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Suppose you are the tofu shop owner in the human village, and one day Ran shows up and offer money for some fried tofu, i.e., dispite her being a youkai, she dared to show up in the human village, being civil and well mannered and all, offering to commit the human transactional behavior we humans call 'purchasing' with you for your products, an act that is normally only done with other humans. She has taken the unusual step (for her kind) to show the earnestness of doing this the human way offering human currency in exchange for what she wants, instead of ripping your head out and drinking your blood out of your neck while eating and taking away all your fried tofu in the process.
What would you do then? Would you treat her like a normal customer impartially and without prejudice? Or would you react as if a nigger showed up in your shop?

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I'd shrug my shoulders and sell her whatever she wants. It's perfectly normal in here, after all, and she's a good customer. Not to mention she can kill me in a matter of nanoseconds.

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[x] Would raep and impregnate

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What kind of silly question is that? Waifus should be treated like waifus.

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Me: Die monster! You don't belong in this world!
Me: You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves!
Ran: Perhaps the same could be said of your human shrine maiden and magician.
ME: Your words are as empty as your soul! Now get out before I grab my hunting rifle.

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>hunting rifle
enjoy your rusty knife

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Foxes really aren't the kind of youkai that would attack someone that didn't offer some great offense; most likely though she wouldn't pay for tofu, instead taking the free tofu that Rinnosuke leaves out for her.

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One of the more disgusting variety of Japanese food. Apart from uncooked fish.

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I wonder how many human heads she ripped out for all that money to by fried tofu.

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Eh, not really. It doesn't hold a candle to natto.

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>instead of ripping your head out and drinking your blood out of your neck while eating and taking away all your fried tofu in the process.

She is a fox youkai.. it's more likely she would just steal it or trick you out of it with an illusion.

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Ran the first time she succeed with monetary transaction with human.

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Well to me I would think this is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation so why not treat her nicely, because she might kill you if you say No and take the food anyway OR I can stay alive and at least get some money, perhaps a regular customer.

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Youkai shop in the human village all the fucking time
This is canon
And this thread is stupid

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You mean like demonstrating Supa Tenko?

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Would animal traps work on Ran and Chen?

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She's an incredibly powerful youkai, strong enough to be an extra boss in one game, has a servant/daughter who is strong enough to be an extra midboss in her presence, and has a master who is literally omnipotent.

So pissing her off seems like the smart thing to do.

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Youkai can tear a human limb from limb without breaking a sweat; what kind of idiot would piss one off by discriminating against it?

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Suuuuuurely Ran would know better than to kick off a fuss inside the human village? I think it is actually in Ran's interest to be civil, even if she is discriminated against.

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>animal traps

You mean Wriggle?

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Not for retards. They can go have fun on /a/ or shrinemaiden if they want.

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But it's true. This thread is pointless and OP needs to read PMiSS.

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secret relationship revealed

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She doesn't have to kick up a fuss in the human village, she can just say 'I understand.' go home, call in a favor with Yukari and suddenly you get transported via gap into a male Turkish prison colony.

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Even Yukari have political reasons not to mess with the humans in the human village.

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If you're that big of a douche, I don't think her gapping you into buttfuckland would cause any trouble with the village. They'd probably be glad to get rid of you.

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I laughed a little.

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You are now imagining sandwiching your erected cock in between two slices of fried tofu in front of Ran.

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People keep forgetting, but Ran is powerful by herself, has skills similar to Yukari AND, more or less, can use Yukari's power. She wouldn't need to ask for help.

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Money is money, customers are customers.

She will have her fried tofu!

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underage much?

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But you're forgetting.... a nigger is in your shop.

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I'd do anything to make her pull the face she's pulling in that picture.

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If she needed to do it secretly, she could just make sure you were gapped when there were no witnesses. Gaps leave no evidence.

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I'd prefer to make her pull this face.

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In a simple world like Gensokyo with youkai roaming outside human settlements, what would you think would first come across people's minds when someone mysteriously disappeared without a trace?

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Kitsune can disguise as humans.

"Youkai shop in the human village all the fucking time => Ran shops in the human village?" Yes:
"That fox came here just now to buy some fried tofu. She did it right, even though she's an animal." (Tofu shop owner)

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>instead of ripping your head out and drinking your blood out of your neck while eating and taking away all your fried tofu in the process.

You're doing it wrong. If Ran was to do that, she'll be canned by Yukari again

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Probably not 'he was stolen by Yukari and sent to another world.'

Probably something more along the lines of 'a random youkai got him'.

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>she'll be canned by Yukari again

I fucking lol'd hard

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Reimu or Marisa could be the detective for the humans and effortlessly find out the true culprit before bedtime.

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So then Yukari would be like 'okay, fine' and gap the now incredibly humbled and used shopkeeper back, hopefully having learned not to discriminate against Ran again.

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I'm sure Ran is trying to trick me into something but I humor her and throw in an extra piece.

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No, if you leave no traces, they'll just fly around aimlessly attacking random people and youkai. And if they attack you, you can always pretend you have no idea what the fuck they're talking about, at worst they'll beat you up and go away.

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Actually, nonviolent youkai are allowed in the human village without prejudice. There's quite a few of them too, especially around at night. It's the ones that kill people that Keine and whoever protects the village fight and don't allow in.

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Like black people roam the streets freely, but racism against them is still prevalent.

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But the leader is half black, too.

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Well then one could say he has the best of both worlds.

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One drop rule. The leader is black.

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Being incredibly manly helps with being accepted.

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I hardly see Gensokyo's residents as racist. Well... maybe they are, but not in our sense.

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A better metaphor would be "white people roam the streets of nigger districts freely, but the racism against them is still prevalent".

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Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck now Rinnosuke not only has Yukari's pussy, but he could get in to Ran's pants, and possibly Chen's too!

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He's a lucky bastard, alright.

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I think the source circle is Hot Dog Chuck but I don't know the doujin.

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>giant Yukari eyebrows


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That's how I know it's Hot Dog Chuck.

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>giant Yukari eyebrows
I'd still hit it. Hard.

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Her eyebrows are Japanese birds.

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Come, Spring!

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As a rule of thumb, never take money from a fox spirit. Unless you live in a place where leaves and sticks are acceptable currency.