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"Shut the fuck up *******. Jesus Christ. Everytime you say something it's dripping with negativity. Is there anything that will make you less of a prick?"

Is this how everyone perceives me? When did I turn into Mr. Negativity? I blame you fucks for making me like this.

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You turn into Mr. Negativity when you show other people that you have your eyes open to what's bad about the world. Since the others don't want their blinkered view of the world being disrupted, and don't want to see what's bad, they shun you and call you needlessly negative so that their illusion is not damaged in any way.

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Shut up, you're not even the real Sacchin, just some weird abomination spawned from tatari.
Just make an army of vampires at your feet and you'll never be alone again...
stupid bitch...

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not your blog, prick.

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fuck you for posting sacchin with your shitty blog post.

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Did someone say that to you? Maybe you'd be less of a prick if you'd put some effort into preventing that and less finding someone to blame it on.

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You could just try being a nice guy with no ulterior motives, op.

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Indeed, the trick to fitting in is to think as little as possible.

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Nice get.

Now, most people just like to have superficial discussions. When they ask 'How are you today' you answer 'Fine' and then it degrades to bullshit. But yeah, I assume that you have to be more positive.

Remember what that bitch said about 'Without love it (the truth) can't be seen' ? Well, 's something like that. If you don't hold love for (your) life then everything will always be shit. Seeing always the negative side of things is easy and fucking stupid. Try to find a middle ground, will you?

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Please cease and desist with your spamming on our website /jp/.com and return to /r9k/.net many thanks and hugs from tiny loli

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Now you're just being a shitty tsundere.

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