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/jp/ meetup

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Me on the left in 10 years

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>Russian Visual Novell

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Where is the vodka ?
Where are the potatoes ?
What a bullshit excuse for a russian VN.

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cut the shit those bitches looks awesome

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Russian detected

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Why is Dracula not doing crazy shit? There are 3, possibly 4 potential victims sitting across the fucking table...

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What kind of fish is that?

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yeah bern and labda, laugh how much you want. the're better drawned than you.

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Is this Umineko?

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Drawn like shit.
Insult to the classic.

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And what?

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Very long upper bodies.

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If you look at the red haired elf faggot, behind him is what looks to be a chair.

It's just Takeuchi level proportions, they're sitting.

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Looks more like a ripoff of Crimson Empire.

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To be fair, at least the Russians seemingly came up with something more interesting than LOL RETARD MOE, DOKI DOKI SCHOOL DAYS.

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>Dracula is in that picture

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Oh god is this an Evgenij Onjegin VN?
Why would anyone do this?

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that's not what people look like when they sit

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That's not what people look like when they shit.

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You faggots should read a decent ENGLISH VN like Heileen or play a proper dating sim like Summer Session.

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>or play a proper dating sim like Leisure Suite Larry.

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>or play a proper dating sim like Baldur's Gate.

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>or play a real visual novel like Planescape: torment.

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Adventure/puzzle game, no stats or anything like a dating sim.
Relies mostly on text choices, thus VN mechanic.

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Now that's a good idea.

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>or play a proper dating sim like Grand Theft Auto IV

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Torment should be made into a VN.

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Russian LIGIVON is on his world TOUR.
Do you have not enough ruboards?

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Fuck yeah, only this time the mc is the FACELESS one.
Japs will love it.

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What was this based on again? I don't remember that many women in Brothers Karamazov, so I must be misremembering.

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It is based on Eugeniy Onegin.
They pervert it in the vampire story (sounds funny?)

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Just a hunch.
It's fucking dracula.

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At first I was like pic related
But then, I serious'd

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