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/jp/ has been missing the nightly ronery thread lately. I'm here to correct that.


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It's 11:21 am.

Also, go back to /a/. People on /jp/ have girlfriends and social life.

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Neither a picture nor words can describe my roneryness.

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>>People on /jp/ have girlfriends and social life.

No they don't. Get the fuck out.

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Ronery threads belong in /jp/. Moot agreed, don't bother him about it.

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>Also, go back to /a/. People on /jp/ have girlfriends and social life.

I guess this is why they call this forum Japan/General ROFL XD

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Every time I look at this, every fucking time I swear I just want to kiss her.

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give me socks so i wont be ronery no more.

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Unhappy face is unhappy

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fuck, that's hot!

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that can't be good for her

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fuck you jerks, get back to being lonely, ALONE.

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No, you are the jerks.
And then anonymous was a meanie.

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sorry, but i got a date.


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nobody knows where this is from (T_T)

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And hopefully we ne'er will.

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i hopes you die in fire

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>>415885 (T_T)

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i know, i want moar too (T_X)

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Shit is WAY to early in the morning.


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Squinting my eyes in the morning sun, I turn away from the window. My gaze rests upon her body. Eyes closed, she looks absolutely calm. Her chest moves quietly up and down as she breaths. I roll towards her and embrace her, the smell of her messy hair penetrates my nostrils. Slowly, she wakes up as I watch her; her lips draw a lazy smile.
"Hey," she yawns, moving closer. "Want breakfast?"
"Not right now," I answer, kissing her forehead. "Let's just lie down here for a while."

"Alright." She gives me that catlike smile she knows I love, closing her eyes. She looks so careless and happy right now.

Squinting my eyes in the morning sun, I look beside me. Once again, I woke up hugging the pillow. I roll away from the stabbing rays of the morning sun, chasing the vanishing memories of that sweet dream.
"Another year's gone by." I say aloud to the empty bedroom. A small, humorless smile finds its way onto my face when nobody replies. Stumbling towards the computer, I turn on the monitor for the morning ritual. A few new releases downloaded in the night from the RSS torrent; some spam that managed to get past the filters.
I sigh loudly, slumping into the old chair, almost not wanting to hit the bookmark. 4chan is always a mess this time of the year.
I catch myself sighing once again. The sound of the automatic coffee machine lures me into the kitchen with promises of a better day and my fix of glucose and caffeine. Holding my cup, I look out the silent apartment into the busy streets.
"Another valentine's."

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