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Hardworking JAVfu Edition


Delisted Thread:

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Which upcoming madonna title are hagchads looking forward to?

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you posted it; that and hijiri's gangbang, her performances in similar gangbang reipu titles was great
see MVSD-431 and NSPS-962
I am salty about Momoko, Marina and Maki Tomoda seemingly skipping a month

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Hello sir

monke next release obviously

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please sirs if anyone can hit me with an 1080 of HND-306 i would appreciate it

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she's really cute, unironically wish she made more loveydovey titles

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hpjav have a working rapidgstor link but you will need real-debrid
idk how people collect a kinography wihtut a debrid service or private tracker. Even titles as recent as 2019 or 2020 from studios that are not MAdonna/Moodyz/Oppai can be difficult to pin down, since torrents seemingly die a few months post release and the DDL links do not necessarily survive(this is in contrast with western pron where sometimes i can download a 2014 torrent to completion)

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When she plays, forced, with their cum she's so pretty and cute there. Dunno how they could be able to resist and not treat her nice from then on

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Here: https://easyupload.io/scmho0

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mirin jaw

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Reiko Kobayakawa as a mother-in-law craving big chinpo and Reiko Himekawa's Monroe debut are the main standouts for me

Looks like a groupsex-heavy month, quite surprising since it was only a month or two ago that sirs were complaining about not seeing enough of it

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Mizuki Yayoi getting her phat ass blacked again in DASS-090.

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She has a nice body, i don't mind her new fake tits but she's fkn weird.

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I'm still disappointed Karen Uehara never did interracial.

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i appreciate it King

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This will be her fourth time getting blacked.

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god tier genes
her facial features are so sharp and well proportioned and the chin is perfect

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Guys hear the recent rumors about Chanyota?

She supposedly has been blacklisted from the Japanese female wrestling (Joshi) scene because after she did a STARDOM New Blood show, an advertiser for Bushiroad (The company that owns Stardom and New Japan Pro Wrestling) about a JAV girl working for the company.

Nothing has been confirmed but all of this is behind-closed-door stuff so no one really knows. All we know is that Chanyota hasn’t been booked in Stardom since.

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For context, STARDOM is the biggest Joshi company in Japan. They’re internationally recognized at this point and will probably do work with American company AEW in the near future.

Chanyota was booked for a STARDOM New Blood show, which were they show off newer talent (Kind of like WWE’s NXT show). Chanyota only did the show once. But in the press conference before the show, she was seen doing piggyback lifts to STARDOM chairmen Rossy and drinking raw eggs.

She hasn’t been booked since. But she probably does have a busy schedule with doing JAV shoots. Her promotion, a much smaller Japanese promotion called P.P.P. Tokyo, only does events once or twice a month.

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Forgot a word, an advertiser for STARDOM complained about a JAV star doing their show.

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My fave Chanyota titles so far:


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Chanyota lifting the chairman of STARDOM Rossy

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Is there somewhere online that has ancient JAV (ie: 80's - 90's)? Love to have more of pic related.

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>got my hands on Yui Kasumi FHD titles
>about to delete my SD stuff of her
huh...the FHD is superior visually but I feel a strange sadness deleting those SD titles, so weird

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Remu is too pure

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Rieko Hiraoka drinking her son’s piss


From JKNK-094

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This is the most Korean thing I have seen

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>sing the imperial anthem
>but mooom....
>i'll drink your piss

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how did she end up so thirsty for young cocks ? what happened ?

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she's a war survivor and adult males are a scarcity in times of war

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this nationalist hag is deceptively sexy and lewd

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MEYD-704, brother.
Julia is your friend's hot mom and she seduces you. The whole thing in in POV. Pretty much as kino as it gets.

Julia as hot mommy seducing her daughters boyfriend. It's basically the same gimmick as with Oppai's "GF's older sister" series but with mommy activities instead.
I started to notice that Julia's moans got a lot deeper here than during what most people would consider her "prime". I'm definitely a big fan of that. And I'm also a big fan of the "mommy seducing a younger guy" trope. I'd love to see more of her in this role.

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You sugarcoat the story. The truth is that her man left with a much younger spoil of war and she takes her revenge this way.

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Why are Mako Oda's tits so unique shaped ? I can't stop staring at them

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her and chitose seem to have the same implant type

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chitose is natural

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>170GB in new AV files

t-this will never end, will it sirs?

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>filled a 500gb drive in 2 days

>> No.41845686

join the handbrake masterrace sirs!

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>made it to 500gb after 6 years
slow and steady...

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>after all...

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i love this homely pachinko addict


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Serious question:
Would you marry your favorite AV star knowing her past and realizing its very public what she does?

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I love the way she looks on the right here.
Of course I would. But I would probably pick a pretty Japanese woman who isn't a porn star over her if given the choice.

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Sir, before we can consider your question, you must REDEEM this NSFW picture with great immediacy and urgency

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no, i'm going to need a girl who isn't batshit insane to spend the rest of my life with even if she's a 5~6/10 in looks

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she's very pretty, her freckles+pale face and thicker eyebrows is very cute
but wtf are those stretch marks on her stomach? she a fkn mom? also her boobs are a letdown but I prefer them to stay natural

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>she a fkn mom?

>> No.41845914

wait rly?

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What's wrong with yogurt?

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Can anyone upload to this to some tube sites like spankbang or xvideos?

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Yes, I'm the cuck

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Hoarding is a mental disease

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my theory with bad nosejobs is that if you're petite then any normal nose is still going to stand out (literally haha), which is why they always opt for this insane minimal nose which looks way too scuffed
the nose in webm-rel already had work done - you can see the squished nostrils and the pointyness of the tip

>> No.41846017

She changed it again since that webm

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yessir, it looks smaller now

>> No.41846039

poor child will have to watch her get pissed on and gangbanged by negros lmao

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can someone explain me whats going on with mudr113? it comes one version with mute voices and instead what I imagine might be subs in japanese and one normal, the fuck?

>> No.41846069

Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok lookin ass.

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man i want to get pampered by this premium hag sfm

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of course, i still love her

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She did piss jobs?

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>> No.41846176


name + tag "piss drinking"

You can do it anon.

>> No.41846178

Absolutely not.
And i'm not against women being their sexy selves either. I just want it to be directed at the object of their royalty, one at a time.

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Please dont make me this, I need it!!!!

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>object of their royalty

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Any good blowjob actress recently? Just to save your time, I am already a fan of Airi Natsume, Nozomi Mashio, and Yumika Saeki.

>> No.41846251

hijiri maihara always does a good job of getting deepthroated

>> No.41846259

asami sena
nana maeno
nanami yokomiya

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I love her performances but I'm not sure her blowjob skills are at the level where it's her speciality
I could be persuaded though, any standout codes, good sir?

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Wtf is wrong with her mouth!!

>> No.41846296

man i love japs but the gals have such nasty gum-teeth. Probably good for blows but hard on the eyes

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Kano is still going strong even after more than 10 years in business. It'll be a big loss like Yuuno when she'll retire.

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Is this time where I put the tinfoil and say the Japanese police may also have influence in telling Pixiv what R-18 stuff they can't do?

>> No.41846341

literally just look at her recent releases

>> No.41846347

She fkn strong she shouldn't be doing porn she can find a career in other entertainment

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Hi I'm here to collect the sex I'm owed.

>> No.41846436

Just give me the code!!!
Im going insane!!!!

>> No.41846457

Dey trough her inside a drain and yous she mouf as a got dam toilet!

>> No.41846512

my dick is at such a girth and length I likely won't ever be able to marry a normal girl anyways. Might as well get a menhera size queen like most AV actresses

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there there

>> No.41846525

why the fuck doesn't she do any mommy/shota javs ?

>> No.41846537

I hate you all!!
I hate you!!
Im going to harm myself and its all your fault!!!
I only asked for the fucking code!!
Aaahhhhh aaahhhhhh!!!!

>> No.41846566

Can you show me?

>> No.41846572

I want to fkn enjoyyy

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Only a whore can satiate my sexual desires. I would prefer that she retires though, don't like the idea of her whoring herself out for other men.

>> No.41846725

She did a few /ss/ titles with glory quest but it doesn't really work. Give her time to ripen

>> No.41846949

Who's this?

>> No.41846967

Liking Ena Satsuki, Meisa Kawakita, Hana Shirato, Mei Satsuki, Non Kohana, Rino Yuiki, Kasumi Tsukino and Tenen Kanon is killing my HDD's space

Some other freelancers don't even release 10% holy shit

>> No.41847003

Mai Kanahari

>> No.41847017

Why is finding a good lez+strap-on JAV so hard, I don't know whether it's Japanese autism on femininity and there's just barely any, or it's lack of good tagging/naming

>> No.41847081

This was her best nose. It's too small now. Still adore her, though.

>> No.41847082

Kek even worse I forgot about Himari Kinoshita and Hana Himesaki

>> No.41847100

Thanks, dear.

>> No.41847130


I think Ai Kano may have gone to the same place.

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>Mai Kanahari
I searched that name and Google suggested me Mai Hanakari. I guess that's the correct name. Thank you.

>> No.41847210

yeah, my dyslexia got the best of me

>> No.41847224


>> No.41847245

>Mai Hanakari.
Hmmm...seems she is done a title with Suzu Monami.


Think I will take a look.

>> No.41847410

only my wife and random newhalf escorts get to see it

>> No.41847487

Why you fuck tranos?
Are you a faggot maricón?

>> No.41847627

if Socrates were alive today he would be swimming in bussy

>> No.41847658


While I mostly agree all those protein shakes and gym time certainly isn't cheap. I think she could have did it without jav working at Family Mart or something until her wrestling career took off but it would have been nowhere near as easy. She probably works out 5 times a week, while jav shoots only last a couple of days a month. This way she gets fucked for a few days a month then can resume her real passion.

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Why does Aika use these filters that make her look like an alien?

>> No.41848027

Have you see Kurea's instagram?

>> No.41848038

she doesn't look much better without them

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You think she's the only one?

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Not that bad. Just a lot of forehead
No, but she is the most extreme example I've seen.

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Japan has gone too far...

>> No.41848103


>> No.41848112


>> No.41848123

what the doggu doin?

>> No.41848136

you guys are taking this too seriously
it's just a silly filter to look "haha weirdly cute look", nothing more

>> No.41848149

yeah, like Shoko in 2019, just filter bro

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>japanese girls make themselves look more anime-like
>anons freak out

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