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Yukari-sama, so good

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What the fuck.

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Cropping picture.

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that looks quite accurate to me

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me on the left

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what a tease.

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Me on bottom, third from the left.

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More accurate.

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Man, I just hate when that happens. Here I am fapping, and black shit and eyes get on my dick. Really ruins my day, ya know?

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where did she took him to, in hades?

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You see the portals in your picture?
Yukari is a damn monster and it woul'd be wrong to assume that she is nice to everyone just because she is BFF with Reimoo.
Even Mannosuke get's the chills thinking about her so OPs pic is such of an unrealistic scenario.

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She's not even letting him lick her breasts.

How can you call that nice.

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Looks like PCB Yukari to me.

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