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What is the Japanese furry fandom like?

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They are special like you.

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As quiet as any other messed up fetish is on the nippon side.

Pixiv tag ケモノ is a good 2000 pages strong, to note.

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That's tiny by Pixiv standards

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I don't know or care, but some of their art is cute and/or fappable.

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No, it's tiny by 東方 standards.

Christ, 東方 outnumbers the entire R-18 tag.


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おむつ only has 16 pages in comparsion.

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Touhou outnumbers everything.

Pic related, it's the first pic ever tagged 東方

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I saw a few furry ones a Comiket, never met a Japanese furry though.

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That's because most of the R-18 tag IS touhou

Touhou R-18 piles up at least 5-7 pages of Touhou R-18 a day. And at 20 images a page, there's at least 120 new touhou porn pictures a day, and that's ignoring the "manga" pixiv posts that take up one spot on the tag search but can easily be 10 images or more.

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It's incredibly small. Furry is really a Western thing (albeit a disgusting, vile, fringe Western thing)

I guess you could sort of compare it to the guro fandom in Japan

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Judging by the fact that most of the pixiv art tagged kemono is cute SD art, here seem to be more pedophiles and less creepy gay people.

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Were they in fursuits?

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But I like guro and I'm not Japanese, so there must be some Japanese furries.

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>That's because most of the R-18 tag IS touhou

This is a self-defeating argument that serves no point.
The fact that the R-18 tag is outnumbered means ALL the R-18 content of every non-Touhou anything is outnumbered by the NON-R-18 Touhou content.

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This picture makes me sad.

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>But I like guro
You have problems.

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Well there is that furry eroge that was translated not too long ago.

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Only a mad man, even by otaku standards, would wear such a suit in that hell.

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Probably more furries here in the west thanks to fucking old school Disney and their obsession with animal protagonists and shit.

Kids with autism growing up with those movies as their parents spawned a generation of furries.

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