;

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Hosting :

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you're ending in a move that has enough delay to be punished...

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Alright. I'll fucking give this a shot. I'm still a fucking newb when it comes to Act Cadenza. But fuck it, I want to play some folks. So I'll go download mbcaster now so I jump on someone's IP or something.

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Dammit MBCaster, don't do this to me.

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Oh damn. I need to spend more time in the practice room then

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Let's see if I can get this working...

Low-level player, hosting at

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Still hosting

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Fuck, what the hell is wrong

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"ERROR : RecvFrom ( Access )"

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You probably need to open up a port, namely 7500.

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Okay, apparently I have a bad port.

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West Coast
Need someone to post ip due to me not being at my original computer.

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Good game that Ciel Player, even tho it was 11-1, im aggressive player.

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Okay I fixed it.

Connect to

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awesome games

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a aggressive Shiki player - fixed :P

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close ones tho :P

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Gg to whoever kicked my ass.
Still hosting :

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still doesn't work

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yeah, you kicked my ass in record, but was fairly close many of those games

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Good games there, whoever I played.

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I still need to get used to using a controller instead of the keyboard, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't RAGE during some of those close Arcuied-Kouma fights.

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43359 (EU)

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Fuck. I think I'm doing something wrong.

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Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I need to upgrade MBAC. Fuuuuck.

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You don't need to black out It always refers back to the computer itself.

If the game isn't starting, you might have an older version. Get the patch at http://e56.info/mbacwin/mbacwin.cgi?patch103A and try again.

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EU fag here, i got everything ready

but I get graphic bugs, how can i fix this?

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Also: Do i have to set my controls for both, P1 and P2? Or is P1 enough?

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I've had similar bugs, but they went away at some point. (Might have been when I upgraded my graphics card drivers, so try that.)

You can try changing your desktop resulution as well, I seem to recall that helping at the time.

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Someone post their IP so I can kick butt and cry about it. ;_;

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Yeah. I already found the patch and updated thanks to the power of Google. Good looking out though. Now I'm ready to get my ass kicked. Who is still hosting on East Coast?

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Why you leave me? ;_;

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I just woke up and I'm hungry, sorry.

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I'm so ronery. ;_;

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I would play with you, but i can't host, and I'm to lazy to portforward.

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I could host if I'm at home, but I'm not. ;_;

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you can play without portforward with another who cant

Relay Information by Bellreisa

Hello, I would like to announce that the relay that we use for IaMP and SWR Caster now supports MBCaster as well. A quick explanation: relay is option 7, which allows you both parties who are unable to directly connect to each other to initiate a connection via a third party and then tunnel through to each other. This is not like Hamachi, where data is sent through someone else; you are still ultimately directly connecting, but using a host to initate the connection.

To use the relay, first make sure neither side can host (if either side can it's easier to just use option 2). Both parties should select option 7, enter port 7500 UDP, and then this IP:, which is the server where the relay is hosted. You should see the prompts "Now waiting for introduction" and "now waiting for response", and it will connect as normal if successful. If you time out with the relay then you may need to resort to Hamachi or figure out how to port forward properly. In order to facilitate spectating, MB Caster will print out the IP and port that you are connected on for you to copy and paste to other people once you are connected. Hope this helps.

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Bleh. Had to open up the port. Going to try to connect to you now if you're still there. First time doing all this shit.

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any hosting?

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Yeah, I'm looking for some hosts too

>> No.43598

Let's see if I finally got this port forward shit right.

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I think it is funny how everyone is willing to give away their IP adresses.

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Hosting again :

>> No.43620

it's not like we risked anything, seriously.
no hackers on steroids over here.

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Yeah, they should remember that all the 1337 hax0rz of d00m!!! are lurking /jp/ while waiting for the opportunity to strike.

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EU tourneyfag

>> No.43633

Called a firewall. Not even tricky.

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Shit. I'll fucking try this hosting thing. All I gotta do is hit 1 for input in mbcaster and post my IP address here, right?

>> No.43636

Try now.

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Not everyone is as paranoid as you are.

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Ah, to the guy I was playing with, thanks very much for the game it was great. Also got DC, gimme a sec, rehosting

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I'm not paranoid, but usually everyone on 4chan is like "ZOMG NEVER GIVE AWAY IP LAWL!"

>> No.43663

Anyone else hosting or are we all waiting in line to hop onto Cocks Guy's IP?

>> No.43666

okay I'll try hosting. (EU fag)

>> No.43669

Also: Join the Hamachi group.
Name: the meltan
pass: bloodymelt

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not enough motivation to download act cadenza.

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I like how every day is MBAC netplay day on /jp/.

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Don't forget to join our irc channel at:

irc.irchighway.net #meltanjp

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Alright,hosting at
Newbie/Semi adv.

>> No.43819

ready for moar games, EU

>> No.43830

Okay let's try this again.

-EU, naziland newbie

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nice battles

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>>43612 here, the nanaya/wallachia/ciel player
It's been a while since I've had matches that balanced. Thanks for the games.

>> No.43878

I was the Ciel player, thanks for the games

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Many thanks to the one I was playing with. One of the best games I ever had. I enjoyed both winning and losing rounds. Also looking for new hands, I can't feel mine any more.

>> No.43890

Is there an Act Cadenza translation or such? I'm not so good with moon runes.

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Ah, you were jumping too much for my taste. I suck at attacking in the air, which makes me feel like you win every encounter in air.

>> No.43903

Good games. Remember me?

>> No.43911

need no moon knowledge to play

>> No.43912

Are you serious? I found you great in air combat. Definitely my best rounds. Also you were the same that I was playing with before the DC right?
Looking forward to play with you again sometime.

>> No.43919

Indeed. I kind of suck right now because I dropped Nanaya and I'm not that good with ciel (only know 1 mixup, orz) but hopefully I'll get better soon. If you want games with me you can find me at #meltyblood.eu on irc.akiha.nl

Anyway, ready for the next challenger. EU please

>> No.43923

irc.irchighway.net #meltanjp

>> No.44042

daily Netplay threads are awesome

>> No.44065

Oh ho, /jp/ just isn't the same without a netplay thread. Looking for Noob to Average players, hosting.

>> No.44092


Doesn't work.

>> No.44094

>>43811 here:

I will make myself some food. Game was fun.

1:6 I need more training.

was pretty laggy though, is it always that bad?

>> No.44108

guess I'll try too

>> No.44112

No idea why, it worked last night..

>> No.44125
USA, east coast.

>> No.44178

GGs to whoever was playing me

SHouldn't we make a new thread soon? EU

>> No.44194

Folks are lurking in the irc channel basically

>> No.44197

Last night's thread was up for more than 12 hours. Also /jp/ is awfully slow, so no need.

>> No.44211

I thought threads were based on popularity now? As long as someone keeps posting it shouldn't get marked for deletion, right?

>> No.44225

Sorry green akiha player but that was way too laggy.

>> No.44297

also on the subject of IRC channels, if you're looking for EU opponents join #meltyblood.eu on irc.akiha.nl

We have a pretty wide range of players from elite tourneyfags to people who started yesterday so no matter what you'll find an opponent at your level.

If you're a US player looking for tourneyfags i guess you could try #SRM on irc.pyoko.org or #mbac on espernet. You can also go to #bss-melty on rizon to laugh at harmansmith.

God damn we have too many fucking melty channels.

>> No.44329

Ggs whoever that was playing me.

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>> No.44363

trying again

>> No.44432

I did a little screwing around with my router, I should be able to host since MBcaster says my IP is OK.

Hosting,, noob-average.

>> No.44586

Anyone else still hosting for game?

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>> No.44626

Good games. sorry for the Kohaku Warc lag there, dunno what was up. That first match was damn close though. Nice.

>> No.44756


To the Sion player, good games. Though you should stop jumping so much, Sion has a lot of good grounded combos.

>> No.44858

Anyone still hosting?

>> No.44917

EU - Advanced

>> No.44944

I need a hand here, I have AC 1.00 and would like to update it to 1.03a. Rapidsearch didn't help. Thanks in advance.

>> No.44981


>> No.44994

Found it, nevermind.

>> No.45035

I used to think /jp/ was a good idea, but damn this board rocks. I suck at the game but it's still lots of fun.

>> No.45038

Was a _bad_ idea. Ahem.

>> No.45044

Semi-noob, and hosting.

>> No.45053

Also, I'm the Nanaya noob from last night.

Still waiting.

>> No.45061

tried joining games but why do i either get timeout access or recvfrom access

>> No.45073

Still hosting.

>> No.45111

EU - Advanced level
still hosting ^^

>> No.45118

I suck. Never played against a human before.

How do I host?

>> No.45128


1: Wait for access
2: Post IP here
3: ???
4: Profit!

>> No.45147


I think that's how I work it...

Looking for beginners

>> No.45156

Do you have port 7500 open?

>> No.45160

Also note that you have to have UDP port 7500 open to receive connections.

>> No.45161

Whoever that Akiha was, gg.

I quit because of lag on my end. and hosting, Nanaya noob.

>> No.45163

I tried to connect to you but i got a message saying we didnt use the same version of caster.

>> No.45195
EU noob here, never played a human opponent before.

>> No.45210

I can't host because of stupid university network settings, but does anyone want to try the relay? I'm noobish-average.

How to:
Relay IP:
Both players must use option 7 and enter that IP

>> No.45424

To the Akiha/Kouma guy, gg.

I've gotta get off now. I managed to beat your Akiha once, lol.

>> No.45426

somewhat noobish

>> No.45447

I'm getting that message when I'm trying to connect to someone. What's the newest version?

>> No.45556

I would assume it's 070912b as seen at http://www.meltybread.com/netplay/

>> No.45580

no use mauves caster instead of that crappy one


>> No.45608

gg to whoever i just lost 20 times to


>> No.45640

Hey anybody here i can play against?

Total noob btw.

>> No.45654


Looking for Newbie/Semi-advance pvp

>> No.45659


Looking for Semi-advance pvp

>> No.45660


>> No.45662


I'm up for a game.

>> No.45687

hey, im a noob!

>> No.45745
Europe - advanced level

>> No.45805

GG ^^

>> No.45812

irc.irchighway.net #meltanjp

There's an IRC channel running parallel to this thread too guys

>> No.45849

Thanks to whomever i was playing with, it was fun.

>> No.46008

Thanks for the game whoever I was playing with. I got my ass kicked.

>> No.46024

Good games. Need to work on some of your combos, though. And I need to work on my Aoko.

>> No.46041

Yeah I know, the final grasp especially with air combos is where I fail, I need to find a way to do it with the keyboard as I did in React.
Also your Aoko was pretty good if you ask me.

>> No.46093

Keyboard? I don't think I could ever play a fighting game on a keyboard.
And I was falling for that Arc Drive too much with Aoko. Which reminds me, you should really use activated Heat more for gaining life back and less for getting an Arc Drive off. Something I need to learn myself, really.

>> No.46125


Woah pwned me like 13 times with me like 1 time winning, thanks though, i think i learned a thing or two.

>> No.46152

im up for a game

>> No.46156

>Keyboard? I don't think I could ever play a fighting game on a keyboard.
Yeah don't try it. It may be good in some parts but in air dashing it cracks my fingers. Also I need to rest after playing for about an hour or so, or my hands go numb.
>you should really use activated Heat more for gaining life back and less for getting an Arc Drive off
Yeah, I tell that myself all the time but I mostly do it by instinct. I need more practice.

>> No.46285

You're crazy dude. Get a gamepad or something.

>> No.46290


great game Akiha guy, I guess we got disconnected. I had a blast.

>> No.46291

great time sion player, could you tell me how was i?

>> No.46312

same here, i thought i was kinda noobish, you were good, but jumped too much XD

>> No.46329


You were really good, especially with Nanaya. Whenever you landed behind me I couldn't figure out what to do so I got pwned repeatedly. After a while I realized that if you jump at me all the time with Akiha, I could just sweep whip you when you landed if I kept at a distance, so you might want to mix up your jumps with some straight dashing towards your opponent.

>> No.46347


Half the time when I jump, it's because my controller blows and I forget I have to keep my thumb more towards the down direction, if I keep my thumb straight then my controller thinks it's slightly up and I jump unintentionally.

>> No.46360

anyone else hosting a game?

>> No.46468


>> No.46526

Newbie/Intermediate PvP

>> No.46564

Whoever played me, sorry that was too much lag.

>> No.46573

Yeah, my ISP is evidently testicles. I can't seem to get a good connection to anyone.

>> No.46592

Arrgh looks like thread isn't bumping anymore.

>> No.46595


>> No.46606

new thread?

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