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Sakuya and Meiling love each other, and you were adopted.

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Reimu's sprite was too damn big.

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Good concept, bad execution. Patterns were either simple or random shit getting tossed at you. Were given terrible flight control. Needed multi-directional whip. Had bad level design, with a lot of "symmetry", i.e. the same room and enemies over and over again.

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A big diappointment.

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But they'll never love her as much as their real child?

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Awesome art
Not-so-awesome game

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Nothing to discuss.

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This, the game kinda sucked.
It was nice to see what they accomplished, but actually playing it was ass.

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Awesome music too.

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So much potential...

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i wan't this game with a better gameplay.

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Good game. The no hitbox thing made it rather interesting for me.

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I don't get it. I for once actually enjoyed the game.

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>Koumajou Densetsu


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Is there rip of CG of this somewhere??

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Is that so? I thought OP was referring to EoSD. How silly of me.

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>rip of CG of this
What the flying fuck am I reading?

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I guess those who say this game sucks had Super Castlevania IV in their heads.

Whipping in 8 directions is cool and stuff, but come on...

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he probably means the in game portraits extracted from the game
or am I missing something vital?

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No it sucked because it was bad. The music, art and idea all were awesome but the core gameplay was meh at best.

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How bad? The controls are at least average, the sprites are greatly animated, The stage may be repetative, but don't tell me that's the reason it sucked.

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no, but there is fanart

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slow movements, long time between pressing attack bottun and actual attack
i felt like i was playing a lumbering hulk rather than an agile shrine maiden with a whip.

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don't forget the boss AI

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Tell me more

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It wasn't just that; I thought the movement and hitboxes felt awkward compared to playing a Castlevania game.
I stopped playing after Sakuya, does it get much harder?

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and that's it. no flandre since i ripped that before the guy added her.

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They have naked heads.

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You are awesome!!
Also same artist??

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Care to share a Pixiv tag?

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That's something totally different, as far as I think.

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Holy shit, bug eyes.

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Yeah same artist :

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well she is. if she wasn't lawfull, she wouldn't have stayed at the basement, and if she wasn't good gensokyo would have been gone by now.

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at best, she's chaotic neutral

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you are now aware that gensokyo really did exist, until keine removed it and thus we have this shitty reality. tnx a lot, kaine!

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She only stayed in the basement because she enjoys it, being a NEET and all.

She's neutral.

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well that's a new one

why all the insane people get the cheotic natural alligment?
i know that CN -> not sane, but that does not work both ways

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CN can also be a sane "What's in it for me and my buddies" personality.

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>long time between pressing attack bottun and actual attack
Just how many Castlevania games have you played?

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i admit, not many.
but reimu was still moving around like a hulk. gracefully, but slow.

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>>4164006, >>4164040, >>4164033, >>4164027
I made a shitty graph. The blue dot marks Flan-chan, or at least how I see her.

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Personally, I think Reimu was rather agile and easy to control.
Except when she was flying, that sucked a lot, but you have to do it, if you don't want to have your ass kicked.

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make also one of those

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reimu is not a vempire slayer from anchient urupe, she is the wonderfull shrine maiden of paradise
as a castlevania game, it was nice, but the sprites made me think she will move swifter

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Where is Remilia's right leg?

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Also note that many Classic-vania games are stiff when comes to jumping. In this game, Reimu jumps so well it's easy to manuver.

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IIRC there was some bullshit in this game regarding the controls - you couldn't whip in air, or you couldn't whip upwards, or something. I don't remember specifically what and starting the game and checking myself would take too much effort. In any case, I thought it was stiff.

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>moving around like a hulk. gracefully, but slow.
Welcome to Castlevania.

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It had dull level design and bad boss/enemy AI. It sort of ruined the game.

Good art, sprites, and music though. The controls weren't great but it wasn't a big problem.

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>vempire slayer from anchient urupe