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I saw this and I thought of you /jp/

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First of all you didn't 'see' anything. Just admit you were surfing youtube for 3D wapanese shit you pathetic swine.

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Why does she always look fucking shocked, it's terrifying.

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Read the fucking doujin.

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>Read the fucking doujin.
>implying there is a doujin on this weeaboo cunt

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Oh, I thought you were talking about Kanako.

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She's not that annoying, but for some reason I want to cleanse her off the face of Earth.

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>Kitty cat edition
>doesn't mention mona
wtf man.

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Fuck, that sure is fucking retarded

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How does it feel to have your mind and penis in conflict, Anon? Usually it's in unison, your mind working for you to fap, but what about now?

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That was fucking terrifying. God, those eyes... I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

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Are you talking about that camwhore? Her face at best is average. Maybe even below average if it wasn't for her makeup. And the giant tits are a huge turn off for most of /jp/. Unlike most /jp/ers, I don't mind tits. But when tits are that huge they become eyesores. And on top of that they appear to have an ugly shape that doesn't go well with her small hips. She's obviously a fat /y/ fangirl that lost some weight.

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