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What game is this, /jp/?

/v/ wouldn't know, they're Amerigaijin, etc

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That's not a game; it's a mmorpg.

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kana says Bright Kingdom Online

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Are you illiterate? It clearly says ブライトキングダムオンライン right there on the picture in bold letters.

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>massive multiplayer online role playing game

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It's called Fiesta and I feel bad for knowing this.

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not him but i think it was a joke about how mmorpgs are the worst filth in the caste of games.

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It looks pretty fruity.

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How can you people play these games anyway? They're literally all the same game. Even WoW is boring as shit.

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alternatively, ブライキングボッス

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Looks like what some bitter faggot who spent 300 days inside a crappy mmo would say. Everything can be enjoyed with moderation. I stopped playing WoW at the end of WoW Vanilla, never went hardcore, and I can easily say it was one of the best videogame experiences I ever had. But it's something you only enjoy one time.

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Brain damage, poor taste, etc.

At least regular RPGs offer character development, plot, and good music. MMORPGs only offer grinding and text quest boxes to kill 10 boars.

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You say that like you wouldn't play a Touhou mmorpg. Classes: fairy, human, youkai.
Factions: SDM, Eientei, Moriya Shrine

Wait, no, I wouldn't play it.

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Fairies would have to be nerfed immediately due to being the strongest

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>I can easily say it was one of the best videogame experiences I ever had

Not a big gamer?

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Stop it, people can like things you don't

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Your usual 22 years old male playing video games since he was 6. Currently owning a NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, DS, PSP, PSone, N64, PS2, GC and PS3. And my CPU.

And I'll say it again, WoW Vanilla was one of my best experiences. I'm glad I stopped back then, before I started being bored of the game but too addicted to stop. It's because of that kind of people that mmorpgs (and WoW) have such a bad image. Fuck, if you're bored, stop playing the damn game.

Honestly, I think anybody who has never played any MMO should try once.
Yeah, when it's the first time you're doing it, it's fun to kill 10 boars in order to get a crappy sword. It's fun to trade with people and scam them, to explore dungeons, to buy new spells, to buy a mount, to kill a raid boss. What isn't fun is doing that every day of your life for 5 years.

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it's pretty fun and lively, the chars have kinda anime style, the skills are cool and the classes are balanced, you level up with fair ammount exp; it's a decent game to hang around for a while

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>>big gamer
>>no Saturn or Dreamcast

Sup /v/.

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Not really. It's like saying Naruto is the best anime I've ever watched. Thats true if you haven't watched much anime. If WoW is the best gaming experience you've had in your life you either suck at games and have no friends, or you haven't played many video games.
PS. Mario party is the best video game experience for me.
PPS. This should go to /v/ or something

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