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Where the hell do I download this at? I tried TT and easymodo text search and found nothing.

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You don't. Welcome to comiket, new friend.

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You buy it like everybody else.

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Ask Pooshlmer.

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Sorry OP, but this was a one-time sale at C77, so it has no scans up. Come back next year.

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>ZUN's games sell for roughly $30
>Walfas's children's book sells for roughly $11

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You're implying no other one-time-sales have been scanned and that it is impossible to buy doujins from resellers.

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Then prove me otherwise. Nobody has scanned the Walfas book, and nobody will.

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I'm not disputing that. I'm just saying that someone could, if they had the time, will, and money.

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Junior high school English textbook.

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We don't want it to learn English. We want it because it looks so adorable!

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I want it to learn Japanese.

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Get the fuck out

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Walfas stuff is cute. Japanese agree. Sorry bro, but you're in the minority.

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You dumb? I'm saying that more people like walfas' art than hate it.

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I find it hilarious that you call that art.

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Oh, you're one of those people. Carry on.

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Sure, everyone that disagrees with you is a samefag, right?

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Some of us like the simple designs and silly animations. If you don't like this thread, ignore it, and move on. Is that difficult?

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I'm not him, but there's a lot more pointing to samefag than just "disagrees with me." Near-identical posts, one saging and then bumping after realizing his mistake... it's got samefag written all over it.

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Simple designs are lovely.

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Well, it isn't

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Get out walfas devs

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Why would a samefag make near identical posts and make it so obvious anyway? It's so obvious it can't be true.

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Looks like someone mocking him to me.

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where can I find more walfas?

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Why would you want that?
Stupid western shit

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walfas has a site you know. hit up google cause fuck if I'm doing it for you

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