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How do people react to your otaku merchandise? I'm afraid I've been too "into" this sphere and lewd artwork that I can't see obvious sexual undertones in artwork anymore. For example, this Koishi piece I have displayed, my sister saw it but didn't say anything. I'm worried. Some say it's lewd because it's an upskirt shot but it really doesn't register with me as being erotic in nature.

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they don't have anything to react to
and even if they had something, they would not react to it, because i don't interact with people in real life
that being said maybe you should maybe be more bothered by the heart pupils, or the fact that it looks like she is not wearing a bra on these saggers, or what i assume is a barefoot swimsuit anime girl in the top left corner. you fuckin weirdo

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No reaction. It's not like I invite my family to come see all this stuff I bought.
Even if they did. I doubt they would care much. It'd be questionable, but there are worse things out there.

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I made a poster out of this picture and taped it to my wall.
I think the only reaction someone had to it was my mother asking "why do you have a poster of a girl so young she doesn't even have any breasts?"

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I wish I could do that

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How did you answer her?

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Sounds like you're self conscious. How old are you?
No one in my family comments or cares what I put in my room, including NSFW figurines or imported doujinshi. Same goes the other way, too. When I visit my sister I wouldn't even think about what she puts up for what reason.
he only one commenting on my room was a friend from college when he first came over, he asked "You like this stuff?" and I just said "yeah" and that was that.
Maybe it's because Anime and Japan isn't a big stigma in Europe like it is in America.

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My mum has seen my Reimu merch and has just rolled her eyes, even if I had lewd shit she'd react the same and at most call me a degrent

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It isnt? I'm curious to know more.

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everyone likes my stuff but to be fair they already know i have interest in art & media in general, so i guess their reaction depends more on how they think of you rather than how they feel on the subject
if you live with others though it is just respectful to put sfw pieces up unless you're >>41849444 this madlad

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Anon I kneel

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I’ve never been into collecting toys/posters/figures/etc, even for stuff I love. I’m very minimalist about my space.

And if it makes you feel better OP, that picture is weeby as fuck but I wouldn’t consider it remotely pornographic.

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Context matters. It doesn't really say much on its own.

If it's surrounded by figurines or there aren't any other interests displayed, it does make you seem a little absorbed in it. Also, it matters whether this is just like on a standard-sized piece of paper on the wall or if it's like a jumbo poster. However, if you have other posters up with other things, it'll make this look like it's just another one of those things. Additionally, it'll be more fine if it's over like a tool space or a proper art station or a guitar with peripherals, something to make it look like it's adding art to a space that's already meaningful instead of the display itself being the meaning.

She also has a little story, about how she's shut herself off from of others, about keeping herself forgotten, about the horror of having lived as she has, about maintaining the potential for something more in spite of all this, and having an interest in her story gives an added context to her display. Liking a character as a character is plenty enough reason to display them in your room.

The thing that'll get you judged is coomer shit, unironic waifu shit, or anything that makes it look like you're just fixated on that one interest. If you're worried it won't come off as wholesome, you can try adding a fumo.

Finally and most importantly, the person who saw it was your sister, so just ask her what she thinks or if she thinks that it reflects any significant judgments about you. If it does, you can ask if it's just that one thing by itself or if it's that you have several of them displayed, since it does seem pretty harmless if it's by itself.

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My room is full of my waifu merch. I have 4 daki covers hang down, 2 glass cases full of figures, daki proudly laying on my bed. I have guests few times a month and literally never anyone said anything negative about it. Why would they? You don't just come over to someone's house to criticize his interests and interior design.
People who recognize her often say it's cool. Some are like "oh, if I showed your room to my friend they would love it". At worst they just don't say anything. As long as they keep it to themselves I give zero fucks what anyone thinks.
It all depends on how you treat it. If you are going to be insecure about it or act like it's a problem then others will also think you have a problem. If you don't give a fuck and just enjoy what you enjoy, then it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. And no one is going to go out of their way to tell you you are living your life incorrectly.

That Koishi is not lewd at all. It looks like any other anime art.

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>Maybe it's because Anime and Japan isn't a big stigma in Europe
Excuse me? Yes it fucking is in my cunt. Don't smash europe into one single culture with the same values.

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Do you live in the UK where they put people in jail for loli drawings

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>Do you live in the UK
Not, but very close.
>they put people in jail for loli drawings
In theory they would.

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they don't see it
wait which people?

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How did you explain that to the police?

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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bump for curiousity

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The poster got a bit damaged, so I decided to print a new one. My mother gave me the idea to frame it and recommended me a store to do so.

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You live an accursed life, godspeed anon

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Bruh, i still don't understand how your mother let you have this with no problems

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I don't have the balls to display something like this in my room. Would give anyone who walks in the impression that you're a pedophile.

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I don't think it's just an impression, anon-san.

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Somehow the frame gives it the impression of a classical painting and not the work of an ero loli artist.
Yeah mine would beat my ass or tell me to cover her up, I can barely get away with displaying cheesecake style pinups as is.

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They're disgusted

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Cool mom.

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I don't get it

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What's your plan for if the police pay your room a visit?

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Assuming that anon lives in the United States, his plan should be around the same if his poster was a spoon, a fork, or a shovel. None of it is illegal, you know.

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I overheard a relative saying to another that it was "cringe". I haven't bought any since then and that was years ago...

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>2 glass cases full of figures
What character has that many figures?

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sometimes my grandpa or my mom will watch me play Touhou sometimes when I'm visiting but that's about it. I don't see the point in buying posters and figures and whatnot.

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I'd rock /jp/merch to get all sorts of reactions but I'm a filthy poorfag

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Classy and, dare I say it, sophisticated

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She is the one character with most figures ever.

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Do cherish your mother, anon. She hasn't been conditioned to hate the things she doesn't understand, and rather than appalling, she simply finds them weird.

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Do it anyway. Own it. Don't let yourself be embarrassed about liking otaku shit, lean into it. It's not nearly as cringe if you're not embarrassed by it.
(btw, this only works for something like anime which is relatively innocuous. I would not say the same thing if you were talking about wearing baby diapers or something)

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Your mother is awesome! I can't see much detail of the frame (if there is any, it looks pretty minimalistic), but it certainly looks better than just a bare poster. I really like the look of it.

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Lolishit aside, that's great art

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You're not as cool as you think, incel-kun.

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Jesus christ dude

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Your mom having no problem with it weirds me out less than the store framing it for you

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It's usually a sign people already gave up on you, they think there's no helping you

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>How do people react to your otaku merchandise?
I don't have poster atm I only have figures, few are lewd and some are lolis.
My mother stopped coming in my room, my father once made a comment like "oh you're into this?", my imouto doesn't seem to care at all.
Maybe I should go lewder and slowly get them used to it.
Very good taste anone, I love that image too.
Is it worth to live in a lie just to hide your power level?
The more I go on the less I care.

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ero ja nai

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It's cool I'll live outside.

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Good mum you have there. Cherish her.

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