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Sup /jp/
Arcade version of BlazBlue Continuum Shift leaked and hacked to run on PC

Just wanted to share.
Password: shoryu

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Derek, your verdict?

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Nice virus you got there.

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It even says /v/ in the picture, dipshit

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>implying fightans aren't /jp/ related

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>anon from bangkok

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Does this run on a shitty computer?

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>implying anyone on /jp/ can play a fighting game
... cause that's why touhou gameplay is so popular here!

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I'd like to bang my kok on her, if you know what I mean

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>Windows XP
>ATI Radeon X1650
>1024 MB RAM
>Pentium 4


>Stop worrying guys.

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>Report submitted! This window will close in 5 seconds...

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Cool story next time report any meltan and hisouten threads too

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It's not huge overpowering but you need something decent. Some people say it's more processor dependent than anything.

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Cool story, bro.

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>vanguard princess
>blazblue IS VN

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That's cool and all, but how am I supposed to play with someone online with this?

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lol no, go back to /v/

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Both games.
Your point?

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I'll fill in for Derek and try it out I guess.

Let's see if Blazblue still isn't a terrible fighting game.

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you don't

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It works

It runs off 5 year old arcade hardware. If you computer is about that old, it'll be fine.

One step at a time.

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>google "BlazBlue Continuum Shift leaked"
>question the intelligence of /jp/

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>video removed by user

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>This video has been removed by the user.

Sure does work well...

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Then even if this was real it's pretty useless.

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Cool deleted video, brother.

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You can play with your friends.

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Jones, you're really annoying tonight, stop it please.

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>8 minutes

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>Jones, you're really annoying, stop it please.

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OK, now this is getting into /v/ territory.

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I wish this was true, but I see no proof that it is.

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dunno, risk yourself

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Works fine, can't get my fightpad to work with it though.

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>Take a break from /v/
>Go to other board
>See this

He's still trying this?

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Who's still trying what?

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Can I use my motherfucking keyboard?

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Rachel sucks in this game
do not want

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I'll just say THANKS to my bro from Bangkok; just to stirr up the mood in here.

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because using top tier makes you pro amirite

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Rachel is literally the worst character in CS now


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>implying rachel should not be god tier

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play2win scrub

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Whoa whoa, slow down there buddy.
I'd just prefer they didn't completely rape her and make her nearly useless

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Don't be hatin' on Bangkok now.
He was kind enough to share this delicious piece of news with us and you repay him with insults?

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hey Bangkok do you use Bang? ;3

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Would you say that she has gotten shittier?

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sup mod
oh wait

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Error: Thread specified does not exist.

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Blazblue's story mode was a visual novel, therefore it is /jp/ related.

So how exactly was someone able to do this?

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It sounds too good to be true, like that mail fron nigeria saying you won millions. So it's fake. Or a scam as in a HUGE VIRUS.

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So ZUN, how was it?

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Well I downloaded it myself and it works I don't really know how to prove it, but my computer runs it like shit.

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Thanks OP! Game runs great, no viruses (:

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You're later than usual, but we still love you.

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I do not use bang because I'm not a faggot.

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Lots of great passwords and programs tonight!
Busy (:

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Don't trust this faggot, I used to download everything he said was good shit, but I stopped after my 10th computer exploded. Everyone who agrees with him is a bot!!!

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>Post good things on /jp/
>Don't expect to be saged


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He still is offended by polite sage because he's from /v/!

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>He thinks saging makes him a unique snowflake

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spelled u wrong

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So? Jones trip finally cracked?

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That's still the real Jonesy. I can tell because of the reacting images.

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No, but it sure gets a point across.

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so is this legit? i have never heard of this justnopoint site before

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Seems legit as far as I am concerned.

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I get a I/O error. Whats that about? Anyway to fix?

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Use command prompt, cd until you get to the folder with everything and then enter "typex_loader game.exe" without quotes, or just make a .bat with "typex_loader.exe game.exe
sleep 10" in it

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change controls to your keyboard keys

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Has anyone gotten a pad/stick to work with it? My SFIV TE stick isn't registering, and I know it's not driver issues.

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Stop double clicking game.exe and do this >>4206475

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i think you need joy2key

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There's a bit of lag using that though. Call me stingy, but I just want to be able to practice combos effectively while still being pretty sucky at execution.

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try xpadder then?

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Is there any difference between arcade and console version?

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There is no console version of CS yet

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Really? I use Joy2Key for Hisoutensoku so I can assign multiple buttons to the same function, and I've never really noticed any lag with it

Is xpadder somehow better? I've never heard of it

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Just use typex_config.exe.
It worked just fine with my PS2 controller.

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this real?

or a botnet?

need screen caps from ppl who have gotten it for preef

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It works.

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Have a screencap of Ixrec devs' Nagato.

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How about a working link?

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The torrent was taken off of the site, anyone got a link?

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>screenshot of a Derek post

Oh you.

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It's real. Not trolling

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Part 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?omtqdmhixn0
Part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?yk23qzzytkd
Part 3: http://www.mediafire.com/?yig2l1ktdwj
Part 4: http://www.mediafire.com/?yzb1bjmy0ym
Part 5: http://www.mediafire.com/?fzhc0nguwyv
Part 6: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmqhyygtzu1
Part 7: http://www.mediafire.com/?tzqhmtth1dt

The guy who uploaded this corrupted a few files by accident, here are the corrupted files so the game runs


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Screenshot 1

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someone in /v/ asked me to take a picture of Bang's D while facing away from the opponent midair. Here it is.

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Does anyone know how to run this windowed?

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more bang

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File: 1.64 MB, 1280x768, bang2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't think you can at the moment. Remember, it was coded for an arcade machine.

Bang beating up Lambda-11

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Use your favorite windowing application.

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the mediafire downloads are down, torrent is down. Anyone have anything that currently works?

>> No.4206907

It works; Derek was right. I forgot I don't have a video card in this PC anymore though. So only 1 FPS for me.

>>command prompt, batch file

Sure is 1990 in here. Just make a shortcut for the loader. Right click on shortcut -> properties, and put game.exe after the quotes in the target field.

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Someone give torrent or rapidshare prease.

>> No.4206911

Here's the torrent file.

>> No.4206917

Thanks bro

>> No.4206921

Can't run shit captain, I just get a black screen and back to desktop.

>> No.4206927

Try to fix things.

>> No.4206936

Eh... I'm just going to wait a few days or more.

Why bother going through all this shit now just to have a PC version to dick around with, when soon (hopefully) someone will up that one perfect torrent that everyone will use that day forward... all of it in one file/image, all guaranteed working perfectly fine, no virus, no confusion.

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>implying that, in fact, this isn't the only PC version of Blazblue we'll get for like half a year to a year

>> No.4206941

It works for me, but when I'm fighting, this weird crap is overlayed over everything, except during Distortion Drives. Also, I can't make it save configuration changes (it closes the game without saving after exiting the configuration menu).

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For what it's worth, you are incredibly awesome. Screencapping links so I can download this shit later

Thank you so much!

>> No.4206955

>Screencapping links
Dude, we have easymodo.

>> No.4206960 [DELETED] 

Greetings. Kindly stop spamming, harassing and generally attacking www. anon
. com, please. We don't want you there. We never did. Understood? PS: If you want these messages to stop, simply stop fucking with us, remove all lying troll articles about AT and kill the illegal clones. Then you will never be bothered again. Every single time we see the slightest attack or spam on our site (which can be reasonably expected to origin here or any related "chan"), you will get 3,342 more of these messages as a result. It's really up to you. This is a promise that WILL be kept up indefinitely if need be. Seriously.

Yours sincerely, an anonymous AnT and general well-doer of the Internet as a whole.

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Run typex_config.exe and when it asks you if you have a low res screen, answer no. Then boot the game, exist, go change it back to low res and it should be fine. If it isn't, up date your graphics drivers. If that doesn't work, get a better card.

>> No.4206974

we also have ctrl+c and notepad

>> No.4206977


Real men manually type their links

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I guess it's just my card then. The opening sequence, character select, win/loss screens, they all look just fine. It's only during the actual fights that I get this overlay (and it goes away during Distortion Drives).

Was there a way to change the language setting to English besides using the in-game configuration menu? I can't seem to get it to save that change.

>> No.4207048

Still getting I/O error, already setup my keys and everything, don't know whats wrong.

>> No.4207053

If you don't have a gamepad, why play fightan on the PC?

>> No.4207071

The game seems to open, but its just a black screen, doesnt seem to go anywhere from there.

>> No.4207080

dont mind me just getting good with Rachel in CS

>> No.4207081

>implying the touhoufags dont use keyboard

>> No.4207088

I can't help you with only that much info.
Are you booting the game by dragging game.exe onto typex_loader.exe?
Did you get it from the torrent or MF?
If you got it from MF, did you get the fixed files?
Have you put the content of the BBCS folder inside your user directory?
What OS are you using?
What are your specs?

>> No.4207102

The requested URL /xenoblip/tmp/pov.torrent was not found on this server.

>> No.4207105

No, im using cmd prompt to open game.exe with the loader, I got it from the torrent, all the other links are dead and there were no "fixed files" in the torrent, so this may be it? why does the directory matter? Im using Vista 32 bit.
Core i7@2.67 GHZ
6k RAM
32 bit vista, Nivida gtx 295 video card.

>> No.4207110

>hurr durrrrrrrrrr

>> No.4207112

>6k RAM

Hey, I think my C64 had that much ram.

>> No.4207115

found your problem

>> No.4207118

Cool, too bad I run it ridiculously slow.

>> No.4207120

Can you explain the mahjong binding stuff?

>> No.4207130

The game has to be in your user directory (whatever>User>inthisfolder) for some reason, so put THE CONTENT OF THE BBCS FOLDER IN THERE, NOT THE FOLDER ITSELF. I could get it to run with lower specs on Win7 64bit and am currently running it on XP 32bit, so if you do that it should work. Also, some people have have said you need to run the config before running the game or it won't work, but I haven't tested it myself.

Of course, it might all be because of Vista being a bitch (BBCS runs on a board that is basically a computer with windows XP installed), but I can confirm it working on Win7 and XP.

>> No.4207133

Answer no to everything unless you have a bad computer, then answer yes to lowres. when it asks for key inputs, type letters on the keyboard to bind a key to an action

>> No.4207134

I really dont think the directory matters....
brb, if I change directory and for some reason it works, im gonna shit brix.

>> No.4207137

>BBCS runs on a board that is basically a computer with windows XP installed

Wow, that sounds lazy on the developers' part.

>> No.4207138

Answer n to the mahjong thing, n to the 4way joystick, answer the res one depending on your specs (I can't get 60fps on high res), and just press enter on the remapping thing. Then it's all button config and is fairly simple unless you decide to go in joy2key territories.

>> No.4207146

So I'm supposed to put a bunch of files all up in my user/usernamehere/ folder? Sadface

>> No.4207153

mediafire links are fine btw. Don't know what other people have been bitching about.

>> No.4207154

its so fucking stupid, figured it out, the directorydoesnt matter, but cmd prompt opens with a preset directory already in it c/user/?? whatever, so thats why you're thining it needs to be there, but its the same damn thing if you have it in any other directory and just type it out, you need to put typex_loader game.exe in the same line (fucking stupid, because if you leave game.exe out of it, it asks you what app to use with theloader, which should be the same thing, but apparently not, has to be the same fucking line.

>> No.4207157

The whole moving things to your user folder isn't necessary, but it seems to help some people. For me, I have my entire folder on an external hard drive and everything works fine from there.

>> No.4207163

Well, that's great to know.

>> No.4207171

I can run everything but when I run the game.exe my entire screen goes black, then the lower res Blaz Blue titled screen shows, then the popup Game.exe has stopped working. Windows 7 32bit.

>> No.4207174

Anyway to fix my FPS or just get a new rig? Game slows down when it gets to the fighting, even on low-res.

>> No.4207182

Specs? More importantly, what OS? If you're on Win7, right-click game.exe, compatibility tab, and check everything except the 256 colors thing.
Try what I just said, if it doesn't work, I have no idea.

>> No.4207189

game runs so cash on nividia

>> No.4207197

Ok this discussion seems to have evolved into something that lazy trolls shouldn't care to bother with, thus I now actually believes this is real.

So what's this?
BlazBlue portet to the computer?
Does netplay work?
Any developement site?

>> No.4207201

this owns

ps: someone do this for arcana heart 3

>> No.4207206

Arcade Blazblue Continuum Shift hacked for PC, which was not *that* hard since it basically runs on a PC with windows already. No netplay. No development site AFAIK since it's... illegal and stuff.

>> No.4207224

Why the fuck does my computer always have some shitty problem with every cool thing I ever manage to download? It's always some bullshit freezing, popup errors, or missing shit. Fucking computers.

>> No.4207229

Game runs like a snail here, but everything else is fine. Gonna try it on my other PC.

>> No.4207230

Huh, really. Well that's great.
At first I just thought that it runned on one of those ps2-like arcade boards but I guess that doesn't cut it anymore and that they have moved on to stronger hardware.

>> No.4207241

thats uh.. pretty much how all arcade games are..

>> No.4207253


>Windows Vista
>Intel Core Duo T5850
>3.0 GB Ram
>32-bit OS

I tried what you said but to no avail, I can run pretty high standard games no problem but when it comes to emulators and hacks my laptop always has slowdown.

>> No.4207254

Read the thread and if you can't find anything that makes it work, well, too bad. I'm afraid that what we have here are the current limits of our tech support knowledge.

>> No.4207271

Specs similar to someone on IRC who can achieve 60fps, the main difference being that he's running Win7 instead of Vista. And the graphics card of course.

>> No.4207276

Any rapidshare links?

>> No.4207288

Don't think so, for us common people MF is leagues better than RS.

>> No.4207308

>Specs similar to someone on IRC who can achieve 60fps
So 60fps is at least confirmed on possible on todays computers?

>> No.4207310

Same here
>Windows 7 64bit
>Intel Core Duo T5800
>4.0 GB Ram
>Radeon Mobility HD 3650

I'll try it.

>> No.4207311

The arcade game runs on a computer to begin with.

>> No.4207323

A normal mans PC then

>> No.4207327


>> No.4207390

20fps or something SLOW SLOW

>> No.4207395

Windows 7 x64 Professional
4gb RAM
E8400 3.00ghz

got 60fps while i was encoding an H.264 movie in backgroud
Btw, i've tryed to configure my X360 pad, but diagonals won't work, same with keyboard... Any idea?

>> No.4207398

Liked it better when I was grinding online months ago on my ps triple.

>> No.4207404

Any megaupload links? this torrent won't be finished before bedtime

>> No.4207450

Use joy2key's POV switch option. I don't know for pads, but it was the only way to get my stick's diagonals to work. It'll be confusing as shit to setup though.

>> No.4207454


>> No.4207476

This. In fact, "n" to all the questions config asks. What the hell is a mahjong panel anyway?

Also, has anyone found a way to run it in windowed modo?

>> No.4207496

Shit doesn't work, either I get a black or white screen or it crashes after entering character select screen.

>> No.4207501

is it really 1.09gb big? did i get the wrong torrent?

>> No.4207505

Yes it is ~1GB

>> No.4207523

Windows 7 64bit
ATI card
AMD processor
will this game work? I dont wanna interrupt my ME2 dl for nothing

>> No.4207524

Use your favorite windowing application.

>> No.4207526

Have you never seen a mahjong arcade machine? There's a row of buttons, one for each tile, and a few more for other possible options, i.e. chii/pon/riichi/etc, as well as a start button. That's what they mean by mahjong panel.

>> No.4207540

Not Found

The requested URL /xenoblip/tmp/pov.torrent was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

>> No.4207541

the torrent was taken off, someone else uploaded it on MU

>> No.4207543

the torrent file that is, the torrent itself still works fine

>> No.4207550

> game not working on my computer
lol that why developers hate developing for PC
may it be that this port was leaked by developers to fix bugs for unfinished Blaz Blue PC release

>> No.4207557

>The game is currently released for the Taito Type X2 arcade system board
>CPU: Intel LGA 775 CPU. Supported CPUs include Celeron D 352, Pentium 4 651, Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
>GPU: PCI Express x16-based graphics. Supported GPU include ATI RADEON (x1600Pro, x1300LE) or NVIDIA GeForce (7900GS, 7600GS, 7300GS)

>> No.4207558

Anyone else unable to download part1?

>> No.4207565

It's not a real PC port. It's the actual arcade game that runs off an arcade board that's a XP PC already

>> No.4207588

Oh that. Why the hell would they... it wouldn't even... oh damnit Japan.

>> No.4207606

So this is real but a pain to install, no pad/stick, and no real online?

>> No.4207625

Easy to install, people are just fucktarded
Xpadder for controllers
No online, but here's hoping someone will find a way

>> No.4207626

Requesting mirrors for part 1 and the "missing files"

>> No.4207787
File: 498 KB, 1280x768, ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

had no problems at all to install (copypasta), and configuring the pad was easy as hell too. the provided config set it all up.

the game also works pretty well, with 60 fps on a shitty sempron 3000 with a geforce fx 9500 and 2 gb ram, on xp.

only the graphics are kind of fucked by that stupid colorful mist like thing that covers whole screen.

>> No.4207831
File: 111 KB, 640x480, Photo-0022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shit is SO cash

>> No.4207872

are you running nvidia?

>> No.4207878

geforce fx 9500, so yeah it's nvidia.

i'm sure the drivers are updated, since i updated them not too long ago and the latest update pack was kind of old, so i doubt i have outdated ones.

>> No.4207893

Is there a Calamity Trigger leak anywhere?

Or maybe some informtion on the process used to dump/leak this?

I would love to learn!

>> No.4207894

go into msconfig, check if you have nividia stereostopic filtering as a startup service, uncheck it if its there, restart and see if it fixes it.

>> No.4207905

I had that problem (the 'overlay' shit). If you run CS using DXWND and answer yes to "hi-res monitor" in the config file, it eliminates the overlay.

>> No.4207932

The diagonals arent being recognized and Xpadder does not work at all with this game.

>> No.4207957
File: 422 KB, 1280x768, looksnicenow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only nvidia related thing in there is "nvidia display driver service", nothing about stereoscopic filtering.

disabling everything that even mentioned filtering from the nvidia settings panel for the game's exe helped though.

>> No.4207961

brb downloadan

>> No.4208054

How the fuck do I play with a keyboard
jesus christ

>> No.4208056


>> No.4208059

What's with the random re colors each time I select a character? How do I stop it?

>> No.4208105


Links broken

>> No.4208119

I'm only having a problem downloading the missing files, because they got stored in a MF server that's a bitch, at least for my connection.

>> No.4208146

Protip guys: JDownloader.

>> No.4208186

getting I/O error, i tried to follow >>4206475 example but i don't know how to do it

>> No.4208213

I can't get the config to register anything at "press a button for P1 joystick U".

>> No.4208221

you open the command prompt, if its already in your c/user/whateverthefuckyourusernameis folder, then all you type is typex_loader game.exe. If its not in that folder, you type the whole directory and that at the end of it \typex_loader game.exe. This is assuming you already ran typex_config and setup your keys.

>> No.4208233

Is the game set up for possible netplay action?

>> No.4208251

or just copy what he wrote into notepad, then in save window select "save as type: all files" and name the file loader.bat, then run that from the game's folder.

>> No.4208252

I would assume so, giving that both players have good computers. Thing about netplay is that both games need to by synced up and run at the same fps,but since this is running directly off the computers resources then I dont see why it shouldnt be possible.

>> No.4208255

I keep getting an initRenderer error. Anyone know how to fix this?

>> No.4208268

Game is working fine even on my crappy P4. Who would have thought.

>> No.4208301


Where I'm supposed to put those files?

>> No.4208328

sick, now we just wait for netplay :) (runs 60fps on a AMD quadcore 2.3ghz + 9800GT)

>> No.4208347

Extract and play.

>> No.4208368

What button (1 to 6) triggers rachels barriers?

>> No.4208369


to the main folder?

>> No.4208377

I got error in game.exe after I finish any fight (both in single and multiplayer).
Someone can fix this?
I use Win XP with 8600GT

>> No.4208391
File: 904 KB, 1519x1707, 7657173.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder how much time will it take to have some actual gameplay discussion on BB now.

>> No.4208428

Game runs smoothly but crashes after the first fight.
Any solutions?

Running Windows 7 with a decent PC.

>> No.4208437

ok, game is working; but there are 2 major problems

1)no characters sprites during the fight
2)no perfect frame rate

anyone? i have:

nvidia fx 5500
pentium 4

>> No.4208440

try again? same thing happened on mine, but never again after it did.

>> No.4208448

i'm having this issue too, also overlay shit

>> No.4208456

> nvidia fx 5500

here's your problem. the card's too weak.

>> No.4208462


the card only? the entire system is shit

>> No.4208463

That's funny...
I had it right first, but then every next time I turned this game on I can play only one fight, no other real issues except slight overlays.

>> No.4208480

So, was it a virus or not?

>> No.4208485

judging by the lolhowdoigetittowork posts, it seems legit.

>> No.4208486

yeah, but the card's low specs are probably the reason you can't see sprites, and the game is slow.

when i upgraded mine from 6200 to 9500 the speed increase for 3d games was so large it wasn't even funny.

though more ram and faster cpu obviously will help.

>> No.4208488

I also have that graphics card, and whenever I have a tech problem with any game this, or a variant, always gets posted. So far, it has never been the graphics card at fault.

>> No.4208489

Hmmm, nope it still crashes. Actually i might know why, can someone tell me which folder do i put the missing files in?

Since one of the missing files is named Winner.pac, i thought the crash might be because it can't find the file.

>> No.4208547

Is there a way to run this in window mode?

>> No.4208621

some programs can, but once the game loses focus there's a large chance it'll crash.

>> No.4208638
File: 64 KB, 669x488, cantdoanything.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't get this part to accept any button or keyboard input.

>> No.4208640


since i have only the AGP slot, i think i'll upgrade it to a Geforce 6600GT

>> No.4208645

Get this, run it, add game.exe to its list. Leave it running in the background, then start the game normally via loader.

Enjoy your working and alt-tab compatible windowed mode.

>> No.4208852

How do I make this not crash on startup?

>> No.4208860
File: 786 KB, 1280x801, BBCS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Alrigjt, figured out that problem (using the radioshack PS2-PC adaptor) so I switched to a logitech pad and that works perfectly. Now I just have this minor overlay problem.

>> No.4208874

Links are broken

>> No.4208906



>> No.4208909

a complete guide to solve all your issues


in glorious portuguese HUEHUEHUEHUA

>> No.4208914


If you're using Windows 7, use the basic/classic theme.

>> No.4208918


part 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5O4CQMSF
part 1 mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T2DMH9XL

part 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?yk23qzzytkd

Missing.zip - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GN50EVL3

I don't have the rest re-uploaded, but you should only need these

>> No.4208944

Your part two still doesnt work, but thanks for the part 1.

>> No.4208955

The game boots up in the test menu thing, how do I actually get it into the game?

>> No.4208984

I'm on XP 64-bit, which might even be the problem.

>> No.4209032
File: 21 KB, 379x311, 1262149425178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.4209100

With your reuploaded part 1, the only broken link is part 2.
Every link other then that works.

>> No.4209185

Have we figured out how to netplay yet?

>> No.4209193

The bgmreplace.rar isn't working anymore ( http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X2YY3PNV )

Can someone reupload it?

>> No.4209195

AMD Phenom II X3 710
3gb RAM
Nvidia GTX 260

Runs perfectly on my 19" monitor but when I try to play on a 32" 1080p sharp aquos the game is resized to 1024x768 and the picture is cut from the right side, any ideas?

>> No.4209210

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit btw

>> No.4209219

Try that Windowed mode?

>> No.4209227

Part 2 please...

>> No.4209239

What to do with missing zip after I unzip the rest?
Trying to unpack this gives me read errors.

>> No.4209246

Why not just use the torrent?

>> No.4209279

I have everything except part 2 finished downloading, but the torrent only has one big file with ETA 24 hours.
Please... someone... part2...

>> No.4209294

HOLY SHEIT part 2 suddenly started working.
Thanks for the links

>> No.4209333

I'm getting the weirdest framerate issues. On my completely not-for-gaming desktop running XP, I get a moderate amount of lag, while on my gaming laptop (running 7) the lag is to the point of unplayable.

It's almost as if it's the game that is having trouble running itself, as opposed to insufficient computer specs.

>> No.4209360

Part 2 works for me, and Thanks わるどう

>> No.4209488

Anyone got it to work on wine?

>> No.4209553

Same problems here, except the weird thing is I have Win7 64 on my desktop and it's running just fine.

>> No.4209631

My game won't save any settings I change, is there something specific I have to do? I change, then go to Exit (Reset), reopen the game and the settings are default still.

>> No.4209705
File: 23 KB, 673x357, runtime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I get this error, and also settings are not saving.:1

>> No.4209884

The game saves ingame settings to D drive. If you don't have one you can't save.

>> No.4210012

can some one put part 2 on mega upload please mediafire keeps cutting the download short or not working at all

>> No.4210275


Yeah, I saw the answer on /v/, I can use my PSP to act as a D drive and it works, so that's what I'm doing.

>> No.4210316

Any info on who did this?
It would be truly awesome if this was done for Arcana Heart 3

>> No.4210464

Worked fine for me. Settings saved and I played through the Arcade mode without any problems.

>> No.4210675


Forgot to say that I'm seeding the torrent as much as I can.

>> No.4211228

InitRenderer on start up using windows vista 64 bit any tips?