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for some time now, i detect a high amount of trolling going on /jp/ by some lonely cave troll.
well to you i say: join us. you know you want to. why troll us? come on, don't be afraid, we are nice people. not like the people in wherever you came from. we are your friends, like it or not.

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Parsee is a lot like many anons on /jp/.

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Get out.

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go away kog devs!!

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stop the hate. they are just poor souls, like you. they just being assholes about it. like you are right now.

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trolls are trolls, weather they lurk under a bridge or behind a proxy. they are just lonly and jealous people.
join us, and you will be lonely no more. even if it's just us, you will finally have friends.
what do you say?

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I like using acid to destroy trolls, but fire works equally as well to kill them.

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don't lie /jp/ can't tell a troll from a serious person.

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ib ralph

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join us, son

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As a troll, this kind of thinly-veiled, but nevertheless desperate begging to stop trolling does nothing but make my throbbing cock swell even more.

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you have finally found friends. it's only natural you will feel good.

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The best way to deal with trolls is to stuff their corpse in a chest and lock it.

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This doesn't work on Mokous, sadly.

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we love trolls. /jp/ is heaven for trolls because we love trolls. after all, trolls are just one step away from us.

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I don't love trolls. Bastards keep respawning and I have to keep killing them over and over. But these days I just lure them to a chest and lock them in, works like a charm.

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that is a bit heartless. wouldn't transforming them into one of us be more efficiant way to deal with them?

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Don't they break out of containers after reviving?

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That's why you lock it. They can't revive if you lock it.
Fuck no, wand of polymorph charges are valuable.

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forgot my parsee

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well jp is rather slow. if we transform trolls to /jp/s the trolling would decress and normal threads would increase.
also, trolls are quite close to us. it's like the differance between CN and CN. no really, we are really that close. transforming them would only take a good roll in diplomatics.

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Like /jp/ could ever get a good diplomacy roll. You seen our collective charisma score? It's not pretty.

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it's ok, there are enough trolls in this thread *badum-push*
anyway a troll is second level. do you know what first level is?

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how about a roll in dissection? i mean medical treatment. surely our wisdom is good enough to try?

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and third level is oni, left the human kind long ago to live underground, have supreme prowess in some areas and nasty case of addiction.
and than a satori. they can allready see what you really mean whan you are talking, they can tell what you are thinking whan you are not.
I'm too far from the cat and reven stage to know what those mean, but i will get there someday.

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/jp/? Wise? Hahaha.

No, the only way to deal with trolls is cold steel and a box.

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Your first mistake is judging touhous by their stages. They deserve better than that. Much, much better than that.

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lets arrange them by their actual value, shall we?

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ofc we are. from reading the vns. normal porn does not have deep plot. ok, some vns don't have deep plot.

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When it comes to felling a troll, Satori is the only one that has a chance.

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forgot to mention satori sorounds herself with beings that can not hurt her, and which she have great affection for.
i think many of us are allready at the 4th stage.

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nah. recognizing a troll is actually pretty easy. the hard part is only how to prevent those who didn't recognize him from falling to his mouth.

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You never notice high-level trolls, you say? Why do you think that is?

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i now get it, i finally get it
rin, okuu= third eye's pets
jp pets= figurines and doujins

one day i will become a touhou. so awasome :)

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i don't think you are asking what you think you are asking.

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perhaps it's meant more personality-wise?
like if you really adore marisa you might start acting like her

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There is a very real difference between Satori's pets and /jp/'s doujins and figurines. One is real and alive, the other is not.

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No, this is how Parsee deals with Christmas.

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its time for some festively rough Oni sex

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No, this is how Yuugi deals with Parsee.

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her horn isn't that big

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