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why don't japs like football? is it because we nuked their mothers in vietnam?

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Nobody likes that shitty game.

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Nips love football. What are you talking about?

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It's not hugely popular but it's not unheard of either, I don't think that equals out to them not liking it.

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Whoops, you missed /sp/.

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My team lost, fuck you.

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They should've just used Starship 7.

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foot ball doesn't have enough men with girl faces
and there are also alot of black people the japenese hate anything darker than their women's brown/yellow anuses

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I was about to say the tiny Japanese people couldn't tackle very well but I would love to see those niggers try and take on some sumo.

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Sumo wrestlers would make horrible linebackers

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>my team
>implying you've ever played a sport at all, let alone professionally.

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>implying that sumo isn't what linebackers do

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Just because you were a bench warmer doesn't mean you were an integral part of the foozball team ಠ3ಠ

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You make a horrible troll.

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Yet sumo wrestlers would make terrible linebackers.

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>we nuked their mothers in vietnam

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It's not football. It's handegg.

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That's the shittiest reaction face I have ever seen in my entire life.

What is wrong with you.

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I played football. Most boring shit ever. Then again, I was an offensive lineman.

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I was being scouted from the first time I was on the field, and even moreso after I was injured and still playing. ಠ3ಠ

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You were probably terrible. The quarterback would like to thank you for ruining his chance to get a scholarship.

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>doesn't post a better reaction face

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scouted by pedophiles maybe

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I was a running back in high school. felt good man

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Now you're a loser with no friends. How does it feel?

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what's the matter charlie, can't read english that isn't printed on the bottom of an american soldier's shit stomping boot?! mothafucknut!

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Cowboys vs. Chargers


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>Cowboys vs. Chargers

That's a weird way to spell "Ravens"

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GAYvens is more like it

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I even live in the US, and I just never "got it".
I find it extremely boring and a big waste of resources.
Though I guess it doesn't waste as much space as golf fields.

But to be fair I'm not interested in most sports.

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LOL, surely you JEST!

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>my face when /sp/ was on /jp/, my 2 favorite boards

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Sumowrestlers would make great linemen.
Shit i'd bet a sumowrestler with no handegg experience whatsoever would make a damn good offensive run blocker.

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>implying Cardinals v. Chargers superbowl won't happen

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I hope you like dragons because that's all you be seeing.

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fuck yeah, revis

Too bad the Sanchise is a fucking idiot. And his porno stash looks horrible.

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They're sensible enough to realize that it's fucking pointless and boring. If I wanted to watch large things ramming each other, I'd find a mech anime with more close range weapons.

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But the Nips like football...

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He's getting a bit better, though. It's a shame, however, to see such an outstanding offensive line have a sort of okay QB. Give Aaron Rodgers that O-Line and... well... yeah.

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Shiiiit, and here I thought I was the only /jp/sie on /sp/ for non-raid reasons here!

Feels good, bro!

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I threw up a little.

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That's why Japan barely lost in Overtime to America in the international american football championship right? because they don't care?

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Ehh... dunno if sumos could be good pass protectors.

Their first instinct will be to push forward and rush forward. They'd be keen on running downfield or something, not focused on adjusting footwork to protect someone behind him like a QB.

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We'll never forget you, Brent.

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>implying any pro's pay in the international games

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You'd think the japs would do one on Scott Fujita....

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just make them defensive linemen

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I love when people who watch things on tv think it means they know everything about it.

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/sp/ is such a fun board to visit even though I know nothing about sports.

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I didn't imply that, I'm just saying. You think America would dominate regardless if the pros were in it or not, Japan competed and almost won. Of course they weren't on the NFL's level.

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Feeling left out?

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I've been searching but I cannot find this event you are saying happened. Link?

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No, I'd much rather be the only one here who actually knows a thing about it instead of being one of you who thinks they know everything with zero actual knowledge or experience on the subject.

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It won't. Warner is going to out-dragon BREES, then proceed to get resmashed by either the Cowgirls or Old Man Farve!

Enjoy getting burnt on every flea-flicker, bootleg, swingout pass, and reverse handoff play in the book. Sumo's carry short burst power, so they can clog up the box nicely, but anything bouncing to the outside will have you pretty much fucked. Also, can you say "NO BLITZING EVER!"?

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yeah, if you torrent it you're much more of an expert. typical hypocritical weeaboo that thinks they are superior to everyone.

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>resmashed by the cowgirls
>implying the last time the teams played the cardinals didn't fucking style all over them

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Except in my case I really am superior.

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heh, nice one

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The only reason the Cardinals won their last game was because the Packers' D was horrible (plus that helmet-to-helmet call that never was).

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I meant the cowboys, what the fuck are you going on about?

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I have no idea what I'm talking about. Poor reading comprehension.

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>I played football. Most boring shit ever. Then again, I was an offensive lineman.
This is another way of saying you were fat in highschool
I played tackle.

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He's talking about Cards/Pack, and BAWWWin about Rodgers got H2H'd during the fumble that won the Cards the game. H2H? Facemask? Tuck Rule? All I hear is BAWWWW! You Packfags wanted a new Brett Farve, and you have Rodgers coughing up the crucial games for you. Shouldn't you all be overjoyed!?

On-topic: Japan

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What the fuck is this shit doing in /jp/?

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Tight end in high school, which with a normal football team would mean I'd have some semblance of speed within me, but my school was garbage and considered TE just another down lineman.

Seeing a giant white guy run pass routes every so often had to be amusing, though.

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The helmet-to-helmet call was on the play right before the fumble actually. He got facemask'd on the fumble.

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What!? White TEs are more dangerous than a white dude rollin' with a gang of Crips on the south side of Compton!

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Still fucking crying about the NO CALL

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I'm sorry but it's really annoying when bad officiating ruins good games.

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Cardinals fan here, I didn't complain during the super bowl, get over it, the refs are retarded some times.

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take this back to /sp/

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What did you think about that field goal kick that was A LITTLE TO THE LEFT?

Personally, I felt really bad for the kicker. It could've caused them to lose the game were it not for the fumble.

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