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What makes western otaku fanbases so aggressive towards each other? I'm not saying japanese fans don't fight, but they seem more willing to keep to themselves.
It feels like a lot of western fans are very eager to throw shit at one another. And even if you disregard franchise tribalism there's still excessive infighting within these communities.

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Japs are betas

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… is a good thing
Crossie slang

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>… is a good thing
only in your head

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Gatekeepign is literally the only thing that kept the western Touhou fandom from turning completly to shit in the 2010s. Gatekeeping also kept vtumors and others from /jp/ before 2020.

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i hope tumblr and twitter kills themselves, thats it. My goal is to aim for a number higher than 41%

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t. has never seen the Japanese c**kie fandom in action.

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because western supposed "otaku" are a bunch of cringe losers for the most part, especially the teenage weebs that think they have a clue and basically grew up watching anime and don't have a very good grip on reality

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>What makes western otaku fanbases so aggressive towards each other?

It's a dying civilization, people just want to use everything as a proxy for power politics to get at "the other".

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Are they? I keep myself pretty isolated.

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is the Japanese scene anything different? I mean, from an outsider's perspective, it seems that most of them are in agreement that hobbies and realpolitik should be separated from each other. I listened to this obscure podcast before that the Japanese otaku scene was split into two factions around the 70/80s, the otaku people who are more nihilistic on their outlook separated themselves to those who wanted Anime and Manga to be used as a propaganda piece for marxist agenda or something like that but I don't know if it's real or not. I do know that leftist movements were absolutely strong in Japan in the 70s

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>t. redditor faggot/tranny discord
So this is your best art, you disgusting faggot
including the idiot pedophile of mr. pelo

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Keeping to one's self is a big part of Japanese culture in general.

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If you still don't realize what the fundamental incompatibility between Western "culture" and Japanese is, you're never going to make it.
Maybe just stop posting and lurk another 10 years.

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>… is a good thing
It kills the franchise.