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To my fellow anon:
Regardless of how morally low, despicable, vile, cowardly, mean, cheap, worthless, repulsive, contemptible, degraded, foul, wicked, depraved, disgusting, inferior, evil, sinful, and offensive you are,
know that Byakuren loves you unconditionally.

That is all.

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Would she let me cum inside?

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>Regardless of how morally low, despicable, vile, cowardly, mean, cheap, worthless, repulsive, contemptible, degraded, foul, wicked, depraved, disgusting, inferior, evil, sinful, and offensive you are,
know that your mother loves you unconditionally.

>That is all.

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"I am grounded for your sins."

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Filthy hippy liberal, thinking youkai and humans can coexist.

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too bad she doesn't exist.

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Byakuren is love.

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Fuck you. Unconditional love is worthless. Whore.

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And conditional love is selling yourself. Not a whole lot better.

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Therefore the only good thing is UNCONDITIONAL HATRED

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Therefore Byakuren is also unconditionally hating everyone...

/r/ yangire Byakuren

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WTF color is her hair supposed to be?

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Delicious gradient hair or purple and yellow.

Look, just trust your eyes unless you're blind. Her hair colour is whatever you see.

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I keep trying to take her hand of salvation, but it bumps against the glass ;_;

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Me too ;_;

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Unconditional love: You can do whatever you want and trample all over me. I'll still love you.

Conditional love: If you get lazy, unmotivated, weak, depraved, etc, I will not love you anymore. If you transform negatively from the person I fell in love with into someone else you are no longer worthy of it.

What the hell does economics have to do with love? It's all about perception, really.

"I didn't give you a gift because I was trying to buy you; I gave you a gift because you are special to me and I wanted to show that."


"I bought dinner and a movie. Can we fuck now?"

Degredation starts in the mind, when you shift your perspective from positive to negative.

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I am not worthy.

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Serious reply to serious thread.

On a side note, I noticed that Danbooru actually has a tag for 'gradient hair' now, but it seems only Byakuren pics has that tag. But then again, I didn't browse past page 2.

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Come to think of it, were there any good Cosmic Mind remixes this C77? Admittedly I got very lost after the first few C7 threads around here so I stopped looking after thread 5 or so.

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It's used for lots more than just Byakuren. Potemayo, for example.

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Lots. But my standards are pretty low so I wouldn't trust me.


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I'd check it again but danbooru seems to be slowing down a whole lot.

Here, have some family love.

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Lot of miko Byakurens. Even bad artists can start a fad.

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Only when you are worthy.

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And your hand will pass through the glass... and you will enter Gensokyo.

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Byakuren's hair is actually purple, the yellow is just the light of her magic.

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I'm all of those.

But I still gave to haiti!

You should too.

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Someone please post that screencap of Byakuren without her scroll out.

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I would worship at the Myouren temple.

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Love this *grabs dick*

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This is an extremely important question.

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Doujins point to yes.

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Oh god, does that comment say what I think it does?

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Hahahaha yes yes it does.

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What does it said?

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This was a good album.

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"What anime is this?", I think.

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Could someone please tell Byakuren to stop loving me the wrong way with all those curvy lasers?