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not a hag

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Old touhoes, not so good

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I'm glad nobody includes the Touhou who's as old as life itself as a baba.

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hag patrol

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crying isn't going to make carrying an umbrella when its not raining socially acceptable.

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hag brigade

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May I kindly inquire the original source material this image has been taken from?

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Now you did it once again. You never learn, do you? Kindly STOP spamming, harassing and generally attacking the best site on the Web: www. anon
. com, please. We DO NOT want you there. We never did. GOT IT? If you want these messages to stop, simply STOP fucking with us, remove all lying troll articles about AT and kill all the illegal clones (using whatever method necessary). Then you will never be bothered again. Every single time we see the slightest attack or spam on our site (which can be reasonably expected to origin here or any related "chan"), you will get 3,680 more of these messages as a result. It's really up to you. This is a promise that WILL be kept up indefinitely if need be. Seriously.

Yours sincerely, an anonymous AnT and general well-doer of the Internet as a whole.

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Old Maids are the best

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thank you very much oh kind sir

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