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what does momiji smell like /jp/?

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Steamed Krogan testicles.

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I'd be more interested in what Tali smells like.

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like a proper young lady who showers regularly and just happens to live on a mountain with a slutty crow-tengu news reporter, a mechanophile river imp, a curse goddess, 2 autumn godesses that no one cares about, and a family of high-level dieties.

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>I'd be more interested in what Cirno smells like.

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Frozen tap water.

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like a filthy pixy who lives by a perpetualy frozen lake and likes to play with filthy amphibians

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Momiji smells like a wet dog
Aya stinks of makeup
Reimu smells like she hasn't take a shower for days
Marisa is sweaty
Alice smells good, but her hands smell like her cum.
Cirno smells like piss.
Youmu smells like baby shampoo.
Yukari and Kaguya fart too much.


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>yukari and Kaguya fart too much

W-what!? What exactly is the logic behind that!?

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Like a wet dog.

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They practically live under the bed, a place where people generally fart a lot.

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Garlic covered in tar.

The seasoning on the potato do-dads at taco johns

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been reading into diaper anon's stories too much

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Momiji smells like a dog
Aya smells like a bird
Reimu smells like a girl
Marisa smells like a german girl
Alice smells smells like a girl and glue
Cirno smells like water
Youmu smells like a ghost
Yukari smells like old woman

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>Marisa is sweaty
I'm okay with this.

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>Alice smells smells like a Romanian girl

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>Youmu smells like baby shampoo.
It makes her extra soft!

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Mystia can't get rid of fried food smell.
Chen smells like milk.
Ran has a motherly smell.
The Prismrivers always smell good, but they use a lot of cologne.
Obviously, Yuka = flowers, also Medicine
Mokou is the worst with her burnt scent.

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Burt hair is erotic.

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I read
>butt hair is erotic

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Why is she sniffing Momiji's anus?

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like wet dog tracking mud through the house oh god get out of the lounge I just cleaned the floor FUCK

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>Reimu smells like she hasn't take a shower for days
One of your favorite aromas can be given off

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Do those sound effects really translate to *sniff *sniff?

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Letty smells like a fresh winter breeze?

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Patchy bathes regularly, but she seldom changes clothes. She has that "bed scent"
Sakuya is very clean, but has a mix of tea, garden, kitchen and sweat.
Remilia's smell is the finest, but her breath is like rotten apples.
Flandre's is like a disty basement.
China has a mix of dirt, sweat and chinese spices.

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Yep. *kun *kun

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>Yukari and Kaguya fart too much.


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Suwako smells good

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no she smells like a swamp

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What about Sanae/Kanako?

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Sanae smells like a good girl.

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fire smells like fire
water smells like water


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>Marisa smells like a german girl

You mean a Mexican girl, ese?

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Fuck, you just made my day.

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You're a mexican faggot

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Remilia smells like a busta.

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haha that would be funny

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>Marisa smells like a german girl
but marisa is japanese. her name is written with kanjis, and only real japs have that.

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Oh you.

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she has blond hair, dresses like a western witch, has a western name, and all her spell cards are in english. I'm pretty sure she atleast has a european ancestor.

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I've never played DF for very long, but I guess the joke is that cats multiply like mad or something?

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This same troll from the Sora no Woto threads?


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Not the guy you're talking to but dying ones hair is a common practice in Japan. And Marisa's slanted eyes in UFO makes me think she's Asian. Most of the other blond Touhous on the other hand are western.

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Reimu smells like money
Yuuka smells like a whore
Kaguya has no scent
Suwako smells like Cirno
Cirno smells like Suwako

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They are in the middle of the fucking feudal era in Gensokyo.

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maple syrup of course

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like shit, I take it none of you actually tried to smell you dogs?

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No. Most of us are healthy, sane human beings.

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>healthy, sane human beings

el oh el

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>Suwako smells like Cirno
>Cirno smells like Suwako


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there are no foul scents in gensokyo.

even the farts smell like cinnamon buns.

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Closer to the Meiji era actually...

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Well, I have. She smells salty like the sea. And sometimes when she's been sleeping for a while she smells kind of cheesy. Her breath is terrible though.

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how exactly are you guys determining what people smell like? it's not like they didn't take baths back then.

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The Japanese Marisa and western Marisa are not the same. Just like how Japanese has names like Karen and Erika that are purely Japanese even though there are western versions.

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Like death.

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All hail the lich king!

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