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"You wish for me to be your date? As if! I would never sully myself being seen around a plebian like you! Get out of my sight before I have you killed!"

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Thats okay cause I wanna becomes flan's caretaker till she breaks my body entirely and sakuya recycles me

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No, I don't want to date a washboard.

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Remilia shouldn't kid herself, her loneliness will get to her eventually.

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Man, girls from Gensokyo are cruel.
Just saying "no" would've been enough.

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I'm going to jerk off into her coffin as revenge.

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She'll kill you.

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And that's a good thing

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Now I'm also going to jerk off into her coffin.

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"The rule of the SDM is, tsunderes get spankings. So would you rather it be from myself or from Sakuya, Remimi?"

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You wouldn't have the balls to say something like this to Remilia's face.

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I know that Remimi is a cowardly little girl who folds up in the face of pressure.

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Remilia I gotta tell you, this roleplay thing ain't doing it for me. Can you try to be a bit more bratty and less stuck-up?

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You'd die before you could finish that sentence

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back to the basement then I guess

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Doesn't matter. When I get to "spankings", her womb will start twitching too hard for her to do anything to me.

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God that feel when no cute vampire loli ojou-sama

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I wish I was Sakuya

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my lungs

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don't we all?

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Remilia will NEVER date you.

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Ok i will date your friend instead

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Milady!, I've been an insolent cur and I must be punished!
Please drag me across the floor like the worthless dog I am!
Please drink my blood!, insult me more!, kick me!, please look down on me with disgust!.
I do not deserve to be more than a blood bag for you!, a living footstool!
Use my body as you please, Milady!, please abuse me to your heart's content!

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footstool and food. that's what humans are

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>how one anon repulses the love of his life in ONE interaction

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Taking advice from Sakuya wasn't the best idea in retrospect...

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