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Evangeline can kill Flandre. Discuss.

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I`d have sex with adult Flandre and Eva.

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What the fuck is wrong with her eyes

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Eva > Flandre > Remilia > Arc > Moka > Mina

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I remember when /jp/ used to have power level threads. Good times.

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Correction, Yukari could kill both of them. She could just open up a boundary to some unknown dimension and just throw them in there, then seal it.

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Eva has some dimension travel magic.

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Dear Ken: Please give Eva more screentime
Dear ZUN: Please bring Flandre back.

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Dimensions ≠ boundaries.

Even if Eva can travel through dimensions Yukari could just seal the interdimensional boundaries.

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No Yukari cant do this.

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More feet!

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hurr durr power levels

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Dimensions have boundaries. More specifically, the limits of each of their time/space continuums AND whatever field or limit separates one dimension from another.

Yukari can just take whatever dimension Eva is in and manipulate the limits (or "boundaries") that separate that dimension from another, thus preventing her from dimensional shifting.

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No she cant do shit like this.
heck she can`t even beat moonnazis.

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They're cheaters, though.

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And Yukari isn`t?

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I think that if she can manipulate at least time/space boundaries then she would be perfectly able to walk on water and shit like in that picture.


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If Flandre went serious and crazy, I'm more likely to believe she could [destroy] Eva with her destruction ability. Eva's regeneration limit is unknown, so it's hard to factor that in.

But Eva is a better fighter, and is smarter. Absolute Zero Flandre for knock out...maybe.

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Tohonifun needs to do a crossover with Eva.

The strongest vampire, the strongest race you say?

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No, fuck you, man.

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The Lunarians are stronger than Yukari.

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Where is my Demonbane version?

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I guess I can give it a try someday, but all I have is some pasta.

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Patchouli is the strongest

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