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Touhou 18.5 is out on steam and disk if you attended comiket. Steam rips are already up but the steam version even legitimate is throwing false virus alerts.

CD rips soon.

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Well it's 10AM now but I beat it.
Fun game.

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Forgot image.

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cool game, I hope someone mods in a real endless mode at some point, with bosses every 10 waves or something
shame challenge mode wasn't already endless

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The grind at the lower levels at 1 power is completely killing my desire to keep playing. I can't do this anymore right now.

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doujinstyle rip

moriyashrine steam rip

both give false positives

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Is the last boss in the 4th market a secret one or something? I've been spamming the stage with Junko's card non-stop for 20 minutes but she's just not appearing.
And even before Junko's card I've probably cleared the stage like 15 times.

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Equip Chimata's card

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Use Chimata's card.

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damn why some niggas say this game's music is weak, all of them sound really nice

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Because they're /v/ trolls trying to get a reaction out of us

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damnit 5th market is too difficult for me

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So did anyone figure out why Marisa had red eyes?

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It was nothing

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Wake me up when the translation is out

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ZUN forgot and everyone thought too deeply of it.

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These guys are fast as always.

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Are you the first /jp/er to beat it?

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They're not trolling. ZUN's music has been relatively mid as of late. To argue the recent games have good music is an insult to the earlier games. We'll see if this game is an exception to this trend. I'm downloading it now. And yeah, these games still have 2 to 3 great tracks but it's not like the old days where every track was solid.

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Are the extra flandres worth buying? I'm not seeing any difference.

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What are these cards? I didn't get them.

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Maybe you just have shit taste.

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The consensus of the Touhou community is that the recent games don't have as good music as the golden era of games. Any poll that has been made on moriyashrine, shrinemaiden, or even /jp/ demonstrates this. You are such a ZUN fanboy that if he took a shit you would argue that it doesn't smell that bad.

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Why do the doujinstyle and moriyashrine releases have two different hashes?

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You have to beat the challenge market for Marisa and I think Reimu is the last card you unlock.

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Has anyone ripped the OST yet?

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Smol brain here. Can someone explain to me the purpose of this game? Unconnected Marketeers came out a year ago and it looks like he's just rehashing most of the content from that game. The Cirno and Aya game had new gameplay mechanics. What is new about this game? Like what is the gimmick? Again, smol brain.

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>ZUN's music has been relatively mid as of late.

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moriyashrine is a steam release de-steam'd
doujinstyle is i'm assuming a disk release, or if its steam it's using a different method to remove the steam drm

that 41de- hash is from steam without DRM removed, as in no crack

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Speak English on this American imageboard.

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In Zun's defense the only decimal game that had all around great soundtrack was ISC, everything else is 1 great track 4 okay tracks

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In general we can all agree that the soundtrack becomes less impressive and interesting as we move further away from the classic era

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Personally I like his techno untzy modern style more. The older compositions are more impressive but also harder to listen to.

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Played it, pretty fine game, had fun. People call it shit tho, worst even.

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how do we Return To Tradition ™?

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I love this one. Does it remind anyone else of PC-98 era touhou? Especially the melody at 0:43-1:05. I wonder if it's similar to any particular song or if it just evokes it generally for me.

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I think people are overdramatic on both ends of argument.
I will admit one thing - in modern games there are more duds that fall flat, but there are still some absolutely amazing pieces.
Wbawc is the best example of that:
Stage 4/5 themes as well as Keiki/Mayumi/Eika themes are great.
On the other hand Yachie/Saki/Urumi themes really failed to resonate with me.

I think that his modern style is alot more varied and experimental, while his older style (read 6-10 era) was just him doing what he was doing best.

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Yeah, ZUN peaked at LLS.

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>while his older style (read 6-10 era) was just him doing what he was doing best.
He got a girlfriend around that time. He's too busy fucking her to make great music.

I find it interesting that almost all musicians have a prime then fade into irrelevance. I can only think of a handful of singers or bands that are still relevant from 3 decades ago. I think it happens because music trends change over time so the artist tries to change what got them to the dance which ultimately ruins them. Also, when they mature out of doing drugs/partying it also plays a major role.

Luckily for ZUN Touhou is a collection of different things so if his music is bad the gameplay/characters can carry him.

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It's cool how for the last 10 years new Touhou game threads almost instantly turn into discussing how ZUN is shit now. Fuck this place.

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>turn into discussing how ZUN is shit now
I blame this anon >>40898105 for denying an established fact which sparked a shitstorm. It's been established that the music quality has diminished since 6-10 era, so there's no need to argue.

Nobody is arguing the music is bad, it's just not of the same quality. And nobody is saying there aren't still great songs. They're just fewer and far between.

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The board which must not be name named is having infinitely better discussion of the game music and waifus, return from whence we all came but deny, back to the source

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I completely disagree with that. You may not like it as much, but calling it less interesting is disingeneous in my opinion. I think ZUN's philosophy has shifted into trying to musically translate more abstract contexts, whether it be character traits or contextual traits like the nature of the place the shooting takes place at. I'm not saying this is new for ZUN, but I believe it takes more of an emphasis in recent titles. My theory is that ZUN doesnt fancy the cool factor as much anymore, just wants to make his Japanese myths shooting game and make a musical story of it. To take an example, in PC98 or EoSD, a character like Megumu would have likely gotten a more tense & powerful theme that loosely conveys the feeling protagonists would have facing a high ranking Tengu. Her theme in UM isn't that, it's more nuanced and chooses to try to translate to its best the scheming aspect of the character while still retaining that Tengu chief aspect, but it's balancing all of that & tries to convey it musically too.
Is this change for more abstract, often difficult to translate theming in the music a hinderance to the first impressions of a given song? For a lot of people and even I, yes, because it's not what we're used to, and I don't mean that by Touhou standards, but by gaming conventions as a whole
Can people prefer the old direction? Absolutely, and i've been talking as if it's braindead "This is the final boss so it's gotta sound cool" but that's not what i'm trying to say, Touhou has always mixed what the character was about and the context of the battle/story, just that I believe the order of priority may have switched.
But no, I don't think it's uninteresting.

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What's the best way to get money? I just don't feel playing the stages all over and over again just to get a few dozen more coins.

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ZUN is working on a pay wall for downloadable content. You will be able to buy coins for a small price of 30.00 USD.

>throwing false virus alerts
It's not false, it is there for bitcoin mining.

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If you literally need just a few dozen then take your mallet to the hardest stage you have unlocked and throw your magic circle into a fairy just before it shits out its danmaku and instantly mallet it. You can suicide when you have enough money.

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>It's not false, it is there for bitcoin mining.
ZUN really needs that booze money huh...

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That's Eurobeat for you, drifting first in doujin music

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Fuck off, Zun's true peak was MS and it's a fact. Windows era was a mistake

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I don't even remember any song from ISC, neither others .5 games except VD, it has a strange horror vibe that got me.

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You're trying too hard to sound like an old-oldfag when in truth you didn't know Touhou existed until the PC games like the rest of us. Those PC-98 games audio quality sounds like trash like every other PC-98 game and they only have a handful of memorable themes such as Mima's theme.

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>they only have a handful of memorable themes

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Oh no someone took a joke seriously... faggot

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You're cute.

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I only wish ZUN to stop doing the electric guitar thing. I just don't like in most cases each time he uses it. (Exceptions would be like Extra Okina's theme, by instance)

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DDC, LoLK and UM music assrapes EoSD, PCB and IN.

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I finally manage to get a completely game-breaking combination, and then Saki shows up and just ignores all the rules the rest of the game has followed. Fuck you, ZUN.

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What did she ignore?

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Your first mistake was being held back by common sense in gensokyo

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zun made me do it

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Her lasers can be frozen, but they can't be deleted, so you end up with a solid wall of lasers that you can't avoid. I just found out that the bullets Suika leaves behind her in her mist spell also can't be deleted until they start moving.

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Drum delets them just fine I think. Just had 2 runs against Saki and split her wig without much trouble both times.

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>Wave 7
>Wave 6
What does this mean? Can someone explain the gameplay.

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Label every card he brought at the end of said wave. The shop shows up each time he times up the wave. Up to 3 cards can be bought at least he bought the free money card instead, which always shows up first and close the shop automatically if selected.

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Subjective opinion. I think LoLK, ISC, WBaWC and UM soundtracks are all great except for few.
Meanwhile, I don't praise a lot of early stage soundtracks on earlier games and some only grew on me years later after listening to them in such long period i.e. Mokou's theme, Keine's stage theme, a majority of EoSD tracks, etc

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People just don't listen to recent music for as long as older stuff (obviously). That or they already set the standard from earlier stuff he made or whatever they were exposed to first.
If you turn around the timeline order of when these music come from (say UM came in 2003 while EoSD was released last year) I'm sure the opinions won't change. It's better to say that ZUN's music has always been so-so and certainly inconsistent due to experimenting and style-change in almost every works and need some setup in order to enjoy them. It's already weird that people enjoy blaring trumpets and ice cream jingles that's been present since forever.

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Zun is a hack

>> No.40901366

I've been around since 2005 and there were never this much discussions over music quality on old /a/. We're all ZUN fanboys here. It's not like we're critiquing his recent music just for the sake of doing it. I like what this >>40899460 anon said. He's making the music more atmospheric and character driven, which is not inherently bad, it's just different from what we're used to. I'm old fashion though, final bosses, for instance, need to have bad ass music.

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>Zun is a hack
Critiquing ZUN's recent work doesn't make you a troll, but a post like this is clearly from a /v/ troll trying to fit in. He doesn't even know who ZUN is and discovered Touhou a week ago.

>> No.40901687

So it does boil down to time and personal preference. Well it's not like I'd argue what people like, but saying ZUN objectively dipped from the "perfection" of older stuff seems pretty biased when there's a lot of time and exposition factor to consider, and his intentions too if you want.
Personally I find older games has as much "meh" as newer works (including those oh-so-good late bosses themes), and vice-versa for the good stuff but of course each to their own.

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this game is so rushed ZUN couldn't even display the boss indicator correctly. this shit is indefensible

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Music is one of two things that ZUN still does a good job of, most of the time at least, the other being artwork

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The /v/ threads have gotten bad enough that people are coming back here to discuss the game, which means the shitposters from /vg/ came here too.
Just ignore them, their posts are easy enough to spot.

>> No.40902647

the crimson slasher face is spot on

>> No.40903583

The /v/ and /vg/ threads are nothing like this singular thread,pretty much every new release had and is going to have people talk about what they not only like but dislike about it. If you want "positive only" discussion go literally anywhere else.

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PC98 title themes always have such powerful intros

>> No.40904642

What cards are worth getting in the later stages?

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>The /v/ threads have gotten bad enough that people are coming to the board populated with whiny secondaries who lost their board to vtubers

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Waiting warmly for the translation..

>> No.40909746

It seems like most of it has already been translated. https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Th185

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Do not bully the secondaries too much

>> No.40911065

This is what happens when you enable secondaries too much >>40839531

>> No.40911801

/jp/ was already long overtaken by 3dpd generals by the time vtubers got here, and they ended up mostly getting quarantined to their own board anyway.
The only ones still here are a few generals that are under some absurd preconception that they belong here.
By the way, who are you quoting?

>> No.40911929

I hate nu-/jp/ but concentrated Touhou general threads that turned into discord chat circlejerk in order to keep it afloat on fast board are much shittier, calling them cancer would be a compliment
Current /jp/ may have its share of influx of underages and nu-internet retards, even on the Touhou and pro-"old /jp/" side, but I admit it's still got people who can grab and decipher any Touhou info faster than anywhere else, and I still take it over shitty chat groups of 10 posters any day

>> No.40911982

How do I get more card slots?

>> No.40912100

You all probably never noticed the /jp/ poll a few weeks ago.

>> No.40912108

You beat more bosses.

>> No.40912763

Does nobody make standalone patches anymore? I don't like this auto-update bullshit

>> No.40913018

People keep mentioning /v/. Whenever I go there I never see a Touhou thread. Then again, I don't really go on /v/.

>> No.40913032

People keep complaining about secondaries when they don't even have a Lunatic 1CC (which is the bare minimum)
That's basically /jp/

>> No.40913351

It's trolls trying to get others to migrate to /v/
Just take a guess who'd want this board to themselves

>> No.40913832

What was it about?

>> No.40915375

try playing it at 75% speed in d minor

>> No.40915808

Is there a reason why the post quality has taken such a massive dip?
I tend to see foul posts within thirty minutes of checking threads. I'm probably not going to read this thread anytime soon.
I'm guessing someone sparked an argument again.

>> No.40916314

Various questions about touhou, including a question about 1ccs. Proved that almost all /jp/sies play the games, making the those whining about secondaries in /jp/ look like idiots.

>> No.40917863

What's the max slots for ability cards and percentage?

>> No.40918312

6 cards 350%

>> No.40918848

I can tell ZUN rushed this one out for Comiket. Damn it ZUN

>> No.40919390

>Proved that almost all /jp/sies play the games
lol. Secondaries actually believe this
Try going into any of the Touhou generals and all you get are secondaries. Anyone who actually give a fuck about the series wouldn't bother posting in them

>> No.40919677

Nice delusion, got more?

>> No.40920049

Dumb /v/ trolls ran out of ways to insult the game so they use the classic "i-it's rushed!!!" despite the game being one of the best in the franchise so far. Idiot.

>> No.40920160

Explain why the boss indicator is broken if ZUN even bothered to play test it
>despite the game being one of the best in the franchise so far
It's even worse than VD. I'm not even sure how any can like this game

>> No.40920212

>despite the game being one of the best in the franchise so far. Idiot.
This game may be his weakest work yet

>> No.40921181

>despite the game being one of the best in the franchise so far.
If we're talking .5 games not made by tasofro... probably yeah.
Actually, I dunno. I think I prefer Fairy Wars, but its definitely better than the photography games.

>> No.40921279

Good players don't use the boss marker anyway, they look ahead to see what is coming. Naturally, ZUN would be looking ahead as well.

>> No.40921285

StB and DS are literally his best works.

>> No.40921347

Got a link to it? I remember this one from January unless that's what you're referring to

>> No.40921504

I thought the consensus was that his recent music was some of his best? Unless you want to give a total score of each games music for comparison, but that's difficult to measure for an entire community.
Taking a look at the most recent popularity poll, Idolatrize World got 3rd place. Immemorial Marketeers didn't score quite as well, but it still ranked 31 of all touhou themes.
I'm surprised the stage themes of touhou 18 didn't get more attention, personally every stage theme in touhou 18 is great.

>> No.40921613

>I'm surprised the stage themes of touhou 18 didn't get more attention, personally every stage theme in touhou 18 is great.
Agree on that. Stage 3, 5 and EX have fantastic themes. Others are pretty good too.

>> No.40921656

The way the sun goes behind the mountain on stage 5 and the fairies start shooting stars as the music gets to the climax is so good.

>> No.40921751

>I thought the consensus was that his recent music was some of his best?
Fuck no. From a technically point of view his recent music is more superior because it tries to create an atmosphere that is fitting for the characters of each stage, but this results in it being too abstract. The themes just aren't as good as the classical era and every metric points to fans not enjoying it. I've been here since 2005 and I've never seen this much complaints about Touhou's music that used to be the one thing that was universally praised. Also, the fan remixes are not as popular as they used to be. ZUN's music was getting so popular that it got featured on CNN. Now fans are forced to make remixes of ZUN's old work just to get people to listen to it. When was the last time IOSYS blew up or went viral. They just don't have much to work with any more.

>> No.40921804

Love visuals in that stage.
I like to think that stage 5 in UM is a giant callback to stage 4 in MOF. In both you scale the mountain, and while in MOF you have that amazing moment in the end where mountain falls into dark only to show that sunset over the horizon as you face Aya, stage 5 in UM picks up from them as natural continuation.
It starts with the sunset, showing you first stars as you progress the stage to fully starry sky as you encounter Megumu.

>> No.40921865

He only left broken to fuck with noobs, rightfully so

>> No.40923088

IOSYS always sucked.

>> No.40923116

Yeah, my sense of time is off.

>> No.40923683

i'm sorry to say you have ear retardation

>> No.40924937

OST Download link?

>> No.40925012

Sanny just shoots fucking walls
The fuck am I supposed to do, I can only mallet once, and the stage is hell

>> No.40925029

Press X to slow down some of the bullets and break the walls. I find it helps to do it lower on the screen, so you slow down a smaller segment.

>> No.40925061

How do you fight the 4th boss in the early stages?
I already beat the kappas I just need to know to clear shit out.

>> No.40925153

Modern era is the BEST EVER to them because they're kids with no nostalgia baggage. Remember you're talking to highschoolers.

>> No.40925593

Just pick up Junko's card and spam restart until the boss appears.

>> No.40925603

I get the feeling I need a special trigger for the 4th bosses in like Stages 1-3. Is it really just dumb luck because I spent forever trying to get Mike to appear in stage 1 but never saw a 4th boss

>> No.40925616

Equip Chimata's card and do the stages again

>> No.40925622

I did that for Stage 1 once and only got a normal boss.

>> No.40925631

Keep trying

>> No.40925634

That's incredibly fucking stupid thanks ZUN

>> No.40925738


>> No.40926098

I don't think one exists.
Does anyone here know how to go about extracting the music from the game's files?

>> No.40926108

I extracted them myself, can upload if you'd like.
Only the original tracks too.

>> No.40926124

That would be very much appreciated.

>> No.40926151 [DELETED] 


>> No.40926231

Have you got the rest of the tracks?

>> No.40926252

Those 6 are all the original ones. The rest are 1 from VD and 3 from UM.

I can upload a version with them for the sake of completionism if you'd like.

>> No.40926281

Your zip file only has Youkai Hook-On in.

>> No.40926287

that's odd. Gonna fix that.

>> No.40926343

Let's try that again. Just the original tracks.

>> No.40926400

Thanks anon.

>> No.40926405

I was in a similar situation to your's on stage 4, and I'm pretty sure it's just RNG.
I spammed the stages with Junko's card (flame dragon), and it worked.

>> No.40926470
File: 209 KB, 456x502, 66c5c7531de1f4b21c792d7c74a3e2b4882c302b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks, anon!

>> No.40927791

Didn't he literally say something like that anyway? Funny seeing that butthurt dude trying to falseflag.

>> No.40929990

WRONG, I'm just trying to discuss facts here. Also, "nostalgia" is kind of the reason I like Okina's themes so much, even if they aren't popular in the touhou community. Let's not ignore that nostalgia is also one of the reasons music like Idolatrize World is popular.
I can agree that older games had more memorable melodies, to an extent, but I'd also argue that every single touhou game had some part of the soundtrack where ZUN struck gold.

>> No.40932233

Everyone who dislikes this game is from the /v/ discord, I'm tired of dealing with faggots who cry about ZUN not making quality products (like he ever stopped). It's no different than the situation on /vp/. You're being played for fools if you take it seriously.

>> No.40932423

They're just looking for the next thing to shit on like VD. VD is also overhated in my eyes. 100th is flawed but it's more in a "that's silly" way but the game still has heart in it.

>> No.40932610

I hate VD because I hate every character relating to the outside world.

>> No.40932620

Maribel and Renko too?

>> No.40932720

Yes, though less so because they never show up in games. Just CDs and cringey doujin games.

>> No.40933356

Go play more touhou games and try to at least LNB it or score it and you will probably understand why this game is bad or why people say that

>> No.40933533
File: 103 KB, 600x600, 2100000111909_24ed80c6-f751-4207-a99d-bfa7c89cb94c_300x@2x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There clearly weren't that much Touhoufags in 2005 and arguably 4chan, and certainly Touhou fans, weren't as hostile and butthurt in that period compared to later years when it started to grew rapidly.
There also weren't much things to compare with at the beginning. The longer Touhou goes the more standard is built up from older titles. It's only after a number of titles that people start separated the games with "era" and when ZUN's experimental mindset and difference between works became more appearent that people start making comparison. I remember this started during UFO-TD era, which coincided with the time of cooldown after the surge of Touhou boom during PoFV-MoF era. Newfags started wondering why there arent any memeworthy songs like IOSYS remix of Cirno or Suwako's theme then proceed to shitting anything past MoF, even though they do gradually become popular in the community.
As for why IOSYS don't make "worldwide hits" anymore, all of those came from flash PVs that everyone simply ceased to make altogether at one point, either because flash craze also died or animated PV is no longer worth the cost. Literally without them IOSYS is just another obscure circle that still latching on popular themes, while a lot of other circles do make arranges of newer musics. It's just none of these circles actually ever try to aim for mainstream recognition.

>Now fans are forced to make remixes of ZUN's old work just to get people to listen to it.
This is only true for new circles that's just trying to compete, because yeah U.N Owen or Yukari are cultural icons at this point so it is their best shot to be recognized, but again it's likely more because of their build-up popularity than anything.

>> No.40934385

The flash PVs are what made them stand out. It was definitely a labor of love sort of thing back then but now its marketable.
Then again that also describes doujin/fanworks everywhere today. Even modding communities are fractured as hell between paywalls.

>> No.40935265

I liked VD as some sort of bizarre mix of StB and the mainline games (really, I still don't know why people still seem to hate it so much other than the obvious meme spam thanks to the localization). I didn't like 100M because its gameplay felt way too simple and repetitive, at least based on the few hours I've played of it the entire game seems to revolve around repeating stages fighting generic waves of enemies until you reach one out of four bosses who will always use the same patterns too and that's it, the only variation you can have is on the equipped cards you've been grinding. Sure I haven't played the game much besides that and I'm willing to give it another chance, but I don't see my opinion changing much. Nice on ZUN for trying something different and getting the roguelite formula out of his system though.
This whole narrative of "anyone who doesn't love this game is from /v/" is some extremely retarded form of falseflagging.

>> No.40935281
File: 1.63 MB, 1600x1200, 1631544773960.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's an even better method: Just get Urumi and 3x Aunn with the mallet and stall on bosses.

>> No.40935446

Yeah this method in general just breaks the game. Just spam magic circles and you can even clear overdrive stages without trying.

>> No.40935505

Everyones got to to eat you know, people don't make things out of love unless it's to market something

>> No.40935632

That's definitely a modern take on things, yes. Congratulations on explaining what I already explained.

>> No.40936678

If you talk about the effort put into the PVs it's not like Touhou animation itself has gotten rare (we actually got more plenty now even). Some of those 2hu PV flash artists like 216 and kouki_ht are still active making Touhou stuff.
It's just the music circles who want to sell and made them popular has stopped using animators to make PVs. They just switched to picture slideshows probably to save the cost.

>> No.40936789

Bless you anon.

>> No.40937332
File: 114 KB, 817x734, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_mochi547__53037743f70e76963da356d0eafaaa19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally got around to downloading and playing this game, and honestly, I think it's pretty dang good
It isn't fantastic by any means, which is what everyone is saying thus far, but I don't think it has to be
It's what I expected and I'm not disappointed, I enjoy seeing the characters again and it's fun to play once you get the hang of it, even if the danmaku patterns aren't necessarily new or groundbreaking

>> No.40938373

I like it too.
I wish there was an endless mode.

>> No.40940641

How the hell am I supposed to play with Nitori's card? Even the most basic items have their price in the thousands.

>> No.40941349

You can take the card which fills each market with more cards to give yourself a better chance at a good deal.

>> No.40941381

>false virus alerts.
how do you know it is not false?

>> No.40941400

Because steam is distributing it. Though it wouldn't be the first time someone's snuck a coin miner in a shovelware game, something as blatant as generic trojan warnings picked up by only a couple of noname vendors in an official touhou release distributed through steam is extremely likely to be bullshit.

>> No.40941807

It re-randomizes each time you buy something, so just buy whatever's cheapest.

>> No.40942188
File: 22 KB, 1219x242, report.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Different anon here. What you say makes perfect sense. However I downloaded both releases linked here >>40894337, turned out to be identical. See virustotal report, it's a bit more than a couple of noname vendors. Is that the same for you? Or have I been rused?

>> No.40942247
File: 37 KB, 653x145, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>32 hits
what the fuck
It only came up with 2 in the moriyashrine one for me the other day
The direct from steam dl comes up with 5 hits.

This is the uncracked exe from my steam folder.

>> No.40942269

Look I'm not saying zun or steam is doing anything malicious
But you know sometimes people use a library or stuff from a repo that use to be legit but gets bad stuff added in an update
I'm just going to wait it out a bit and see if anyone notices weird activity.

>> No.40942294

No I get it, if you trust a random anon you can grab my uncracked exe >>40942247 and run it through steamless https://github.com/atom0s/Steamless for a self-made solution.

I didn't think the doujinstyle upload was that fucked up though.

>> No.40942319
File: 56 KB, 938x1251, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my steam exe is now picking up 6 instead of 5 like it was on launch day
lmao, great job malwarebytes

>> No.40942416

Okay this is not the thread to ask this but I can't be bothered to open a new thread just for this.

So about TH17.5, is there something that I'm not getting about the gameplay or is it just that it fucking sucks? Am I supposed to be grazing all the time and attacking? How is that good gameplay? What am I not getting? Everything is so noisy all the time.

Thank you.

>> No.40943578
File: 36 KB, 1248x509, steam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got your steam uncracked, reported 6 positives like >>40942319

>> No.40943585
File: 21 KB, 1239x244, steamless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Processed it through Steamless, got this.
What the fuck is going on?

>> No.40943608

Now i'm curious what steamless is doing to the file. Moriyashrine says they used v3.0.0.12

>> No.40943629

Just tried with Steamless, and got the same file as the moriyashrine one.
Either Steamless is injecting some malware in the packed file or a great chunk of antimalware vendors simply don't know what the fuck they are doing.

>> No.40943644

I have the same gripe with the auto-updater. Even had it get stuck on me and make the games unplayable in the past. But you can get around it.
Delete thcrap_update.dll in the thcrap folder for each standalone patch. I guess you could do the same for the universal thcrap launcher but I'm the type that prefers to just keep each game completely separate.
Is everything in 18.5 translated yet? If so, I don't know how to make a standalone patch for it.

>> No.40943714

The standalone versions, usually take a few days/week to get uploaded. I don't know how to make one myself either. We'll have to wait for now.

>> No.40943741

I'm not code-savvy enough to look through his repo for something like that, but given even the steam version is picking something up I wonder if its leftover from steamstub.
Only thing to really do is actually wait for a CD rip and compare it.

>> No.40944595
File: 92 KB, 279x244, 1650565757625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still no HBM chart?

>> No.40944617

Whats that

>> No.40944825

Alright I'm missing only 3 cards now and don't feel like grinding for them anymore. Any suggestions for a Junko/boss only build?

>> No.40944866

Suika + Laser + Snakes

>> No.40945086
File: 28 KB, 158x207, 1446877819489.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks. This was actually incredibly effective.

>> No.40947353
File: 158 KB, 256x320, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ZUN really trying to flex his drawing skills here lol

>> No.40947366
File: 72 KB, 1200x800, photo001-57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

His wife drew the cards.

>> No.40948070

How long will it take until an English patch get released?

>> No.40948366

>2 years ago is nostalgia

>> No.40948413

It's almost done and has been in a good state for days.
Everything is translated and thcrap will put it in your game, but some lines are too long to fit. It's mostly just flavor text, so you can read what the cards do.

>> No.40948518

The thumb is still fucking wrong. Do him and his wife even have hands? They can just look down for Christ's sake.

>> No.40948534

>2 years ago
While you still have a point I have bad news about the passage of time

>> No.40949205

nta but I'm nostalgic for things that happened only a year ago, Touhou or not Touhou

>> No.40950769

So what's the incident this time?

>> No.40951453

Nothing much really. Marisa just likes collecting things and accidentally helps Chimata bust the ability cards black market

>> No.40951544

I think anatomical accuracy is never their main aim.

>> No.40951598

The kappas continue to monopolize the cards without Chimata's permission and Marisa is just in hoarding mood to butt in (and end up helping Chimata too). It's not really concerning for Gensokyo though I guess.

>> No.40957388


>> No.40957528

Chimata was honestly pretty cool in this game. I got too used to her being a dork.

>> No.40958980
File: 190 KB, 865x1200, retro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

MoF still feels like "the new game" to me

>> No.40959211

The first one you're around for the launch of is always "the new Touhou game", it hurts.
I knew of the series since UFO, but in terms of being active that game for me is LoLK

>> No.40964980

Is there a clear soundtrack rip, I don't want to download from youtube

>> No.40965229

Scroll up.

>> No.40965299

are there any other doujin shmups from c100 worth trying

>> No.40965719

the games selection is pretty lackluster this event, theres a video pv in this thread >>40940438

Altynex looks alright, the rest are questionable at best.

>> No.40966094

yeah thats the one I was looking forward to. is it likely to eventually be uploaded?

>> No.40966130

I haven't found a single game upload that wasn't th18.5 yet, though I haven't exactly been looking too hard either.

>> No.40974659

I wonder if his wife does draw, that'd make for an interesting half game.

>> No.40981709

Finally cleared it, it was pretty funny. That being said, bosses being random was a bit tedious, especially in stage 6.

>> No.40988559

I like teacup Reimu, it's fun in stages. Also the pc98 reference it gives.

>> No.40994465 [DELETED] 


>> No.41000094


>> No.41004148

How do you fight Tenshi? I've beaten the main story and the extra market, but I haven't encountered her ever.

>> No.41004428

She is just normal stage 5 boss. Its all down to luck.

>> No.41005655

Use Junko's card and then mash reset until the right boss appears.

>> No.41005687

I did that a bunch of times but she hasn't appeared. Thanks though, I'll keep trying.

>> No.41005953

Try Chidanta's card

>> No.41006088
File: 477 KB, 1585x1090, 1640508107133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41007641
File: 165 KB, 1095x1001, Fa8ffGnUYAAcM_-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So is there no fun character bits in 18.5 or are they just hidden being some criteria I don't know about?

>> No.41008399

The antagonist being who she is is kind of funny.

>> No.41010163
File: 12 KB, 191x257, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some of the boss descriptions are kiiinda funny.

>> No.41011551

TH18 was utter dogshit in every single way, and you're a dipshit shiteater if you enjoy it in any capacity. There, I said it.

>> No.41011564

You've got the wrong thread friend.

>> No.41012848

More like wrong board, /v/ is several clicks away.

>> No.41015875

Go back >>>/v/

>> No.41018551

>Touhou 18.5 is out on steam
Is it good?

>> No.41019814

It's fun.

>> No.41031161

Is Teacup Marisa unlocked by getting every card?
The wiki says after beating Chimata with the Blank but nothing after Teacup Reimu

>> No.41032548

Use takanes card to force it to appear

>> No.41032658

I unlocked both teacups in ex stage using Takane card.

>> No.41040458

>there is a new game
completely missed this, I'll pirate it soon

>> No.41040918


>> No.41050523

>Like what is the gimmick?
ZUN take of BPoHC

>> No.41051791
File: 71 KB, 500x500, get out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41059820


>> No.41061449

>In English

>> No.41061542

Anyonne catched the KKHTA reference? Or its only in UM?

>> No.41071186 [DELETED] 


>> No.41071375
File: 658 KB, 1750x1235, ††† (221).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.41076746

There was none.
1BM has yukkuris though.

>> No.41084862

Why does she have red eyes? Why is ZUN so inconsistent?

>> No.41096980 [DELETED] 

Touhou is shit

>> No.41104688

Don't question GOD.

>> No.41105796

didnt reimu in th18 title screen also have red eyes? maybe it's a ZUN's convoluted way of telling us the character on title screens arent the real ones

>> No.41118256

Yeah but her eyes change color every game. Marisa's never have until now. (and in Th03)
A fun little fact is that Th18's title screen Reimu didn't have her sclera colored in. She must be sick.

>> No.41124878

She's wearing colour contacts.

>> No.41132457
File: 101 KB, 1102x732, FbVR1WbakAEMCNA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.41139966
File: 801 KB, 1710x2446, dc7e63682fd6bb744af197159dc08368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know how far you take 'earlier' to mean, but IMO the longest plateau of consistently great music in Touhou was from 10 through to 15, which is within what used to be called modern era Touhou and is certainly within the window of ZUN's perceived 'shift' in musical style. Speaking in terms of overall impressions rather than individual pieces, I would take any OST in that plateau over any of the traditionally defined 'classic era' (6-9) OSTs, and all but three of my top ten Touhou tracks are from 10 forward. LoLK was easily my favourite OST since MoF, which is my sentimental favourite Touhou game, and the stylistic shift into a more aggressive and electronic approach was the most notable innovation in ZUN's overall approach to OSTs for years (just compare 'Unforgettable, the Nostalgic Greenery' to almost any other Stage 1 theme, which tend to create an atmosphere of relatively mellow intrigue rather than intensity, or even the sense of grandeur in The Space Shrine Maiden Appears). It blends a more modern sensibility with a cosmic sense of scale that Touhou has touched before but never to that extent. The closest comparisons I can find are Trojan Green Asteroid and parts of UFO; just as I think of MoF's OST as the fullest expression of ZUN's 'folk-mystical' style, I consider LoLK's OST the pinnacle of ZUN's 'scientific-cosmic' style: colder, harder, and more abstract. The last few OSTs have been less outstanding compared to that (although UM was really great), but by no means do I think that they stand up badly or that it could ever be an insult to compare them to the classic era.

>> No.41141655

lolk was fine since it was space-themed but there was no reason for hsifs to sound the way it did