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Why are Koyukkuri so cute?

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and then he steps on them

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So kawaii~

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Honestly they usually deserve it.

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Koyukkuri abuse thread?

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after seeing this, for the first time in my life, I wanted to kill a Yukkuri.

;_; what have you done to me???

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they did it to you

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Would a koyukkuri be okay if it were in my mouth for a while? No biting, chewing, or tongue mashing. Just letting it take it easy in there for a very long time...

There might be some saliva, though.

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Goddamn I want to kill these little pieces of shit so much, they just piss me off so much.

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You're a jerk

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I think it has to do with their giant black eyes staring directly at your soul.

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It's a piece of Bread, your saliva will melt it's body.

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i want eat one

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i want throw one.

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Wake up, see this, what do?

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Killing them's no fun. You people have no imagination.

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Torturing them, then killing them, is where it's at

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What a weird fetish

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so nanocar

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>so nano car

dohoho, well played.

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They can be cute, like in the OP picture, but they can be really annoying too, like in >>4164505. I still don't like the abuse pics, though.

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Meiling is awesome

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I would love a Yukkureimu, Yukkuri meirin, Yukkuri Youmu, and Yukkuri Alice pet.

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Trolling yukkuri would be so much fun. Not physical abuse, things like giving them spoiled food

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/r/ing that one with the melted sugar abuse

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>more than one

Oh god no. They would reproduce too fast. You'd be swamped.

Personally I would want just a Patchouli Koyukkuri. I would snuggle with her and read books :3

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Thats still physical abuse

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Even though I usually like yukkuri abuse, I kind raised my eyebrow at this one...

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those poor koyukkuri

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God, I have an overwhelming desire both to hug them and to smash them.

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Yukkuri abuse is fine when they're acting like jerks.

I don't like it when they're just being cute, though...

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It's pretty jerkish when THEY BREATHE MY FUCKING AIR.

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Except they don't. They never do. They don't need to breathe. They don't have lungs to do so, or even a brain that needs it. It's unknown how they even make sound, but air transfer isn't necessary.

... Maybe.

Thank god they're complete fiction with no canon at all other than appearance, right?

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Yukkuri are quite possibly the most pathetic existence ever thought up. Even lemmings are superior.

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This is why I love yukkuri abuse.

Their pain and suffering is cute.

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Yukkuri abuse threads always make me happy.

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What about Jissous?

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It doesn't take much knowledge of Earth's creatures to prove this wrong.

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Damn, me too.

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Not everyone remembers the original apparently.

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I still haven't seen any Jissou/yukkuri crossover.

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I have but it wasn't hilarious.

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I certainly don't remember them ever being cute. As far as I've seen, they've always been an effigy of suiseiseki used for abuse.

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That's just disturbing.

For some reason I don't mind the yukkuri abuse, but this is different.

Perhaps because it looks more human, or perhaps because it shits itself when you hit it.

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Yuyuko and Akyuu know their shit.

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Damn Mokou is flexible.

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This guy's stories are the best. A shame he doesn't do any anymore.

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Soooooooooooooooo... they are filled with jelly now? Like some kind of bread snack?

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Always have been. They are manju. Their filling changes depending on the touhou.

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That's "manda guu"

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I'd like to have a little Yukkuri companion, maybe a Cirno Yukkuri to keep my cool in the summer.

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>Yukkuri are quite possibly the most pathetic existence ever thought up.
Well, almost.

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Cirnoff is the best Yukkuri

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I'd keep her in my pants

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enjoy your frostbite

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Cirno is actually quite warm, see details in Hisoutensoku.

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