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How do the Japanese feel about Deathclaws out of fucking nowhere?

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How do the Japanese feel about Chrysallids out of fucking nowhere?

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Pretty ambivalent I guess. Now, if the Deathclaws appeared in Shibuya...

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They didn't have a chance to feel it before they got mindraped and turned into zombies.

I think Japan cut my funding soon afterwards.

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>How do the Japanese feel about

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How do the Japanese feel about Chen out of fucking nowhere?

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The Japanese and Deathclaws are BFFs, they would never fight.

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>deathclaw matriach

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Teruyo, your pantsu are showing.

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>full points into explosives and stealth
>sneak up to deathclaw with fatman
>use VAT to shoot at its head
>watch it fly up into the sky out of sight

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>pirate fallout 3
>play for 30 minutes
>shitty game

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>>full points into small guns and sneak
>>accomplish the same thing with a single .44 magnum round
>>alternately, energy weapons and a plasma rifle
>>you're already lime jell-o

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She's not a real NEET if she wears underwear, is she?

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She's a -pure- NEET

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Deathclaws don't bother me as much as the fucking albino scorpion fuckers

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I always thought she was ☼pure☼ NEET.

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Listen, if you had finished the Tesla Cannon like I told you, they wouldn't be a problem.

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I never liked putting points into energy weapons. This is not the issue of starting to find more powerful ones later in the game but rater that PEW PEW is not quite as satistfying as BANG BANG.

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Deathclaws are pretty weak in my experiences, sure they scare you a bit maybe, but they took me one headshot :\

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I rather like the sound of an automatic plasma weapon. THWONK THWONK THWONK SPOOOOSHHH~.

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Whats the deal with Deathcllaws? First time I met one I just one-shotted it

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Yeah, that's pretty neat, I ended up using them quite a bit when escaping from the Enclave base.

Laser weapons suck, though.

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With two notable exceptions. The Gatling laser, and the wazer wifle.

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Having fun on your casual difficulty?

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But if she wears underwear she has to change every day.

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I don't think you understand the situation, Sergeant

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The only true difficulty is normal, easy coddles casuals, hard is for self-styled internet tough guys who enjoy artificial difficulty increases.

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I thought you were talking about Touhou for a second and was very confused.

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There is no such thing as artificial difficulty.

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This is what the gamers of the current era actually believe.

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traps+snipe=fun hunting

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>complete mothership zeta
>have 3000+ alien power modules and 5 100% disintigrators
>no such thing as difficulty anymore

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>>reach 100 repair
>>make use of the player.srm command

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they are too busy fapping to loli mods to actually play the game

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If only that deathclaw was bigger and taller than tokyo tower!

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>Spawn 100 lunchbox mines via console
>make a medium size circle around me, add a few mininukes
>turn off collosion, spawn 30 deathclaws, noclip outside of circle, turn collosion back on.

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