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Why didn't you read your SICP!?


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No....... no no.... nonono...... this........ can't be ;_;

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Even as a corpse she maintains grace..
Such beauty.

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Get out guro devs

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That was a doll filled with beanpaste.
Satori is fine.

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Too much Satori lately.

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It must be God welcoming me back to my homeboard.

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In b4 Mugenjohncel

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Can't have too much Satori.

Not enough Satori I say!

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You will never eat Satori ;_;

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Miles wets his bed

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Man. SICP snake is one mean fucker

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Yes, everyone knows this, why do you keep bringing it up?
Who cares, really?

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Same artist.

ie one of the best

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We care, Miles.

We care.


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Oh god no

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More like Shatori

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This is... displeasing.

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My wife :(

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This artist is an eyesore.

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stop bullying satori you assholes

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>He thinks he could easily rape me

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I wouldn't have to rape you, I would just serve you and pleasure you when you wanted me to..

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For the longest I thought she was a boy.

Fucking ZUN art.

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what's with the blood?
Did she just have her period or did the 3rd eye thing get crushed?

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How the hell did she get in the jungle from her home in a mansion underground? Damn that Yukari....

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Why don't you slam your head into a wooden beam and find out what happens.

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I'll be bleeding from my head
Not my ass

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That's not blood you know...

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Oh, I see. Your legally blind. That's awful.

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I'm talking about the last frame
holy fucking shit

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It's fecal matter.
Are you color blind?

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Are you serious? You can't tell what that is? Don't you think the color is a bit OFF for blood?

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No I'm not color blind. I guess I just didn't have the predisposition to think that all blood is bright red.

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The blood wouldn't be brown if it's fresh.
Not to mention the area it came out of, this should have been very obvious.

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and not all shit is the color of brown on the bottom there

a better question is what the hell did she drink in the upper panels that made her violently shit herself like that

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And yet you have the predisposition that all shit is brown.


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pixiv source?

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> a better question is what the hell did she drink

I'm never taking anything Okuu or Orin give me to drink after seeing THAT.

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What the fuck is a SICP and where the fuck can I get a Satori figure

or plush

or keychain

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ZUN style art is a miracle of the universe.

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It's an old computer science text.

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I actually need to read my SICP today. Fricken getting raped by this class right now.

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