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/m/ here. Heard moot is gonna give this place the axe. That kinda sucks. We've got a couch if you need a place to crash, though.

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moot is going to axe every single board and no boards at once.

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go away ROB

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Don't do it! /jp/ is the type who will accept your offer and five months later will still be in your couch, not paying rent and saying that its trying to find a job and the stress from job hunting causes it to eat all your food, shit on the floor and play touhou all day.

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>We've got a couch if you need a place to crash, though.

I'll be chillin there when MLA or Baldr Sky gets translated and you guys have discussions about it.

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>Implying R.O.B. is /m/

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Not-so-clever ruse by /a/ to stop us from improving their board once /jp/ gets the axe.

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Thanks, /m/.
But that was just some troll:

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>>implying that is ROB

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age for Delicious Komachi tits!