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I think Rinnosuke and Keine fit each other perfectly. What's your favourite pairing / shipping between two characters?

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So would thier Children be 1/2 Human, 1/4 were-hakutaku and 1/4 whatever Rinnosuke is?

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That's a good question actually. I would put my money on their kids being
>1 fully human
>1 fully youkai
>1 half youkai

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>What's your favourite pairing / shipping between two characters?
Marisa and Rinnosuke.

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What do you gain out of being a cuckold anon

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Rinnosuke is a lonely homie who needs a woman in his life. Besides, with Keine out of the way, I get to fuck Mokou.

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What do you mean? Far as I know they've never interacted.

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What do you gain out of thinking about cucklold all the time? The character is fictional, she was never yours and even if you were in her fictional word, she would not care about, she would simple find you disquisting.

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Why did he do it? ;__;

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Why is the vast majority of artwork involving rinnosuke and other hetero pairings (not counting porn) so old? Did yuri garbage seriously replace it?

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>replace it
I have bad news for you, boy.

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You need to stop being obsessed with cuckolding, anon. It's not healthy.

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what is it, anon?

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Touhou yuri has always existed dumbass

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He's too manly for your average nu-Touhou fan. Also there was ine artist who made like 50% of all Keine x Rinnosuke pics

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I was always surprised by lack of YuyukoXYoungerYouki stuff, especially since some artists often drew his younger version.

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keine is lame
she should become an alice

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You're either a faggot mindbroken by the /egg/ cuckshitter, or you're the cuckshitter himself trying to force your psyop here. Either way kill yourself.

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>a faggot mindbroken by the /egg/ cuckshitter
OP is the egg cuckshitter. Look at the filenames. I'm not into NTR. I don't like ships in general. It's mostly cuckoldry.

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>cuckolded by a fictional character
Explain to me this strange and fascinating concept, please.

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I know. I meant that back then there was far more hetero art than now. Regardless of how much yuri art existed during that time. But now, it seems that hetero art (that isnt porn) has been mostly replaced by even more yuri. A lot of old hetero art is from artists that vanished or moved on from touhou.

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Why did so many hetero 2hu artists vanish? Nowdays we only have that chibi rinnosuke guy

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Pretty sure it's this guy >>42108373

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I don't care for the shipping but I enjoy Toutetsu and Flandre as a pair

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That hardly explains anything.

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She's not real anon

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Keine hates Rinnosuke because he's a half-youkai.

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To let her be free and happy.

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Isn't she also a halfling?

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Yes she is. All Touhous are real. Gensokyo is real. Shut up shut up shut up

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The nature of 2hu has changed over time. Rinnosuke couplings have no place in modern 2hu, just like Mannosuke/Youki/OCs like Sendai or Mitori/sinsacks.

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She has self hating issues.