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Just look at this DORK, This DORKY whore let her hair grew up in order to seduce you, don't let her DORKY smile to tricks you, she has more pervy and slutty intentions than just greets you DORKLY, she just pretends to be a huge clumsy innocent DORK in order to catch men, in the moment you let you guard down, this DORK will rapes you, will you let this DORKY SLUT free of punishment?

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Youmu with long hair is not something I have ever considered but now that I have seen it I need more of it.
>in the moment you let you guard down, this DORK will rapes you, will you let this DORKY SLUT free of punishment?
Can't rape the willing.

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dork of anger

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She grew it out for (You), won't you give her a compliment

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Youmu, your long hair makes you look even more beautiful and elegant!

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stop saying such embarrassing things! b-baka!

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I'm sorry Youmu, what can I do to make it up to you?

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Ohh look she now took off her clothes, what a slutty DORK!

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Nothing. Also yuyuko sama caught me chatting with you. Pls forgive me for ghosting you :(

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>great body otherwise
>skips arm day
Why are women like this

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Her PCB portrait is probably my favourite ZUN-art

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Ohh look this DORK is putting a DORKY smile in her DORKY face!
She is trying to seduce you again anon!

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oh no it seems to be working haha someone save me from this cutie

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please don’t rape me!
I don’t want to lose my virginity because I’m training myself to become wizard.

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I will destroy yumu

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You're done, anon. Forget about your spells and scrolls and staves. Youmu wants to have fun.

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I am going to have a sexual intercourse with the Youmu

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I want to punch this Youmu in the face.

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Why don't you try being really stupid and see what happens, anon

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You walk down into an alleyway and you see this apparition near a sea of blood. What do?

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Hurry towards her.
It's clear that the poor girl is severely injured and she needs help.

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Why did I think of Broly when I saw this image

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Don't bang Youmu, because one time is enough to get her addicted. She'll want to do it again the next day, and the next day, and the next day and your body will eventually give in and pass away from being forced to have sex with Youmu every single day!

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And then you realize her hand is merged with her thigh.

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So? I'm not going to ignore someone just because they were born with a deformity.

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Cutie, is working.
Oh no, what a terrible fate! Being in a relationship with Youmu until definitely and perpetually moving in with her in the Netherworld for at least sixty years or until death (again) do us part!

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Ah she's scary, so scary...

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Holy shit i had no idea her periods were this heavy. She must be eating iron ingots to maintain her iron levels, what a brave little fighter girl!

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What's that dork gonna do? Stab me?

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Are you the one who prompted this? You need to upload more, here or in that other place. I need it

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NovelAI's penchant for terrible anatomy makes for some good horror pics.

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sneaking behind laying Youmu and smelling her cute feet!

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I'd rather grope her delicious butt.

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>or in that other place.
What other place?

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There has been a lot of feet smelling in the past few days.

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Pretty fucked up to rag on people born with deformities like that

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If her hair were blonde and her ribbon/hairband red she would looks more like Rumia than Youmu

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Will she atleast marry me afterwards?

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Are you serious?
You're nothing more than a dildo for her, anon. She might use you again if she's feeling horny, but aside from that, you're worthless to her.

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That would be way more than enough for your average /jp/sie, you know.

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Damn why you gotta roast her like that man?

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Cuz she is a dork

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No you're confusing the two silver haired ladies
This one cuts you into pieces and feeds you to her master

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She knows, bro, she knows.

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What a dork. I wonder how many fingers she loses on an average every day when chopping onions.

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She barely cut into it and she's already crying... so lame.

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Ask if she's ok. This is probably what she's like when looking for a male to rape at swordpoint.

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let me guess, you just assumed that this was her first onion, didn't you?

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Why is she naked?

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Youmu attempts to bait you!

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