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japanese princes beaten by vampire

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That's fanfiction drivel like that god awful touhou battle royal, no way Remi can beat Hime-sama.

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It just takes a little practice with her focus. Keep trying.

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Boy that's stupid.
Kaguya cannot be 'beaten', she can only forfeit.

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>IN elite

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Nothing is more disappointing than SDM doujins in the biweekly Gaku updates. It's like, "Oh man, time for some Touhous," but then there's some vampire shit instead.

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Is here ANY official word on how to compare strength of characters from different games?

Anyway Yukari > everyone.

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gensokyoan girl bullying vampire

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SDM superior, everyone else inferior

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There is no official word on strength ranking whatsoever. Even the ones that do mention them don't elaborate enough to be considered real evidence.

In fact, Yukari being the strongest is dubious as well considering the source of this supposed claim is written from Akyu's perspective, who has been known to make mistakes.

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>bowing to hax moon bitches
In game powerlevels != actual powerlevels
I know, but the hot topic crowd really goes for this kind of shit.

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Many girls in the setting have a pretty vaguely defined blanket "immortality" which is precisely why these comparisons are useless, and then there is Reimu and her plot armor.

It's a lot like discussing who can run the fastest, when a third of the characters have mopeds and buggies.
And Reimu's in a chopper.

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>Reimu's in a chopper

And not just ANY chopper, mind you, but an MH-53.

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They're all loli gunships.

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No, no, no. Powerlevel isn't a verb.
"Powerleveling" is an RPG term where you abandon all storylines or sidequests in favor of repeated grinding of monsters. "Powerlevel" is an observed level of power.

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its pretty pointless discussing powerlevels, its really at ZUN's whim what happens

Suika beat Reimu, but her plan was still foiled anyway because lolsealingpowersingensokyo

and Reimu and Marisa went to the moon and were easily defeated. Although it could have been on purpose, I didn't bother reading SSiB past chapter 15 because it was boring.

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>Anyway Yukari > everyone.

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Everyone can beat anyone.
Everyone can be beated by anyone.
Its all moot when the dragon-god shows up.

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Remilia could definitely beat Kaguya in a fight. Kaguya's powers aren't nearly as powerful as they sound. According to ZUN, Mokou's fire-hax alone is enough to beat Kaguya from time to time and Mokou is just a human. Remilia on the other hand is the youkai equivalent of Dracula. That means her powers are on par with Satan.

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But there's nothing wrong with the phrase "I'm gonna powerlevel my character for the next 3 hours or so"

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Fuck off Suigen.

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No, just no.

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No, powerleveling in RPGs just refer to the fastest and shortest way to level, often achieved with the help with others. It does not necessarily mean that you neglect all story elements.

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Sakuya, Reimu, and Marisa are also just humans.

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They're actual fighters. Mokou is just a civilian forced to defend herself with pew pew.

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I thought 'powerlevel' was coined by DBZ fans years before it was used in that context.

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Sakuya is just an innocent maid, not a fighter.

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I don't think anyone ever sought for the origin of the word in this thread, just what they mean in the current context.

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Humans, the kind of people who can become master warriors in twenty years of life and kings of their domain in sixty.

Mokou's "fire-hax" is probably some master entropy abuse. Fitting counter to the one who represents time.

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I don't think so, tim.

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No more ridiculous than calling mokou a "civillian forced to defend herself with pew pew".

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Sakuya has time hax.
Reimu has God summoning hax.
Marisa has... Point taken.

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>implying Mokou spent her time practice her power

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get out MokouxKeine devs

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Were we ever told there was a limit to Yukari's powers? Because it can't be the power to control every border, including the metaphorical borders.

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The funny thing is, canonically we don't see much in the way of Yukari's powers being ultra-amazing (yeah, she's an ExBoss, but there's one of those for every game), but somehow she still manages to give off a Cthulhu-like "don't fuck with me, I could fucking end Gensokyo if I wanted to" vibe. That's in many ways more frightening than Kaguya or Mokou's, plainly and explicitly stated, abilities, or Reimu's "I'm the protagonist ergo in canon I am invincible" h4xx.

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That's because you read too much fanon and/or too caught in the atmosphere.

In other words you are just like the rest of the faggots in the fandom.

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Out of all the whimsical demons and monsters portrayed in the Castlevania series, Dracula's powers are second to none. I wonder if ZUN based her on him.

[Edit:] I guess not...

>Though the most famous vampire novel ever, Dracula was not the first. It was preceded and partly inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu's 1871 "Carmilla", about a lesbian vampire who preys on a lonely young woman.

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Lesbians make everything better.

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>lesbian vampire who preys on a lonely young woman.
seems familiar

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Yukari has those border hopping powers, which is quite hax, but the ability to control "border of nothing/everything" seems like it's going too far. But then again this is just a game.

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There is no weakness to or defense against Yukari's hax according to ZUN and her powers are on par with the gods.

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>In other words you are just like the rest of the faggots in the fandom.
Yes, how DARE they develop affinity for arbitrary elements of an imaginary setting?

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If you had a gun and enough ammo, you could kill pretty much any touhou character.

Japanese ZUN already said in 2-3 different canon games that technology will always beat magic. And you can't argue with ZUN.

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2nd lunar war will be filled with space marines from earth that look like they came from starcraft fighting the lunarians, with battlecruisers, redneck banter, and all.

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And even Carmilla was preceded by John William Polidori's "The Vampyre", which was the first instance of the 'charismatic-hypnotic bloodsucker' type of vampire (before then, Vampires were little more than sentient [modern] zombies [and zombies were mindless servants summoned by vodou and really didn't want to eat people at all]).

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>I just got done watching Avatar.

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I'd play it.

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Alright, Yukari vs Shiki(3rd Personality). Who wins?

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>According to Akyu


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yet it says in perfect memento that only spiritual energy can truly exterminate a youkai

derp derp

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I wonder how much bullets Remi and Yukari's body could take. Yukari and Remilia in particular strike me as the type of youkai that wouldn't die even if you decapitated them.

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Bullets would never reach them, so it's a moot question.

>> No.4204270


Decapitation is annoying for most youkai, but Vampires are outright stated to survive it and completely recover upon the next sunset.

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>space marines
Why you-
Wait, wrong board.

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,,.. -──-- 、.,_
     ,. '"::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::`ヽ.
   /:::/::::::ハ::::::! !::::ハ::__!_::::::::';:::::::::::i
   i::::i:::::/!:,!ニ、! L:! ',.‐;.、ヽ!::::i:::::::::::|   
   |::::!:::ハ i' i'`!    ト r! ' !__」::::::i:::|   
  └-iヽ::! ゞ' ,     `''´,,, |::::!::::::::|:::|    
     .|::::7"   r─、    .レi::::::::::|:::|     
    レ'iゝ、   ヽ.__」   ,イ:::|::::::i::::|::::|      
      !::::!::i:>ー-r   i;:-!::::|::::::|::::|::::|
       |::::|::::::rイ´!__/  |::::ト.、::|::::|::::|
       |::::|>'´}><{.、  |::::|/ヽ:::|::::|
      !ヘ|ヽ、/_」L_ゝ `ヽレ'   ';:|:::::|
      !/ !/  oio     i     ';::::::| Immortal > vampire
     /  r/'⌒i       !.     ヽ::::!
    / ,-rイ、___,ノ._     ハ       \!
    !/ | l ,ィ'l |o     _,.!',      `'r、
     |. | l'´::::l |<{_____,.イ'" ヽ::',      //、!
    ゝ、ヽヽ-'ハ_____,,.ハ__,.イヽ;\   //っ )

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Buttmad now, are we?

If you start treading on that territory then half the stuff we say is just fanon. StB I believe is proof of powerlevels in the Touhouverse. Just look at the order in which the characters appear. It starts off with weak youkai like Wriggle, Rumia, and Cirno and ends with strong youkai like Shiki, Yukari, and Suika. ZUN also leaves hints about their powerlevels. For instance, he said Yukari only hangs out with strong youkai like Suika. He also said Utsuho is a weak youkai that stumbled on great power.


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Vampires for the most part ARE immortal. Especially the pure-blooded ones like Remi.

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>Discussing touhou powerlevels
Spoilers: they're all little girls who's only power is to fire several little colorful boolets (in some cases faggot tier lasers) in no particular direction other than in silly patterns in hopes that it hits whoever they're peppering.
Let me know when ZUN makes a touhou that can just go up to you and fucking shank you to death or something more surefire.

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Buttmad about what?

You can talk about hints and clues all you want, those are all interpreted differently based on perspective.

The most comprehensive piece of canon information we have is written from Akyu's point of view and she did make mistakes in it.

There is not enough canon evidence for any ranking. Enjoy your fanon and let it go.

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Isn't she like only half a vampire and can't drink blood directly out of someone or some silly shit?
[spoilers]And she doesn't sparkle so she isn't a full vampire[/spoilers]

>> No.4204357

Isn't she like only half a vampire and can't drink blood directly out of someone or some silly shit?
And she doesn't sparkle so she isn't a full vampire

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>touhou that can just go up to you and fucking shank you to death or something more surefire.

>> No.4204365

>Throws knives

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Don't talk about stuff you don't know.

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I think he knows what he's talking about.

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>strong youkai like Shiki

Shikieiki is a Yama, a species... that is severely undefined.

Hell, it's more like a title than a species.

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I think you're samefag

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Vampire police ITT

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No, they're not immortal at all.
They're very killable, actually.

>> No.4204382


You'd be wrong.

>> No.4204383

>Isn't she like only half a vampire
If this is true I'm going to delete my Remi folder and cancel my subscription to gensokyo.org's golden account privileges.

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All vampires do in fiction is get killed.

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Also just to prove my point, see image.

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She's a full vampire, she's just not a 'full vampire' in the sense of she doesn't live up to the full image of a vampire youkai.
For example, the sun doesn't harm her and whatnot.

She's also a messy eater, and most of the blood she tries to drink ends up splattered over her and her victim. Which is why she has Sakuya prepare her meals for her instead.

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Stop being trolled by the tripfag who calls himself Kaguya.

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>No, they're not immortal at all.
>They're very killable, actually.

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No Yukari in a powerlevels thread?

I am somewhat disappoing, /jp/.

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Butthurt because is favorite touhou got called a weakling

>> No.4204424


I thought he died permanently in Aria of Sorrow or something.

>> No.4204427

Because Dracula is chaos. He's more of an elemental force than an actual monster. All the other vampires slain tend to stay dead (the countess, Orloc, etc).

>> No.4204437


I thought he was just some guy who was buttmad over losing his wife.

>> No.4204439


And he decided to get revenge by becoming eternal chaos. Q.E.D.

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You think Yukari is overpowered?
Let me tell you about overpowered.

Imagine ZUN dies or something and fans, fanfic writers, and doujin artists, come together to make a grimdark Touhou game.

Tired of the whole "little girl" theme, they decide that in this game there's this black unnamed entity. Something or another eating away at the fabric of the fantasy world.

Then Reimu and Marisa would be all like "Oh sweet, an incident, let's beat up some low-level characters for no reason".

Then they encounter the black wiggly tentacles of the entity and see it has fucking eaten Team 9. I mean, Mystia gets eaten practically every game, so why the fuck not here as well? And I don't mean the sissy offscreen death "we're Youkai we'll respawn anyway" eaten, I mean "still in the fucking process of digesting their bones, I feed off of fantasy and they're not coming back" eaten. You know, the sort of thing that would appeal to those sick fucks who keep posting Sanae swallowing Cirno or the boa constrictor strangling Satori.

You know, the whole usual shit they pull off in doujins, kill a few well-known personalities just to show how this bad guy is totally serious you guys, honest.

Then the thing starts expanding, permanently deleting everything it engulfs. Like, where it goes, reality or fantasy in Gensokyo ceases to fucking EXIST. It UNDOES anything it touches.

>> No.4204619


But Marisa doesn't give a fuck. She'd be like "I'm a dumb blonde who only has one way of solving problems, and it ain't subtlety. Eat some Maaaster SPAAAAAAARK!, fucker". Which puts a slight singe on one of the entities' appendages and Marisa is like "WTF man it's the Master motherfucking Spark, bitch!". Then Hakkero dissolves in her hand and her broom stops flying and she has a nervous breakdown or something. Derp.

Then Reimu would be all like "H4x sign 'plot armor barrier'! Now we shall end this and have some motherfucking tea". But then the thing just kills her right then and there. OH YEAH SISTER EVEN THOUGH IT'S ONLY STAGE 3.

>> No.4204621

But then Reimu wakes up in the normal world and sees an IV line sticking out of her arm. She realizes she's been in a coma since she was five years old and Gensokyo was just a figment of her imagination, a dream world made up from fragments of fairy tales by her subconscious. WHAT A TOTALLY ORIGINAL TWEEST!

>> No.4204627


Only THEN doesYukari show up and is all like "OR IS THIS THE DREAM AND GENSOKYO THE REALITY?" and she's wearing shades by the way, and offers Reimu to take either the blue charm or the red charm. Then Agent Sakuya appears and starts chasing them around until they blow up a cistern somewhere.

So Reimu takes the red charm. But isn't she dead? Nuh-UH! 'Cause Yuyuko is all like "oh no you DIDN'T, nigga!" and would Resurrection Butterfly her ass. That's how this shit works, right? I don't know, I haven't been paying attention, what with final PCB stage boiling down to GRAZE GRAZE GRAZE GRAZE THESE MOTHERFUCKING BUTTERFLY FUCKERS for me.

>> No.4204636


By this time the strands that keep Gensokyo glued together have started collapsing, as the entity is eating away at progressively larger portions of Gensokyo. Auxilliary structures such as Higan, Netherworld, the former underground hell, Moon Capital, shit like that, are either cut off or already gone. Panicking, the evil spirits flee the Netherworld and start wrecking the shit out of everything else.

Kanako and Suwako go down defending the Mountain, but Suwako knocks Sanae out and teleports her away or something. I mean, come on, she's a fucking goddess, she can do that, right?

Then Yuyuko would be all like "Youmu, I'm hungry, I'mma eat this monster".

And then monster is "no, Yuyuko, you are the snacks". And then Yuyuko was... errrm, deader than she'd previously been.

Then Youmu is fucking pissed and she charges the thing with her Shoryuken thingie. It was either that or disembowel herself, after all.

Then there is the mandatory touching (read: fapworthy) scene where Kaguya and Mokou make a stand against the monster together, finally devoured into nothingness, their regeneration/immortality, fantastic in origin, absorbed by the entity. Mokou's ultra-flames of entropy do manage to destroy a chunk of the monster.

Also Udonge gets tentacle raped somewhere along the way, if only to confirm the stereotype.

>> No.4204641


Then Utsuho shows up, managing to flee the reactor thingie just before it was shut off from the rest of Gensokyo, and unleashes righteous nuclear plasma fury. Unfortunately the Forest of Magic is annihilated in the process. The souls of the Youkai and humans living there a regrettable but necessary collateral damage. Utsuho herself kamikazes into the beast for the last explosion.

But is the monster finally stopped? You and me both saw enough cliche TV shows to know this was a "Noone could survive that" sort of explosion. And as we all know EVERYONE survives a fucking "noone could survive that" explosion.

It continues moving onwards like a giant black amoeba, everything is destroyed, spiritual fires burning around, random rips in spacetime itself opening and closing everywhere, and the last desperate stand is in front of the Hakurei temple, the sentinel separating the fantasy world from reality.

In the middle of it all someone with a hint of a brain left, possibly Aya because she strikes me as the kind of a bitch who'd do that, manages to wonder aloud whose fucking brilliant idea was it to focus all their attention of the past decade or more into a non-lethal danmaku+spellcard system instead of, you know, USEFUL DESTRUCTIVE STUFF.

>> No.4204658


The last stand crew would include Reimu, Marisa, Remilia, Flandre, Sakuya, Sanae, Suika etc.. The girls all have ripped clothes by now (naturally, durr), and unleash the most powerful powers they ever powered. In the tooth and nail battle, the girls do their best and most epic, like Flandre is fucking unleashed and makes the whole fusion explosion bit look like a cigarette lighter, Suika grows and the fully grown Suika unleashes mini-Suikas, each of these mini-Suikas being at least 3x as large as regular non-enlarged Suika because you can never have enough Suika, right? RIGHT? Oh also Sakuya stops time, throws knives, turns out time is a subset of Gensokyo reality and the monster eats it all, blah blah, epistemiological consequences noone cares about.

So alas, our heroines, having fought valiantly, are finally defeated. The monster is just about to devour them all and end the Hakurei shrine and Gensokyo once and for all.

But THEN Yukari shows up and goes like "Oh man, that was some *yawn* good sleep. Hey, what's going on here? An eldritch abomination is trying to eat Gensokyo out of existence? Huh. Fancy that."

Then she waves her fan or something.

Gap opens.

Monster falls into gap.

Everything's back to normal.

Game Over.


>> No.4204664


Oh and also a few days later, the black tentacled monster comes for tea and asks the girls to take care of its little sister in the Extra stage.

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wat the fuck am i reading

>> No.4204720

I am now imagining the blob with ribbons or hats.
As the little sister.

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My reaction.

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File: 469 KB, 1246x1910, touhou_grimfaggotry_by_anon_anonymous.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only did all that so I could save this image. With this I won't have to copypasta the whole wall of text any more the next time someone mentions Yukari's powerlevel.

I would now say I am sorry for being a faggot and ruining the thread with the wall of text, but I would be fucking lying. I enjoyed it immensely.

>> No.4204739

Cool post IN Elite.

>> No.4204789

That is some extremely bad writing and you should be ashamed for enjoying it. Please don't post that image too often.

>> No.4204801


*slow clap*

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Marisa is not a dumb blonde.

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File: 1.54 MB, 2569x2552, The motherfuckers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4204826

Marisa is an eccentric blond.

THE BEST KIND! (ノ´3`)ノ

>> No.4204840

>Sanae swallowing Cirno
How has this passed by my radar for so long?

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My reaction.

Yeah, Touhou fanfiction usually follows a much higher standard.


>> No.4204857

Wow, that image is goony. Figures someone like that can't appreciate Byakuren.

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Fuck yeah.

>> No.4204909

wtfhax Tier
God Tier
Suwako, Kanako, Kaguya, Tenshi, Shikeiki
Very High Tier
Yuka, Flandre, Remilia, Utsuho, Suika, Sanae, Yuyuko
High Tier
Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Meiling, Aya, Satori, Yuugi, Eirin, Youmu
Medium Tier
Patchouli, Alice, Ran, Komachi, Rin, Koishi, Iku, Keine, Reisen, Momiji
Low Tier
Chen, Nitori, Wriggle, Rumia, Rinnosuke, Letty, the Prismrivers, Mystia, Medicine, Tewi
Strongest Tier

>> No.4204932

The thought of Sanae eating her was much funnier to me, but this is bitchin' as well.

>> No.4204947

>Remilia on the same tier as Flandre

>> No.4204956

Remilia has fate manipulation. Factor that in and she's higher tier than Flandre.

>> No.4204971

>implying Rinnosuke has ever done anything by which to measure his powerlevel

>> No.4204987

>High tier
From the offical profile: "In truth, she has power well beyond that of Kaguya's. She saves her power and maintains it at a lower level out of respect for Kaguya."

The moonbitches should be on the top, along with Eirin. Yukari may be the same tier or slightly below. Rest is debatable (why is Meiling higher than Alice, Patchy?) but mostly ok.

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He collects rare items. That alone is enough to put him on the powerlevel map.

>> No.4204999

Touhou is like Exalted. Everybody has some bullshit attack that evades all defenses, but they also have something that rewrites reality so they can dodge the undodgable and block the unblockable. It doesn't matter how low your shield reduces the damage if they inflict minimum damage 100 times.

>> No.4205005

>not God tier

>> No.4205013

They might be immortal and have seemingly limitless power, but they still have to obey the laws of reality
Yukari can just be like "fuck that shit" and make her own rules where the boundary between Kaguya's tier and Shit tier doesn't exist

>> No.4205017

What's the doujin?

>> No.4205018

Post troll tier list. Receive 50 replies.

At least make your own tier lists, that would be something vaguely approaching content.

>> No.4205039

It's implied that Meiling is a lot stronger than one would assume from the way everyone treats her and how she acts. According to PMSS, she's routinely challenged to duels by other high-level youkai, for whom defeating her is some kind of goal. Patchy can't even cast spells for more than ten minutes before turning into a coughing, gasping, wheezing wreck on the ground, most likely.

>> No.4205064


acknowledged and updated

wtfhax Tier
God Tier
Suwako, Kanako, Kaguya, Eirin, Mokou, Tenshi, Shikeiki
Very High Tier
Yuka, Flandre, Remilia, Utsuho, Suika, Sanae, Yuyuko
High Tier
Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Meiling, Aya, Satori, Yuugi, Youmu, Keine
Medium Tier
Patchouli, Alice, Ran, Komachi, Rin, Koishi, Iku, Reisen, Momiji
Low Tier
Chen, Nitori, Wriggle, Rumia, Rinnosuke, Letty, the Prismrivers, Mystia, Medicine, Tewi
Strongest Tier

>> No.4205067

god tier is complete shit. gtfo

>> No.4205071

All this thread needs now is a touhou alignment chart and it'll be perfect

>> No.4205072
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No, Shrine Maiden, you are the Youkai Tier
Yukari, Eirin

Cheating Tier
Flandre, Yuyuko, Ran, Suwako / Kanako (with Faith), Shikieiki, Suika, Yuugi, Yuka

Protagonist Tier
Reimu > Marisa, Remilia, Kaguya, Mokou, Aya, Sanae, Sakuya, Healthy Patchouli, Alice, Youmu, Koishi, Komachi

"Respectable" Tier
中国, Reisen, Keine, Satori, Rin, Chen (with Ran), Nitori, Tewi

Fat Tier


>> No.4205076

Like most people can survive 10 minutes with Patchy. She'll have run out of MP by then anyway.

>> No.4205092
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Thread needs more UFO touhous. Please address this.

>> No.4205119
File: 476 KB, 2400x800, touhou, UFO - 1250647767239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.4205124
File: 750 KB, 1200x1026, touhou, ufo cast - 1253996006139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4205129
File: 709 KB, 1323x1840, touhou, ufo cast - 1256322771247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4205135
File: 315 KB, 2536x800, touhou, UFO characters - 1250408635461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4205142
File: 1.53 MB, 1021x869, touhou, UFO characters - 1250617828306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4205145

>>4205071 I'm not gonna go out of my way to make a proper chart, but...

Lawful Good:

Neutral Good:

Chaotic Good:

Lawful Neutral:
Reimu, Shikieiki

True Neutral:
Everyone else

Chaotic Neutral:
Marisa, Cirno

Lawful Evil:

Neutral Evil:

Chaotic Evil:
Flandre, Rumia

>> No.4205148
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>> No.4205153
File: 339 KB, 731x1024, touhou, ufo, band - 1256161800812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.4205157
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Happy now?

>> No.4205169

Remilia shouldn't be that high.

>> No.4205178
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God, just fuck off, please. Go back to /v/ or wherever.

>> No.4205181

Lawful Good:
Murasa, Shou

Chaotic Good:

>> No.4205187
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No, because I already have those images.

>> No.4205190
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Shiki is definitely Lawful Good, not Lawful Neutral. She goes around lecturing people to make sure they don't go to Hell in her spare time, no way she isn't Good.

>> No.4205212


She tells Yuka to "scare more humans" because that's how a youkai ought to act, and she tells Reimu to exterminate youkai more often.

Clearly, going to Hell or not in Gensokyo has more to do with meeting the status quo than any sort of rational morality.

>> No.4205331
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UFOhous have no superhax so they thankfully escape from threads like this. But here is a powerlevel comparison:

Byakuren - Patchouli with good health
Shou - Sanae with full god comm bars
Murasa/Ichirin - Respectably Powerful 12.3 China
Kogasa - Chiruno
Nazrin - Nitori with less gadgetry
Nue - Koishi with stealth exchanged for devilry

>> No.4206283
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perfection achieved

>> No.4206298


any more too hoo character alignments?

>> No.4206308
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No hax? Kogasa has Surprise Lock hax and Shou has RNG hax. They're top tier, for sure.

>> No.4206451

Gensokyo is full of a bunch of dirty cheaters.jpg

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